War on Libya for what?

War on Libya for what?

Any war preceded by false information
Under the monarchy, Libya was by some estimates the poorest country in the world at all. Day (before the revolution), Libya occupies 53rd place on the Human Development Index of the United Nations, and is described as the most developed countries in Africa, even by Russia, Brazil, Ukraine and Venezuela.

Libya is a state independent of the global economy where no central banks belonging to the Rothschild’s economy in Libya.

  • American economic blockade imposed sanctions on Libya under Qaddafi and the U.S.ban includes not selling products, technological and military.

  • Libya is a state allied with China and Russia in the field of arms and the industry.

  • Libya has no Israeli embassy.

  • Libya, a country with million pregnant of the Holy Quran and there are prizes and competitions for the ongoing campaign of the Holy Quran in Libya.

  • Libya’s state does not allow naming the names of non-Arab shops All shops and markets in Libya bear Arabic names.

  • Libya’s state does not find the way of life west of the garishness and bars, discos and shopping malls all this is not in Libya, Libya is a conservative society.

This is not the first time that the coup against Gaddafi armed revolt and attempting to isolate him and assassinate him, but it was the first attempt in 1984 and with the same opposition the revolution is now in Libya, led by Ibrahim Abdel Aziz al-Sahad and with funding from the CIA, I hope that you listen to the speech following of Gaddafi in 1988 and focus on each letter came out from the mouth of this man and you will realize why he was targeted personally!!

Libby’s brother speaks and says:
Libya: free education health and treatment free less salary in Libya, even for the one who does not have a certificate for good at least 200 Libyan dinars, equivalent to Palmbar 1000 pounds of safety and security in Libya at any time, any hour can movement and women without fear of anything any Libyan wants to give him a loan facility provided a guarantor cars in Libya intervention of customs is cheaper, but even from the same factory.
Any project that does not have to license anyone who wants to open a shop my lunch or clothing stores or other be replaced without a license, nor any of the procedures and also the goods from the outside it does not pay customs only if the large containers and the goods and too many members Kha is a symbolic amount.
In the last ten years in Libya, each family has at least two of more to three cars to the father, mother, son and daughter even to the extent that we suffer from the large vehicle traffic cars.
Libya only two layers, my brother-rich class and the middle class the poor are rare and even if any there instabilmente associations,, so that this layer does not find sleep in the street and everyone eats and Itagty.
Widows have a pension and housewives who have a pension and retire his salary Anasf salary he was receiving through his work.
Gaddafi has produced the film, which film the message thanks to the income of thousands in the Islamic religion.

The revolution in Libya was an armed revolution and war, internal and external details, see the former:


To find out the causes of war in Libya, we have addressed some of the events, which coincided with the Crusader Zionist occupation of Libya:

1. The following video that Gaddafi, a month before the Revolution and in the last Arab summit was trying to do a project that aims to Unite the Arab currency of gold is the export of oil to foreign countries where the export of oil in exchange for gold and Gaddafi said that this project will be a strong competitor to the U.S. dollar and euro European and Gaddafi was trying to implement this project already, where was that Libya has about 144 tons of gold.

Of course if you are seeking to establish a currency from the global economy of Rothschild. If you’re a threat to the Employers money from the Jews and the Jewish capitalist system and get rid of  the whole system that was not an option.

2. Thefts and vandalism occurred in the Chinese factories in Libya and were targeted and steal all Chinese factories and deportation of all factory workers, such as: Huafeng Construction Co., Ltd. from China’s Zhejiang and has also been targeting construction sites and theft of Korean workers and returned to China As the following link:



3. Russian losses due to the cessation of cooperation between Libya and Russia because of the occupation an estimated $ 14 billion, represented in the value of contracts for the supply of arms and military equipment to stop the cooperation projects in the fields of oil, gas and railway construction.

4. The rebels in Libya in March to build the first central bank in Libya.
Sharif Ahmed’s new director of the Central Bank has welcomed foreign investment in Libya.
At the height of the fighting incident in Libya in March the rebels to build a central bankin Benghazi, as well as a global company to export oil!!

5. Return of the Jews in Libya and to rebuild a Jewish temple on behalf of religious freedom and the establishment of an Israeli embassy in Misurata soon with the knowledge that Libya was the only religion of Islam is the Muslim people of the whole in the era of Gaddafi and not by the Israeli embassy:

From previous events and other reasons we can devise the war on Libya:

1. To overthrow Gaddafi himself where he is due credit for the lack of access to the globalization of Western Libya and insulted America is always at the global conferences as it was spread Islam in Africa.
2. Gaddafi to end the project on the standardization of the Arab world gold coin and one is dealing with the Western countries for the export of oil and resources to them for gold.
3. Oil as Libya one of the most oil-rich countries in the Arab world.

The fate of oil in the country after the occupation

4. Economic sanctions on Russia, China and isolate them from the allies in the Arab world and the twin dramatically in Libya, Syria and Iran.
5. To form the largest terrorist base in North Africa and the Maghreb, where that Libya has the largest size of the global al-Qaeda in addition to the huge quantities of weapons because of the support the Zionist Crusader Libya today, a serious threat in the heart of North Africa.

6. Egypt to blockade of the western side and this is a strategic objective for the establishment of military bases will be used to strike at Egypt from its western border.
7. For the arrival of globalization and opening up of Western and Israeli and the American dream the new world order to Libya.

America, an expert in conspiracy and domestication of the people, I knew very well how to use its tool media-Jazeera, to focus on the negative aspects of Gaddafi during this recent period, and even fabricate his interest to starve his people massacred, and published his analysis Alauajja in religion, and make the paranoia which has long suffered Muftahaa to become more personal hatred in the hearts of people, even if they were to kill him Bcnaah that we have seen, which saw a Galil White House in years of stubbornness and rebellion Alqmazfa, you will find an audience long range who are brainwashed and sincerity exaggerations island and swallowed Videos fabricated and secure that he was killing his people and they thought the legitimacy of the revolution ones find they had an excuse and relish Motth hideous barbarism and even defend it.

Video of a French journalist explains the lie and the media industry by the states of warindustry problems as he calls it .. Words of gold:

  1. New World Order (world domination is the elite of Freemasonry to the world):

  2. The occurrence of this dominance has to be result of several things:

  3. Dominate all world economies.

  4. Dominate all the oil and energy sources.

  5. Control the sources of power and global armies (especially nuclear).

  6. Unification of forces and armies and religions under one global system.

This system is considered the world and pave the unification of the system of worldly secular Jews to receive the prophet expected in the claim and is the Antichrist in the Muslim faith, and that Antichrist ruled the world from Jerusalem.

Syria – Libya – Iran – Belarus – Burma objectives of the global elite, because their systems independent of the global economy and refuse to enter into it ..

Who are you?? Message to the slaves NATO and the New World Order:

(****this article I have taken it from an Arabic site which I will post the Link so you can follow it as it has done a fantastic research with all my respect and thanks for everything they have collected for Libya! it’s in Arabic)



2 comments on “War on Libya for what?

  1. // War on Libya for what? //
    Because Libia is a part of Middle East and change of ruling method is in proces. Generaly Middle East countries are pushed closer to fake demokracy completly controlled by USA.
    So now crude oil will be more fairly stolen from poor people.

    Also Libia was to Global Rulels such a bad example allowing ordinary people benefit from oil money. They defenetly do not want spread that “bad example” in Middle East counties, because their method of ruling in that area is thru controlling wealthy local people (sheikhs).

    This is improovement of ruling method witch need to be changed to groving easy uncontrolled comunication between ordinary people, witch can figure it out, that sheiks/local governments are controlled by global power. In new democratic (fake of coruse) ruling people will by responible for their own poverty.

    In general democracy is nothing else as transfering of responsibilty from wealthy to poor.
    “Yu have chosen government, so yu want what they are doing.”

    It is very profitable to know what democracy really is before it comes to Your country.

    • Sir you do not have to teach me, I know all that, people who are ignorant or know it all should read the article and make their own mind. I am not here to show them the way. It’s up to them to wake up from their ignorance the same way a lot of people have woken up. I put the articles up and each one person has to think for themselves on to what is true or not. I will not play the role of showing them what to think as all super power media does.

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