Videos of Al Jazeera, CNN, ABC, ALArabia and other Western Media Lying

Videos of Al Jazeera, CNN, ABC, ALArabia and other Western Media Lying

Al Jazeera lies Ghasan Ben GedoDownload

Al Jazeera channel lies 2

LIBYA: Violent Mobs and peaceful Police in Benghazi 15 Feb 2011 (t.b.cont.)

Uploaded by  on Mar 8, 2012

This video shows how violent mobs are creating chaos in Benghazi, by vandalizing, attacking cars, a police truck. The Libyan police is behaving correctly.

This video is showing scenes of 15th february 2011, so before the start of the so called “revolution” and is in contradiction to the claims of brutal crackdowns of peaceful protesters in Benghazi by Libyan official police of the Jamahiriya.

Libyan children are not a tool of war Dear Customers

EGA remember before NATO action

the 20th reasons for finishing Gaddafi

Obama Lied About Gaddafi’s Bloodbath & Used Distortion

Uploaded by  on Jan 31, 2012

Pretext For War On Libya Proven Fraudulent By Casualty Figures 4.19.11

As the EU prepares to invade Libya with ground troops under the contrived pretext of “humanitarian aid,” Texas University Professor Alan J. Kuperman highlights the fact that the entire justification behind the NATO-backed aggression has been proven fraudulent by casualty figures that clearly indicate Gaddafi has not deliberately targeted civilians.

Appearing on Russia Today, Kuperman dismissed the Obama administration’s claim that there would be a “bloodbath” in Libya if there was no foreign intervention, pointing out that there is no evidence Gaddafi is deliberately targeting civilians and engaging in massacres.

The EU is now awaiting the green light from the United Nations as it prepares to do what the initial UN resolution specifically forbade — sending in ground troops in the name of “humanitarian aid”. The EU has made it clear that its troops will attack Gaddafi forces if they are impeded in any way from taking over regions in the east of the country, and securing “sea and land corridors”.

Of course, the ground invasion was already unfolding before the so-called “no fly zone” was even enforced, with hundreds of British, American and French special forces troops arriving in the country at the end of February to train rebels. The humanitarian hoax was then manufactured as a veil with which to camouflage NATO’s wanton act of aggression, with the corporate media dutifully regurgitating baseless claims about Gaddafi slaughtering his own people while concocting lies about his regime using western journalists as human shields.

In addition, lurid claims about Gaddafi forces bombing “protesters” from fighter jets on February 22 over Benghazi and Tripoli were completely dismissed by Russian military experts, who said that sophisticated satellite imagery from space showed no record of such actions.

Asked about claims of Gaddafi violence against innocents, Professor Kuperman responded, “There is no evidence of that in the cities that Gaddafi has captured either totally or partially,” citing Human Rights Watch figures that clearly illustrate how Gaddafi forces are targeting combatants and not innocent people.

In an op-ed for the Boston Globe, Kuperman accuses Barack Obama of “grossly exaggerated the humanitarian threat to justify military action in Libya,” highlighting the fact that the evidence clearly indicates Gaddafi is “Not deliberately massacring civilians but rather narrowly targeting the armed rebels who fight against his government.”

“Misurata’s population is roughly 400,000. In nearly two months of war, only 257 people — including combatants — have died there. Of the 949 wounded, only 22 — less than 3 percent — are women. If Khadafy were indiscriminately targeting civilians, women would comprise about half the casualties,” writes Kuperman, adding that the only thing to deepen the humanitarian suffering of innocents was the NATO-led attack, which will indefinitely prolong the civil war.

Of course, to the western media, rebels driving tanks, flying fighter jets and carrying RPG launchers are still classed as “protesters” or “civilians” in the Orwellian doublespeak world of humanitarian hypocrisy.

While the corporate media has played up Gaddafi’s supposed attacks on innocent people, evidence of which is thin on the ground, videos, images and testimony of rebel fighters engaging in massacres and beatings of innocents, including children, has been universally ignored.

While it’s obvious that there have been acts of brutal retaliation carried out by both sides that have killed innocent people, to claim that Gaddafi is overseeing a deliberate policy to attack innocents even as he battles against the might of NATO and the western-backed rebel forces is brazenly deceptive. Even the New York Times had to admit that the rebels were “making vastly inflated claims of his (Gaddafi’s) barbaric behavior,” and had “no loyalty to the truth in shaping their propaganda,” after the much promised “bloodbath” in Benghazi never materialized.

The humanitarian hoax behind the assault on Africa’s richest oil country was invented out of whole cloth to prevent what globalist forces feared most, the defeat of their own Al-Qaeda backed rebel forces.

“The actual prospect in Benghazi was the final defeat of the rebels,” writes Kuperman. “To avoid this fate, they desperately concocted an impending genocide to rally international support for “humanitarian” intervention that would save their rebellion.”

Chairman Joint Staff Admiral Mike Mullen General David Petraeus Carter Ham Wesley Clark Secretary Defense Bob Robert Gates Alex Jones Peter Schiff Wayne Madsen Webster Tarpley Gerald Celente Max Keiser Bob Chapman Dennis Kucinich Ron Paul, here is the video:

Webster Tarpley: Al Qaeda does US dirty work in Libya

Uploaded by  on Mar 30, 2011

Tripoli 2 June 2011 Nato bomb

Battle for Libya: Exclusive CNN Report from “the frontline” [libyasos]

Uploaded by  on Jul 24, 2011

CNN report is FAKE Hollywood style of “journalism”

What is done to Libya is a giant crime containing: waging a war of aggression to rob out an independent nation and to maintain hegemony in Africa, a campaign of horrific murders and psychological warfare to deceive the Libyan people and the people of the world. Let’s have a closer look what did the propaganda tell the world and what really happened in Libya.

LIBYA: The “Mercenary-Lie” and western Media

by  on Jan 20, 2012

The number of these people around 3000-4000, so that mean there are a lot of jobs over there, So why Libyan people complain?
look at security and safety situation after these events,so do you think this is rebellion or revolution?
This video was recorded by ordinary person and he is from Jordan, he was across the border, before he met those people. why TV channels keep deceiving people, and keep accusing them that they are mercenaries?

The most known Liar – Channels are AL – Jazeera, AL – Arabia, Sky, CNN, ABC, France 24, BBC

Please watch the video! and you decide if the West media has deceived YOU  or NOT!

Naked Lies by Reuters About Beatings in Libya

Uploaded by  on Jan 15, 2012

This video is another example of Reuters serving as a combatant on behalf of the Zionist Western agenda against Syria:
Go to the 3:34 mark.

LIBYA: Qatari flag at Bab Al-Aziziyah compound

Uploaded by 

The Libyan invasion was a campaign of Lies, deception and murder. Led by the USA, Zionist-Israel, Britain, France and some of their Arab slaves.

LIBYA: Analysis Misrata Sniper Shoot Lie

Uploaded by  on Feb 28, 2012

This is one of the vast amount of Lies and Crimes the US/NATO – led Aggression in Libya is guilty of.

Illegal War In Libya Is CIA Run, Media Shills Cover For Obama! Whistleblower Susan Lindauer

Uploaded by  on Apr 4, 2011

The Intel Hub with special guest Susan Lindauer, former U.S. asset covering Libya, 9/11, and Iraq


Uploaded by  on May 22, 2011

For the first time after the beginning of the “war” correspondents of Russian First Channel (national TV) came to Libya to make really independent of Western Media Propaganda Machine report about the situation in country.

Spread this video as you can. This is the breath of fresh air in the ocean of the lies of world media.

LIBYA: (MUST SEE) Libyan of Sirte is filming and documenting the NATO-bombing and shelling 

Uploaded by  on Jan 9, 2012

17. September 2011 (Sirte, Libya):

A good video showing real facts.The Libyans and Libyan army is loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. 

“I want to send a message to all the world.

  • Is this for freedom?

  • Is this civilian protection?

Today is Saturday, 17th, September 2010. We are attacked by NATO rebels and NATO. We are attacked by all sides of the city. This is fire and smoke coming up from the hotel. It was attacked by NATO and beside the hotel is a school and by the other smoke is and another smoke…. all of this smoke… all of these homes are being attacked by the bombs of the rebels from 20 km to 30 km away because they can not go inside the city because there is a hero defense about us and about (Gaddafi) his family.

  • Where is the United Nation?

  • Where is the security council?

  • Where is the Human Rights Watch?

As you see at that side there is a hospital. You can imagine the injurys that smoke is doing to the kids and all the patients in that hospital behind the smoke. You can see our cities sky is being black and you can hear all the bombing from the rebels. They are attacking our cities. I want to say we have a hero, a man, to defend us and we will never give up and we will never take this flag down! We will fight with every child, woman, and man. It will be to defend this man and his life and his freedom. You dont see this on CNN or BBC. You dont see all the children and babies and all of the city. The city has 20,000 people in the city. You can imagine how many kids cry now, how many women will have abortions now, because of the rebel attack and NATO from the sky and rebels from the ground. You are seeing and you are hearing what i hear. You can imagine your family and your brother and sister and your children in this place. All because NATO gives support to these rebels and they attack us. I think you hear all of that coming from outside the city because they can not come into the city. This is a message to all the world.”

The Libyans are defending themselves against the criminal US/NATO-led Aggression of bombings and terrorists shooting on Libyans !

-The law of the jungle in Libya by the criminals of the NTC – NATO. Here is the evidence of the genocide of these beasts that the UN knows and keeps it hidden.

Uploaded by  on Mar 4, 2012

The beasts of the NTC – NATO committed a GENOCIDE in Tripoli

Uploaded by  on Dec 4, 2011

Then killed one question: Where are you from?
Jungle Law in NATO Airlines Thirst for Murder

Libya still ravaged after NATO destruction One Year Later!

RT: Libyan Popular National Movement calls for all-inclusive Libya

Uploaded by  on Feb 16, 2012

Lizzie Phelan on Russia Today discussing the announcement of the newly formed Libyan Popular National Movement and its founding declaration.

Further details of that declaration can be viewed here…

Libya Sends Army to Stop Clashes in Southeast

Uploaded by  on Feb 18, 2012

NATO USA Saudi Qatar mafias is helping human traffickers from Benghazi in their business

 Lynching of black man by rebels in Benghazi

Video of lynching at rebel HQ in Benghazi of a black man. Not long after John McCain, Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron all celebrated the successful overthrow of Gaddhafi at this precise location.

For details see

Crimes of torture in Libya


6 comments on “Videos of Al Jazeera, CNN, ABC, ALArabia and other Western Media Lying

  1. Most of your videos are declared private, if tried to be played .
    A requirement of copyrigth ?
    There is or there should be no copyrigth, if the material is used for documentation.

  2. It is interesting !!
    If you uploaded it to youtube, there is a special censorship to my country !!
    We are told in our country that we are part of the ” free ” world waging wars as humanitarian deeds !!!
    Part of NATO&Co Massmurderes !!!
    But nearly nobody cares in my country !!!
    There is a work around !
    Tell this to your arab fans of “free western style” life !!

    • I am trying to tell them that there is no freedom as they think in the west but they do not believe me not even my father!! Today he was complaining that he will have to start paying for the internet and the electricity and he did not like the idea! I told him that this is the freedom the rats fought for!!!!

  3. Pingback: La Jamahiriya reste malgré tous les obstacles à son encontre / Jamahiriya Remains « Windows Live space

  4. We have been telling the American people for years of the truth of what is really going on, and the treachery of the Obama administration–perhaps now they will listen. NATO/Galdio has been committing genocide and atrocities since the Cold War when it was actially pretending to DEFEND the world against “The Soviet Menace”. Now, it’s the “War on Terror.” They are the terrorists. Our MSM, and the UN need to be persecuted for crimes against humanity…

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