Libya – Documented War Crimes From NATO Bombs

Documented War Crimes From NATO Bombs

LIBYA: Mission of British Observers in Libya (April 2011) (1 of 3)

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The honorable british group “British civilians for peace in Libya” showed independent pictures of Libya, another time contradicting the officials versions told by Pro-USA/Zionist politicians and Mainstreammedia.

LIBYA: Mission of british observers in Libya (April 2011) (2 of 3)

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The honorable british group “British civilians for peace in Libya” showed independent pictures of Libya, another time contradicting the officials versions told by Pro-USA/Zionist politicians and Mainstreammedia.

LIBYA: Mission of british observers in Libya (April 2011) (3 of 3)

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The honorable british group “British civilians for peace in Libya” showed independent pictures of Libya, another time contradicting the officials versions told by Pro-USA/Zionist politicians and Mainstreammedia.

Victims of the bombing of the civilian Libyan Alziosalibi

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Crushed both instigated and supported and support the killing machine and the destruction of Western   brute that burned bodies of women and children and the elderly in Libya under the pretext of protection of civilians
and A Curse and A disgrace Shennar the Emir of Qatar Zionist Hamad and the brilliant UAE Khalifa and A. wrath and the curse of the Mufti of banana mercenary Yusuf al-Qaradawi and the curse of God for all Krazayat Benghazi traitors who dived arms of Sarkozy and the West and Thalkua and Tbakua to forces Alziouselbah Warez their country and killing their own people for power and influence 
here is the Iraqi scene is back to remind us of that scene, the bloody scene of the bombing, destruction and killing of civilians is repeated again in Libya and with the same aircraft the U.S. and NATO, but this time a copy for the offender and that Libyan-funded one.

Is this the protection of civilians?.

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Is this really the protection of civilians claimed by NATO against civilians of Sirte in Libya.

Libya and the protection of civilians

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NATO Humanitarian Operation


NATO gifts for the children of Libya Part 1&2 THE SORMAN KILLING

NATO and the UN must take responsibility for civilian deaths in Libya

Of how the West won in Libya

by  Pepe Escobar

Since the beginning of the NATO operations against Gaddafi‘s Libya and its socialist and anarchist system,  the Western business press has not stopped a moment to misinform and alter reality . But it is only because of the enormity of the lie conveyed by the trade press, unanimous in his speech, that little by little, the truth is emerging in all this slander and manipulation. All this thanks to the work of researchers, thinkers and honest journalists, whose logic, analysis, instruct us and show us the dark side of the Libyan tragedy.

Libyan capital Tripoli under NATO bombs, the massive bombing of NATO have killed thousands of innocent civilians and the trade press has never said anything about it.

They fight like vultures on the bodies. The French defense minister said he had been seized with a Rafale fighter jet that fired on the convoy in which he-(…) The Pentagon said it had seized a missile firing  Hellfire  from a Predator. 
Then a wounded Colonel Muammar Gaddafi sought refuge in a filthy sewer under a highway, a creepy echo  “hole” of Saddam Hussein – which was found by the ‘rebels’ National Transitional Council (NTC), who, unsurprisingly, he was executed.

Abdel-Jalil Abdel-Aziz, a doctor who accompanied the Libyan Qadhafi’s body in an ambulance and who examined him said he died from two bullets, one in the chest and once in the head.

The NTC, which has been selling lies, lies and more lies for months, swears he died in a “crossfire”. Maybe it was a mob. Maybe it was Mohammad al-Bibi, who wore a baseball cap to the  Yankees  in New York and who posed for the whole world the golden gun wielding Gaddafi, perhaps to collect your ticket the considerable sum of $ 20 million offered as prizes by Gaddafi “dead or alive.”

Everything is becoming more curious when one remembers that this is exactly what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced in his meteoric visit to Tripoli forty-eight hours before Gaddafi would be “captured or killed.” The  Fairy Queenie  [ 1 ] satisfy  the wishes of Clinton, who learned of the facts by looking at the screen of a BlackBerry , and reacting to the earthquake semantic “WOW.”

For the winners, the spoils. All they did: the Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Pentagon and the NTC. At the time that a United Nations resolution imposing a no-fly zone over Libya became a permission to change the regime, the plan was always to capture him and kill him. Targeted killing, that’s the official policy of the Obama administration. There was no plan B.

Let me protect you by bombing you!!!

As for the R2P (“responsibility to protect” civilians), any skeptic should cling to the explanation of the NATO secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen:  “NATO and our partners have successfully launched a historic mandate of United Nations to protect the people of Libya “ . 
Anyone who wants to review the NATO protection to civilians only need to jump into a van and reached up to Sirte, the new Fallujah.

Reactions have been very instructive. The NTC bureaucrat Ghoga Abdel went to the Coliseum of the Roman Empire and said,  “The revolutionists have the head of the tyrant” .

U.S. President  Barack Obama  said Gaddafi’s death means that “we’re seeing the strength of American leadership around the world.” That’s how to “grab him” everything one could expect, considering that Washington paid no less than 80% of the cost of the operation of these ceporros of NATO (about 1,000 million dollars, which the squatters of Wall Street would do well to report because they could have been dedicated to creating jobs in the U.S.). How strange that now “we did it” because the White House always said that this was not a war, it was something “kinetic”.And they would not charge.

It seems like the majestic foreign policy strategist, U.S. Vice President Jo Biden, who was more instructive than Obama starkly:  “In this case, the U.S. has spent 2,000 million dollars and has not lost a single life. This is a good recipe on how to deal with the world to advance faster than we did in the past “ .

World, be warned, this is how the rule will henceforth treat.

Feels about my love as humanitarian

So congratulations to the ‘international community’, which as everyone knows is comprised of Washington, a few useless members of NATO and democratic powerhouses as the Persian Gulf as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). That community, at least, loves the results. The European Union (EU) welcomed “the end of an era of despotism” when up almost on Thursday were caressing the cap crowning the robes of Gaddafi and are now making a living without editorials on the 42-year reign of the “jester ‘.

Gaddafi had been mainly a houseguest of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, for reminding everyone would have enjoyed the levee, the warm hugs  and juicy agreements that the West was begging close after he was promoted from “Mad Dog” (Ronald Reagan) “our sonofabitch.” Would also enjoy detailing all the shady background of those opportunists who are now trying to go through “revolutionary” and “democrats.”

As for the concepts of international law lie in the gutter as filthy as that in which Gadhafi refuge. At least the dictator Saddam got a mock trial before a kangaroo court and irregular before meeting with the hangman. Osama bin Laden was simply buttoned style murder, following a land invasion of Pakistan. A Gaddafi charged him with a mixture of air warfare and murder.

The vultures of power are congested skies. Mohammed El Senusi, who lives in London, Libyan heir to the throne (King Idris was overthrown in 1969) is ready to come to the fore and has made clear since “is a servant of the Libyan people and they decide what they want. “Translation: I want the throne. Obviously it is the favorite candidate of the House of Saud counter.

And what about all those donkeys of the  think tank  in Washington muttering that this was as “Ceausescu moment” of the Arab Spring? 
If only the Romanian dictator would have improved the living standards of their country, in terms of health free, free education, incentives for honeymooners, etc. – at a fraction of what Gaddafi did in Libya … Plus the fact that Nicolae Ceausescu was overthrown not by bombing “humanitarian” NATO. Only an idiot could have swallowed the propaganda of more than 40,000 bombs “humanitarian” NATO that have devastated the infrastructure of Libya to return to the Stone Age (Shock and Awe in slow motion). This never had anything to do with the R2P, the merciless bombing of civilians in Sirte proves it.

As important members of the four BRIC knew even before the vote on the UN resolution 1973, was that NATO controlled the Mediterranean as his lake, was the war of AFRICOM against China and lift a key strategic base , was the French and the British getting lucrative contracts to exploit natural resources for their benefit Libya, the West was adjusting the narrative of the Arab Spring after they had been caught unawares in Tunisia and Egypt.

Hear the groans brutal

Welcome to the new Libya,  where Islamist militias become intolerant of the Libyan women’s lives a living hell . Hundreds of thousands of sub-Saharan Africans-all who could not escape, will be persecuted mercilessly. They plunder the whole country’s natural wealth. Any collection of anti-aircraft missiles that have appropriated the Islamists will be a very compelling reason for the “war on terror” in North Africa on forever. There will be blood, blood product of civil war, because Tripolitania refuse to remain undeveloped as was Cyrenaica.

As to all remaining dictators everywhere, and can acquire a life insurance policy of NATO SA, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia and Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh was smart enough for muster. We all know that will never R2P to liberate the Tibetans or the Uyghurs, and the people of monstrous gulag is Myanmar, or the people of Uzbekistan, or the Kurds in Turkey, or the Pashtuns on both sides of the imperially drawn  Durand Line .

We also know that changing to a world in which we believe will be the day that NATO enforce a no-fly zone over Saudi Arabia to protect the Shiites in the Eastern Province, with the Pentagon releasing a carpet of  Hellfire  over these thousands of medieval and corrupt rulers of the House of Saud.

There will be such. Meanwhile, is the usual way to end the West, with a violent blow of NATO and brutal and illegal thousand groans. 
Disgusted perhaps? Get a mask to  Guy Fawkes  and the arming of God is Christ.

Source: Asia Times Online, October 22, 2011. 

How many innocent civilians are killed by NATO in Libya?



When the Organization North Atlantic Treaty (  NATO  ) meets next week at a summit in Chicago, expect a lot of self-congratulatory rhetoric about bombing campaign of the alliance in Libya last year.  With the support of a mandate Security Council of the UN, NATO defendants, citing his ”  responsibility to protect  “civilians threatened by looting the bloody end of Libyan tyrant  Muammar Gaddafi  .  about 26,000 outlets The bombing released from vessels NATO helped push back the forces of Gaddafi, attacks in the arsenals of the regime and the defenses allowed rebel fighters to sweep the floor, finally, in Tripoli and deliver the coup government of martyr Gaddafi.  Not much later, the conspirators, former French president  , Nicolas Sarkozy  and British Prime Minister David Cameron, they were greeted as heroes strident in Tripoli and Benghazi.

With the end game in Afghanistan dragging along and financial problems dogging many NATO member states, the relative success of the mission to Libya leaves the grand old alliance feel good about himself.  But then read  the question  recently posed by a Libyan, “I just need a response from NATO: Why destroy my house and kill my family?”

This phrase, attributed to Faiz Fathi Jfara of the city of Bani Walid, appears in a  report by Human Rights Watch  released this week entitled “The deaths are not recognized.” The report lists eight specific incidents in which at least 72 Libyan civilians were killed as a result of NATO bombing campaign.  A third of the victims were children under 18.  HRW researchers found the remains of a laser-guided missile in the ruins of the family home Jfara, where five family members, including a nine-year-old died when the bombs fell on 30 August.

As the report emphasizes the fact NATO took significant steps to limit civilian casualties during operations in Libya.  And the Gaddafi regime has played and sometimes theatrical incidents of collateral damage as propaganda the last breath of their war effort flag.  In response to the report by Human Rights Watch, NATO issued a  statement  , an excerpt below, emphasizing the care taken to safeguard civilian life:

This was the first air campaign in history that only precision-guided munitions were used.  NATO approached each individual decision guidance with extraordinary caution. ?! We had solid intelligence ?!(** from Twitter) and a process of strict targeting. ?!(** from Twitter and the coordination’s were given from Twitter its documented)On of the week, time of day or night, or even the direction of attack were considered carefully to minimize the risk of civilian casualties.  ?!We conducted 9,700 strike missions and dropped more than 7,700 precision bombs, but no target has approved or beaten if we had any reason to believe that civilians are in danger. Whenever possible, we used the weapon with the lowest performance to prevent damage or injury.  In some cases, as many as 50 hours video observation airborne was performed and analyzed before a strike was authorized.  Hundreds of attacks were aborted at the last moment because of the perceived possibility of a civilian presence.(*** that’s a total bull they are lying because at one point were they bombed a house with a family and neighbors run to help the injured the planes came back and bombarded the place to the ground we have the footage they did not want any witnesses. They made a collective punishment to the Libyans because we supported the Libyan Jamahiriya and they bombed homes, hospitals, food storage’s, water storage’s and anything that was moving! All is documented).

However, while expressing regret at the loss of civilian life, NATO has, according to HRW, so far “failed to recognize these victims or examine how and why it happened.” The New York-based group is now urging the rights of proper investigations into these eight separate incidents and called for “prompt and adequate compensation” for families of victims.  The worst case documented by Human Rights Watch conducted in the small town of Majer, south of the disputed city  Zlitan  .  On August 8, a series of NATO bombs fell on a compound here, according to witnesses and residents, was occupied by civilians flee the bombing and fighting in the streets causing havoc in the big cities nearby.  His sanctuary was short-lived, according to HRW, the NATO bombing killed 34 people.  The report quoted one survivor: “The house was full of people who fled the war. All of them were my relatives … We heard the sound of bombing and the power went out of … When I got outside, we started looking for bodies on. “

When pressed recently by Human Rights Watch, NATO said Majer compounds were “legitimate military targets”, but have not provided evidence to prove beyond repeated insistence that “credible allegations” were investigated.

And not just restricted to the calamities caused by a rebel missile.  human rights groups criticized the NATO  in the death of about 62 refugees fleeing the war in Libya in May repeated distress calls from the ship, which was adrift in the Mediterranean, were heard for about NATO vessels.  Tens board died of thirst and hunger.  The consequences of the NATO campaign has proven to be deadly as well: after raids by NATO forces sent Gaddafi in retirement, department stores were opened and weapons were looted by Al Qaeda mercenaries.  Advanced Armament Libya has found its way  to Mali  , where ethnic insurgents twinned with extremists, al-Qaeda, militias linked has sunk a of the most stable democracies in Africa into chaos.  Yes, NATO must be satisfied for breaking international law, violating the sovereignty and encourage the looting of Libya in the most macabre.  But, as their heads of state meet in Chicago next week, the legacy of Libya should provide a moment’s pause, no applause.



NATO must take responsibility for

civilian deaths in Libya


Map of NATO air strikes in Libya investigated by Human Rights Watch

Lied to justify NATO has taken significant steps to minimize civilian casualties during the  Libyan campaign, but the information and research is needed to explain why killed 72 civilians

 The Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has recognized dozens of civilian victims of air raids during the 2011 campaign in Libya, and has not been investigated possible illegal attacks, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.  The 76 – page report, “  Deaths unrecognized: civilian casualties in the NATO air campaign in Libya  , “examines in detail eight of NATO air strikes on  Libya,  which resulted in 72 civilian deaths, including 20 women and children 24.  It is based on one or more field research to each of the sites of the bombings during and after the conflict, including interviews with witnesses and local residents.  “NATO has taken significant steps to minimize civilian casualties during the campaign in Libya, but the information and research is needed to explain why the 72 civilians killed, “said  Fred Abrahams, a special adviser to Human Rights Watch and author of the report. “The attacks only military targets allowed and there are serious doubts in some cases on what exactly NATO forces were amazing. “  the NATO military campaign in Libya, from March to October 2011, was mandated by UN Security Council to protect civilians from attacks by the security forces of the then Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The number of civilian deaths from NATO air strikes in Libya was discharged to the extent of the bombing and the duration of the campaign, said Human Rights Watch.  However, the absence of a clear military target in seven of the eight sites at Human Rights Watch visited a concern of possible laws of war violations to be investigated.  Human Rights Watch called on NATO to investigate all potentially illegal attacks and report their findings to the Security Council of the UN, which authorized military intervention in Libya. NATO must also address the civilian victims of air strikes on Libya to the NATO heads of state summit to be held in Chicago on May 20 and 21, Human Rights Watch said.  The Human Rights Watch report is the most comprehensive examination to date of civilian casualties caused by NATO air campaign. 

It looks at all sites known to Human Rights Watch in which the NATO strikes killed civilians.  The strikes that led to civilian fatalities, although civilians were injured or destroyed -. We did not include  the most serious incident occurred in the village of Majer, 160 kilometers east of Tripoli, the capital, the August 8, 2011, when NATO air strikes on two compounds of the family killed 34 civilians and more than 30 wounded, said Human Rights Watch.  Dozens of displaced people were staying in one of the compounds.  A second shot out of one of the compounds of dead and wounded civilians who witnesses said were searching for victims. The infrared system used by the pump deployed should have stated that the pilot the presence of many people on the ground.  If the pilot could not determine that these people were combatants, then the strike should have been canceled or diverted.  Under the laws of war The parties to a conflict can only attacking military targets and must take all feasible precautions to minimize harm to civilians. 

While civilian casualties do not necessarily mean that there has been a violation of the laws of war, governments are obliged to investigate allegations of serious violations and compensate victims of unlawful attacks.  Human Rights Watch said that NATO must consider a program to provide payments to civilian casualties. of NATO attacks regardless of irregularities, such as NATO in Afghanistan has made  at seven sites documented in the report, Human Rights Watch found no – or only possible – an indication that Libya military forces, weapons, hardware or communications equipment had been present at the time of the attack.  The circumstances raise serious questions about whether the buildings hit – mostly residential – were valid military targets.  In eighth place, in which three women and four children died, the objective could have been a Libyan army officer.  NATO officials told Human Rights Watch that all targets were military targets, and therefore legitimate targets.  however, has not provided specific information to support these claims, especially saying a specific site, was a “command and control node” or “base of military operations.”  NATO said Majer compounds were a “staging base and military housing” for the forces of Gaddafi, but not has provided specific information to support that claim.  During four visits to Majer, including one the day after the attack, the only possible evidence of military presence by Human Rights Watch found there was only one military-style jacket – common clothes many Libyans – the rubble of one of the three destroyed houses.  Relatives and neighbors of independent Majer said there had been no military personnel or activity in the compounds before or at the time of the attack.  “I wonder why they did, why only our homes, “said Muammar al-Jarud, who lost her mother’s daughter, sister, wife, and 8 months old. “We’d like to accept it if we had tanks and military vehicles around, but we were completely civilians, and can not only hit civilians. ” 

For the investigation of the eight incidents, Human Rights Watch visited the sites, in some cases several times, inspected the remains of weapons, witnesses interviewed, examined the medical reports and death certificates, satellite images, photographs reviewed and compiled the injuries and deaths.  The detailed questions were submitted to NATO and its member states participating in the campaign, even in August 1, 2011 meeting with senior NATO officials involved in the selection.  NATO derives its mandate of Resolution 1973, authorizing the use of force to protect civilians in Libya.  The relatively few civilian casualties during the campaign of seven-month trial of the NATO led care to minimize civilian damage, Human Rights Watch said.  Countries like Russia have made exaggerated claims of civilian deaths from NATO air attacks during the campaign in Libya have done so without foundation, said Human Rights Watch.  “The countries that have criticized NATO for mass civilian casualties calls in Libya are trying to score political points instead of protecting civilians, “said Abrahams.  NATO says he can not carry out the operation after the investigations in the number of civilian casualties in Libya because it has no mandate to operate on the ground .  But NATO has not sought the permission of the transitional government of Libya to investigate incidents of civilian deaths and should do so promptly, said Human Rights Watch.  “The general care of the NATO took in the campaign is undermined by its refusal to examine the dozens of civilian deaths, “said Abrahams.  “This is necessary to compensate victims of unlawful attacks, and to learn from mistakes and minimize civilian casualties in future wars.”

THE EVIDENCE cornered by UN send a delegation of human rights experts to visit Libya to investigate the use of mercenaries in a coup the legitimate government of Gaddafi and his subsequent assassination

UN experts on human rights say they will visit Libya next week to examine the use of mercenaries to commit terrorist acts and that eventually led a coup of the Libyan government led by Muammar Qaddafi.

In an attempt to minimize the evidence, Faiza Patel, head of the UN Human Rights Council panel, said he also aims to collect “information directly at first hand” on private companies offering military assistance, consultants and security with the Gaddafi regime.

Patel and another expert said Friday it will spend four days in Libya at the invitation of the government, which claims to have evidence linking Gadhafi’s son, Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, supervision and planning of the recruitment of mercenaries in civil war that ended the regime.

Falling to discredit him and immorality, the International Criminal Court prosecutor, said in April that Libya also claims to have evidence linking the son of Gaddafi on executions.

Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Libyan civilians cruelly tortured by the beasts “rebels” of the NATO-NTC



By Benjamin Barthe 

LE MONDE  / Worldcrunch

MAJER –  Nine months have passed, but the debris has not yet been eliminated. Bombed by NATO in August, the family home in Gafez Majer, a town about 150 kilometers east of Tripoli, it still looks like a soufflé wrinkled.  Fourteen people died in the explosion.  Twenty others died a few minutes later, when the bombs hit the farm neighbors, Jaroods. Men, women and children, fatally wounded amid a night of Ramadan.

What’s clear debris?  reconstruction? Haj Ali, the patriarch of the family Gafez never considered.  There are issues of money and health, but also honor, mustachioed man says environment.  That’s because NATO does not want hear of the martyrs of Majer.  The military alliance is insisting that the bombs dropped on 8 August were aimed at “legitimate military targets.”

The international human rights organizations disagree.  Headquarters in New York Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report this week citing well documented numerous errors committed during the NATO campaign of 2011 Libya.  According to the authors, seven months the attacks that brought down the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, killing 72 civilians.The “relatively low” toll “shows that NATO acted with caution” over the operation, the report said.  said, HRW regrets that the military did not acknowledge his faults, did not open any probes, and not pay any compensation to the victims of their firepower.

As an act of protest, the surviving family members Gafez have transformed the ruins of his house into a museum of memory.  Visitors are greeted by an angry message painted on the front door: “Is human rights?” The words are in reference to the principle of “protecting civilians” French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, invoked to pressure the Security Council to support the campaign of NATO bombing.

On the ground floor living room, whose roof withstood the collapse of the upper two floors, a banner covered with pictures of children and young women wearing headscarves has been put up.  “Many families fleeing the fighting came to take refuge in our house “said Amr, son of Haj Ali. “Our traditions require that in such cases, the men leave the house for women and children. We settled in the neighboring field.  That’s what saved us. “


The plastic sandals of the dead women, still covered with dust from the rubble, are grouped in a corner.  Joining them are dented a watch, bicycles for children with a tilt wheel and a sewing machine. Disorder Obsessive is there to honor the memory of the victims, but also to show that he did not deserve to be targeted by NATO, there was no reason I should have been mistaken for a “legitimate”.

“You think I have welcomed all these people in my house if Gaddafi soldiers were around the city?” Haj Ali asks.

HRW researchers, who came to inspect the site four times, including the day after the disaster – are backing the declaration of Ali.  Save a camouflage shirt (a garment that many Libyans like to use), they could not find One piece of evidence to support the NATO request Majer farms served as a rest stop for the Libyan army.

In the next room, the mausoleum was converted into a museum of terror.  The walls are covered with pictures of dead bodies, torn.  “This is my brother,” says Adel Absaat, a young man about 30 years.  He points to an image of a body without a shape, covered in blood.  “He was in the mosque when an explosion destroyed the first house Jarood family. With nearly 10 of his friends ran to help the victims.  This is when the second hit attack.  All were killed. “

The villagers have collected bomb fragments in the debris and placed on a wooden table. One of the fragments identified by HRW as a piece of the fin of a GBU-12, a missile with a laser guidance system the pilot should have indicated the presence of a large number of people on the ground, according to the report.

The new government reluctant to criticize NATO

The day after the bloodshed, May 09, the Libyan authorities took a dozen journalists on the scene.  Delighted with the prospect of NATO embarrassing, or even forcing it to suspend operation, the regime’s mouthpiece, Mussa Ibrahim, was a diatribe, describing the crime as “beyond comprehension.”

Ibrahim exaggerated the death toll, citing 85 victims.  Knowing that Gaddafi supporters had a history of official figures playing the violin, the media reported the speech with caution. Torn between anger, pain and reluctance to feed Gadhafi’s arguments, the villagers were silent.  had to wait until the conflict ended before they could start looking for the recognition of the tragedy he had suffered.

However, the National Transitional Council of Libya (NTC), the governing body of the Libyan revolution, is reluctant to take a position on the case.  Some of its members deem appropriate to blame NATO ally whose support was instrumental in overthrowing Gaddafi. “They say Gaddafi forces carried out [the attacks] themselves to discredit the West,” says Khaled Shakshik, an NTC official Zlitan, a larger city with Majer .  “Even those who recognize the mistakes of NATO against the idea of calling the victims martyrs.  say that [the victims] were not all necessarily anti-Gaddafi. “

These calculations are maddening petty Milad Tawil, an engineer, whose brother died in the bloodbath.  “We do not want compensation, as much as we want moral support,” he says. “We have paid the ultimate price for freedom.  This has to be recognized. “

Read more from  Le Monde  in French
Photo – courtesy of the family through Jfara  HRW
All rights reserved © Worldcrunch – in collaboration with Le Monde
Posted by Mohamar Al Gaddafi

Worst massacre carried out by NATO against the children of Sirte

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War crimes committed by NATO, which were borne in Sirte on Al-Jazeera and the Zionist media as it does not not serve their agenda 
by the video scenes bloody horrible and I would advise not to watch it for the double hearts, and do not view it in your neighborhood and the children

Video shows the stupidity and hatred and brutality Kharijites the east

Hillary Clinton  Architect Behind Disaster in Libya

Bombed to being a Ghost-Town  Libya  Sirte 2011

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U.S. Ambassador plot begins with the destruction of Libya with the Libyan Transitional Council clients tails Bernard Levy and NATO

Mass execution of civilians in Sirte by NATO mercenaries 1

Mass execution of civilians in Sirte by NATO mercenaries 2

Mass execution of civilians in Sirte by NATO mercenaries 3

Libya: The Aftermath of War

Make No Mistake Zliten Massacre by NATO in Libya 8 8 2011 YouTube


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  1. This is a documentary about the crimes of “Amnesty” and other “humanitarian” terrorists … against peace and humanity in Libya (burning of war and ethnic tensions, genocide and … ethnic cleansing of blacks / exactly according to the statutes of the Zionist plan demon – “Clash of Civilizations” / !!!) committed by fake “humanitarian” organizations whose main job is – PROPAGANDA : (instigators of wars and destabilization of governments in sovereign states) by hypocritical “concern” of “human Rights and Freedoms’! The truth is that the target these fake “humanitarian” organizations is death, destruction, looting of national treasures and the puppet government!

  2. I really enjoy this site, the information is valid & only reaffirms many things I already understood. However, I must point out that you really need to verify certain images you reprint off other sites. IF people who want to denounce everything you say as untrue, finding even 1 or 2 ‘bad’ images gives them ammo. EVEN if the images clearly represent the truth, without actually being from the specific incident mentioned. If I knew reports of torture were accurate, but I only had photos available from another torture incident, I have no problem using that (with notation).

    In example – I know full well that the ‘fake rebels’ have tortured and murdered thousands of people in Libya and in many horrible ways. I’ve seen tons of photos & videos. However, the photo in the group just above that shows many people who have been viciously flogged, etc., – the one with the giant gashes/slashes on his back? I have that photo, the earliest appearance of which I can find is 2007. It is a police officer in Ohio who tried to disarm a knife wielder instead of just shooting him. There are two more photos showing a horrible slash on his side and chest. Also there is what appears to be a homemade tattoo on his back of a jaguar, highly doubtful you would find that in Libya.

    The picture of the hand that looks like it went through a meat grinder? It is a hand that went through a meat grinder. Also several years old.

    • I will recheck and get back to you thanks for your remarks and pointing out a few things I am on my own, there is nobody with me to control all videos and pictures and when I did post them too many sleepless nights with much stale coffee. Not that its an excuse!

  3. نطلب من الجميع ان يتصور لو لم يتدخل النانو لايقاف الالة الجهنمية للقذافي ومعززة بالصواريخ ( الجراد) والتي تبيد مدن باكملها بالاظافة الى ان هذه الاسلحة مستجلبة من دول الناتو والروس وموقع قبل شرائها في عدم استخامها ضد المدنيين .. فهل ترضوا يا سادة كي بيااد شعب باكمله في سبيل دكتاتور ومجموعة مستفيذة لا تمثل الاطمعها وحرصها للعيش ولو كان على حساب شرفها وهدد السفاح في استجلاب امم من افريقية ومن يذر عليهم في الاموال ليهتفوا له ا


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