How Al Jazeera produces two of the highest terrorists of Al Qaeda and LIFG into Revolutionaries

How Al Jazeera produces two of the highest terrorists of Al Qaeda and LIFG into Revolutionaries

Editors Note: This video was sent to me by Lady Khamis who sometimes writes in this blog, I will put her comment as she wrote it to me. About Belhadj you can find in the archives to see who he really is. In my opinion a financed killer by the west he and his cronies were involved in the kidnapping of the other terrorist Libby and lets not forget his last escapade two days ago where the US special forces and his militia caught the leader of Anshar from Tunis in Misurata.

Many times we have established in this blog that the USA/ UK/ FRANCE/ QATAR have collaborated with al Qaeda, LIFG and other extremist parties, it’s up to you to wake up and take control of your tax money which goes into financing these extremists instead of exterminating them.

“you may want to see this. Its another al-jazeera ‘people and power’ one. They did Libya 2 weeks running this month here in UK.
This episode is all about Libya and Belhadj and rendition, (little bit about Blair and Q ).
It is really shocking in the way they are sucking up to this extremist and terrorist as if he has done nothing bad and its so duplicitious…its an eye-opener to how they present news to how its suits them. Viewers who do not know the truth about this man would be flabbergasted if they were told! and bewildered how such a man could be presented like this.”

People & Power – Libya: Renditions


Libya – The Tunisian (s) have given a good lesson in Qatar and other countries who are plotting against Syria (February 25, 2012)

The Tunisian (s) have given a good lesson in Qatar and other countries who are plotting against Syria 

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Libya - The Tunisian (s) have given a good lesson in Qatar and other countries who are plotting against Syria (February 25, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Syrian Truth According to Homs, Baba Omrou, fighters from the Syrian army arrested several terrorists while dozens were delivered.

Tunisia, Sidi Bouzid, at 11:30 am, a big demonstration in the main road out of town near the regional headquarters Itihad, organized by the “forces of December 17.” More than 3000 demonstrators. A minister has attended the event. 
Demonstrators raised banners with slogans such as “Shame Shame Government of the high prices of the price … Tunisian people free people, not in the U.S. and not in Qatar” “عار عار ياحكومة الأسعار شعلت نار 
شعب تونس شعب حر لا لا أمريكا قطر 

In the capital of Tunisia, Another street demonstrations against the transitional government Bourguiba of Tunisia, which organized the conference on Arab land to destroy Syria. Protesters demanding the resignation of prime minister.


A video demonstration of the glorious Tunisian (s)





Al-Jazeera agents have been forced to leave Manouba University by hundreds of angry studends, it seems Tunisian students are fully aware of Al-Jazeera’s intentions and agenda to spread propaganda which serves US imperialism in the region.

Tunisians are fully aware of the blunt lies and rumors spread concerning Libya which lead to a brutal war, bloodshed and continuous lawlessness which sometimes spills over to the Tunisian side of the border. 

Manouba University students Kick out Al-Jazeera correspondent in Tunis

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Tunisair to resume Tripoli flights on Tuesday,(Unless something happens again & everything closes down!!!)

Tunisair to resume Tripoli flights on Tuesday

Tunisian airline Tunisair will on Tuesday resume flights to Tripoli, which have been suspended since November 27 over security concerns, a company spokesman told AFP in Libya.

A Tunisair Airbus A320 was last month blocked from taking off for several hours by demonstrators protesting against violence in the Bani Walid area, a former stronghold of slain leader Moamer Kadhafi.

The aircraft was ultimately allowed to take off after negotiations with Libyan authorities.

“We are going to resume on Tuesday with a Tunis-Tripoli flight and from Wednesday the company will continue to serve the Libyan capital with its usual two flights per day,” Tunisair spokesman Jalal El Ourari said on Sunday.

Ourari said Tunisair would no longer land at Tripoli’s Mitiga airport, where the November incident occured, instead flying to the city’s international airport.

Source: AFP

Muammar Gaddafi and Yasser Arafat or the vulgarity of the Virgin of Nablus on the air of a chain of low Tunisia

Muammar Gaddafi and Yasser Arafat or the vulgarity of the Virgin of Nablus on the air of a chain of low Tunisia

Posted on 08/12/2011 at 10:37

Source: The Pacifists of Tunis

Muammar Gaddafi and Yasser Arafat or the vulgarity of the Virgin of Nablus on the air of a chain of low Tunisia

Here in Tunisia, recently there has been the story of the filthy and badly named Hannibal chain [1]. Last night, we were prepared to watch a program after the chain Syrian Addounia that a friend had told us that Dr. Yousif Shakir (the Great Libyan Jamahiriya) was the guest. Either the program was canceled or we have missed. Anyway, we had the unpleasant surprise to discover on Nessma (Tunisian television channel “of the Maghreb” (sic) …) an interview with Suha Arafat, widow of Palestinian leader gone, Yasser Arafat [2 ]. 

Mrs. Arafat, whose likeness (oratorical style and blonde hair) with Marine Le Pen (French politician) is striking, in particular, wanted to whiten the current president of the “Palestinian Authority” and his entourage of all (charged of) involvement in the poisoning of her husband. At one point, the Virgin Palestinian (Christian, born in the West Bank ..), also announced the good news: the entry (of himself or of his daughter growing up …) in politics in 10 or 20 years because for them “life is just beginning” (sic) … It should probably include these words: as president of the “present” / “future” uncertain “state” (what’s left of) Palestine. In short, a kind of … Hitlery Clinton. woman she has also mentioned about a “diplomatic incident” … 
This kind of character drama, not to mention the television channel of low degree, all the involved global brain washing since the “revolution” January 14 [1] they are attacking a “target” well known and finally “easy” dressing-the-Leila Ben Ali. This or members of his family, according to Suha Arafat, could be compared to it, the “intellectual” Tunisian-Palestinian-Paris who studied at the Sorbonne … The Tunisian Leila also the general failure to wear a maiden name (“Trabelsi”) by the serious consequences these days. Indeed, this pretty name in Arabic means “the city of Tripoli” … The “unsaid” and shortcuts are very common among the “intellectual elite” and the “press” in Tunisia since January 14 this year … 
Dr. Arafat fierce wife of deposed President Ben Ali intervened which would, among other numerous intrigues, to make him remove the Tunisian nationality she acquired. 

But what interested us more was his attack against the Leader of the Great Libyan Jamahiriya, even though the latter had apparently invited the couple to usher in a Palestinian place, street or a building in honor of the dead husband …
She said the “whimsical” (sic) and “unpredictable” (sic) Muammar Gaddafi was planning to implement a scheme to restore Ben Ali on the throne …. This is of course free of charges based on gossip murderers over a hoax like the war against Libya unsustainable products galore for 8 months. 
But the Virgin of Nablus probably does not know that Gaddafi , who discovered late in the magnitude of the economic and social distress in Tunisia, had suggested to Ben Ali to send its divisions of unemployed in order to help bring stability. What head of state “democratic” in North America or Europe would have dared to open its borders to “flow of illegal workers” Tunisia: France and Italy, whose warships have left without response, the whole craft of “potential migrants” sank off the island of Lampedusa? 
Meanwhile, the Sans-Culottes Tunisian exhibited on the Place du Bardo to remember (as on the eve of January 14) to Constituent Assembly recently elected-and making a great noise of his “democratic practices” – the people want, first and foremost, work (“tachghil” a political circus and do not entertain for long. 
Also, remind us , including the unfortunate “Sans-Culottes” cleverly deceived by their national media in the pay of imperialism [1-2], in the Great Libyan Jamahiriya, and to take only the single value of labor, every citizen entitled to a job. A recommendation of the Guide, at a public lecture (key element of direct democracy) stressed the same natural necessity of the proximity of each other and from work. 
If (rare) unemployment (and actually appeared only since the “reintegration” of Libya in the “international community” as classic symptom of the application of “recommendations” of the International Monetary Fund), the citizen receives no paperwork under social control (such as c ‘ is the case in the U.S. or Europe) a monthly allowance of about 730 euros, or about 1,300 dinars, or nearly 7 times the “minimum wage” Tunisian … 
Finally, we recall also the “Sans-Culottes” Tunisian – and less to Mrs. Arafat (which evolved into the beautiful areas of Tunis …) – Muammar Al-Gaddafi that was built for poor families without housing neighborhoods in the West (Al-Hrairia), a set of 40 000 (forty thousand) apartments. To avoid the well known corruption related to such humanitarian project (also named Omar Al-Mokhtar, named after the hero National Historic Libyan resistance to Italian colonization), the Libyan s It was even indicated a willingness to oversee the functions itself “case by case.” 
Because we will never forget, against all companies in the greater totalitarianism of all time. 
Pacifists of Tunis. On December 7, 2011. 
[1] Hannibal Gaddafi and Seif el Islam. The foul was excessive psychological warfare “revolutionaries” Tunisian and their national media. ISP Algeria November 14 Nessma TV. Interview with Suha Arafat. December 6