Thought Terrorism

Thought Terrorism

By Nahida the Exiled Palestinian | September 20, 2011

In defence of freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom to access information

Some wants us to believe that:

“Ignorance Is Strength”,

Restricting the boundaries of discussion expands Knowledge”,

Crucifying intellectuals is Progressive

“Shunning people for their thoughts and opinions is Revolutionary”

“Thinking independently is very Dangerous

Reading many sources affects the protocols of Health and Safety”

Framing the Debate is Good… very very good”,

Gagging is strategically crucial for gaining Wisdom

Suppressing of Information helps to uncover the Truth”

“Revising Historical narratives is a Crime, and should be Punished by Law”

Following the Evidence is a Conspiracy Theory”

Investigating a Crime is not Helpful, it’s a Distraction

Crying against Racism and Supremacy is anti-Semitism”

Exposing the power-elite is Racist

Thought Terrorism leads to Truth and Justice” (somehow, eventually) !

And of course, “no mater what, the Earth is still Flat, flat as a thin crispy pancake”

All you have to do is to Believe!

Otherwise face the consequences of your “blasphemy and wickedness”,

be prepared for the burning of your reputation at the stake of their Omniscience,

and be prepared for the crucifying of your character at the altar of their omnipotence

and self-righteousness.