News from Occupied Libya 21-22/11/13

Attack on a police station in the city of  Terhana by militias belonging to Ahmed al-Saadi and the fourth band backing 

Sources news about the militias belonging to Ahmd al saeidi known as Aleem Libyan band backing fourth Salahuddin’s Luma called to a guard facilities and led by Salah Elmarghani carried out the attack on a police station downtown Terhana and kidnapped a policeman and a group of detainees and they executed and thrown playground ball is dead Ibrahim Souayah Alnaaja that appears he has been tortured to kill him.

The assassination of Sheikh Fawzi Alzuky, one of the members of the board of elders city of Derna 

The assassination of Sheikh Fawzi Alzuky, one of the members of the board of elders city of Derna after prayers from the mosque.

Amnesty International calls on the Libyan authorities to protect the protesters from armed groups 

Amnesty International called on the Libyan authorities, today, Thursday, to protect the protesters from armed groups during the protests planned this week. Organization said that Square Jerusalem in Tripoli witness on Friday large demonstrations at the invitation of the President of the local residents of the capital of the general strike even leave those groups of the city. For its part, said Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa in the organization, “Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui” The Libyan authorities must ensure the protection of the protesters. organization urged the Libyan government to ensure that efforts to disarm armed formations and reintegration compatible with human rights standards, and the lack of integration of officials for human rights violations in the state institutions. indicated Amnesty International that the Libyan government has announced a new plan is to integrate Muslhhaasma formations in the state security forces.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: Libya must protect demonstrators from “out of control” militias or risk new bloodshed 

The Libyan authorities must actively protect protesters from attacks by armed militia during ongoing demonstrations this week or risk further bloodshed, Amnesty International said today

The Head of the Tripoli Local Council has called on Tripoli’s residents to pursue a general strike until all armed groups leave the city. Large demonstrations are planned for this Friday in Tripoli’s Al Quds Square. Activists have also called for demonstrations outside militia compounds

The calls follow the deaths of 43 individuals and hundreds of injured, including children as young as 11 at a peaceful demonstration and subsequent clashes in Gharghour area of ​​Tripoli on 15 November

“The Libyan authorities must guarantee that protesters taking to the streets on Friday will be protected from violence by militias. Anything short of that could result in a new tragedy, “said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Middle East and North Africa Deputy Director at Amnesty International

“Two years of militia appeasement have led to a situation where abductions, torture and killings have become the norm in Libya. Those who once fought for freedom are now turning into criminal gangs. “

Last Friday, protesters in Tripoli called on militias based in the neighbourhood of Gharghour to leave the city and demanded that the police and national army return to the streets to ensure public order. The demonstration, which had received authorization from the authorities who promised to take measures to protect them, was held in protest at heavy clashes in the capital between Misratah and Tripoli militias on 7 November

Eye-witnesses interviewed by Amnesty International’s delegates in Tripoli said that police had failed to protect demonstrators or intervene when they were being shot at by militias. Most police units stayed behind as the demonstration started marching towards the militia compounds in Gharghour. They failed to take any preventive action to protect demonstrators from militias known to be heavily armed and reckless

A 51 year old man told Amnesty International’s researchers: “Many of the demonstrators were old people who had just come out of the mosque after prayer. They were not armed and carried revolutionary and white flags and posters with peaceful messages. The police were in the background but did not do anything to stop the shooting. I was hit by shrapnel in my left leg, which had to be amputated. “

Bystanders were also injured by stray bullets. Mabrouka Muhadab, 42, told Amnesty International: “I stepped out onto the balcony to get my son’s blanket when I was hit by a bullet in the back. Libya Shield brigades [a grouping of militias under the Ministry of Defence] were protecting our area, and the fighting was taking place some 10 to 15 minutes away from our home. “

As the violence continued, at about 10pm militias shot at a nearby camp for internally displaced Tawarghas, wounding a man in the knee. The next morning, militias attacked the camp again with rifles, killing one man and injuring two others. Despite previous such attacks by Misratah militias, the authorities failed to provide protection to the camp.

On 17 November, the Libyan General Prosecutor told Amnesty International an investigation into the events had been initiated. The organization’s delegates were able to observe the handing over of official forensic reports to families of victims at the morgue

“The fact that an investigation has been initiated is positive. However, experience shows that investigations into militia abuses in Libya rarely result in successful prosecutions. Letting it happen again will only further embolden militias, “said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui

“These deaths and injuries could have been avoided had the Libyan authorities been serious about fighting impunity and investigating militia abuses since 2011.”

In March the General National Congress, Libya’s first elected body, issued a decision ordering all “illegal armed formations” to leave Tripoli. However, the government has been unable to implement the decision since then. Nor was it able to successfully disarm and demobilize militias. Since the end of the 2011 armed conflict, hundreds of anti-Gaddafi militias have refused to disarm and reintegrate into civilian life; most are based in Tripoli and the west of the country.

Following the violence on 15 November and calls by the Tripoli Local Council, Misratah militias started pulling out from the capital. Other cities such as Gharyan have started withdrawing their brigades as well

In parallel, the government announced a new plan to remove militias from the capital by integrating them into state security forces

Amnesty International urges the government to ensure that any disarmament, demobilization and reintegration efforts are compliant with human rights standards. No one responsible for human rights abuses should be integrated into state institutions

“As militias withdraw from Tripoli, the government must put in place measures to fight impunity and ensure that perpetrators of abuses are held accountable for their actions and brought to justice. Otherwise it is merely shifting around the problem, “said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui. “People throughout Libya – not only in Tripoli – must be able to live without fear of militia abuses.”

U.S. intelligence agency CIA director honors Palestinian intelligence for his role in the abduction of Abu Anas Libyan 

A Palestinian source familiar in the U.S. capital that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency CIA has taken a visit director of the Palestinian intelligence service, Major General Majid Faraj under the auspices of a special gratitude for the efforts of Maj. Gen. Faraj great efforts to develop security relations with Washington and Tel Aviv, adding that the agency is in the process of honoring a special and distinctive Brigade Faraj. The source added that the Palestinian who is familiar with your appreciation enjoyed by Maj. Gen. Faraj pushes the boundaries of the file to the U.S. Israeli-Palestinian issues and regional tensions, especially after Maj. Gen. Faraj succeeded in providing great help U.S. intelligence in My Libya and Somalia. According to the report information leaked handed Major General Faraj to President Mahmoud Abbas, the two officers Palestinians subordinate to him in Libya ahead contribution distinctive in providing valuable information to the CIA helped to define the movements ‘Abu Anas Libyan’ and he was kidnapped by a commando force American after his performance for the dawn prayers in one mosques in the Libyan capital Tripoli in October. Has surrounded the brigade Faraj his current trip to Washington closely guards, and was keen to ask permission Abbas twice, the first was in Amman a few months ago when told him about the call, and either the second was during their time together in Cairo recently, and told Abbas during which the subject of honor, was keen Farag cases the permission of Abbas away from the eyes and ears of regarded opponents direct at the Palestinian presidency among senior adviser to Abbas, believing that those advisers scheming his intrigues and conspiracies, especially after the failure of his efforts in the completion of the process of exchange of Syrian-Turkish and Lebanese that has been through the Qatari government last month 

Israel to get rid of their nuclear waste in the territory of Libya 

Tripoli accused the nations, including Israel, to make Libya DUMP SITE for their nuclear waste, according to state news agency Anatolia. 

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force in the Libyan army, Brigadier Mahmoud Issa, told «Anatolia» Turkish, said that «civil aircraft and ships suspicious receive waste in the Libyan desert and territorial waters». He added that there are countries, did not name them is Israel, receive their nuclear waste in Libyan territorial waters, and the Libyan desert south of the country; warning of the danger to the future of the environment and Stantjh of serious damage. 
The Jesus that the Chiefs of Staff have information and evidence on the matter by saying that «the Air Force was able to determine the course of civil aircraft suspicious enter Libyan airspace without any reaction from our air force; given the lack of system aerial reconnaissance and the absence of radar in the south of Libya, except for Monitoring Navy also suspicious ships entering the territorial waters, and the dumping of containers made sure it nuclear waste ». The Libyan leader pointed out that «there are internal and external parties to stand strongly against Air Force and re-arming and maintenance of equipment, despite our claims repeatedly.


News from Occupied Libya 21 – 22/11/13





But hasbara (Israeli Propaganda) is dying. Face it. Truthseeking humans with a brain of their own will not blindly follow the lies & myths without discovering soon… the bubble of myths is imploding….. fast!

An overview of the facts since Israel issued a genuine web war declaration some time ago.. and all epic fails since than!

 Israel’s castle of air is slowly dissolving into thinner air for no person with common sense and truth-seeking mankind keeps buying the lies which might have been successful for 64 years but current multimedia and technologies expose the lies faster than they are told!

Six Zionist Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media

You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White H…

The “power of lies”, deceptions and disinformation as the world pay the price of collective stupidity while for Israel the oiled machine of propaganda is starting to get hick-ups after 64 year of successful fooling the world around, to distract all from the real issue: Ethnic Cleansing, save yourself time, it’s all about this:

Ethnic Cleansing

Due to increasing demolitions, ongoing ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem as well as increasing parts of the West Bank, evictions or even viol…

After a spontaneous trend in December 2011 on twitter with hashtag #israelhates, Zion goes berserq telling it is “under attack!” Quite hypocritical if you ask me because the Zionist entity issued long before: The one and only Web War Declaration, crying out loud when people engage with FACTS!


Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute. So far the announcement hasbara’s main tabloid Ynet. With a side banner

Because already in May 2011, Israel announced it was embracing itself for a WAR on TWITTER! (fact!)

Israel preparing itself for Twitter war over Palestinian state

Foreign Ministry bracing for a flood of pro-Palestinian tweets ahead of the UN session on a Palestinian state.

Now twitter seems to be a real problem for Israel. Twitter enables real time updates. (Of truth of course) I mean… you take a picture push tweet, tweet you see a soldier doing whatever… and immediately all your followers get the “picture” which Israel does not like of course. Anything that recalls or conveys TRUTH especially truth getting OUT of Palestine is a problem ,so twitter is a real problem. We understand. But quite hilarious to see, at 2:47 minutes, a soldier shouting: WE FOLLOW YOU AT TWITTER!

Israeli Soldier: “We follow you at Twitter!” (at 2:47 min) – video

So now we know the weak spot of Israel: Truth leaking out of Palestine. For it is the silencing & censoring, than the hasbara that made I…

And Yes. We do too! So we saw it happening! HOW TO EMBARRASS YOUR ARMY 1 TWEET AT A TIME! That’s why we noticed in 2 tweets time eloquent tweep @Abou_Charlie went into ET-STYLE “GO HOME” -MODE, tweeting ridiculous 2 word sentences while we know our homies… if one does not go home it is Abou Charlie! So we noticed… The most “moral” army in the world is exploring the depths of morality by hijacking a tweeps phone to send out …   lies #epicfail Watch it.. live blogged!

Live updates | Israeli Soldiers caught Hijacking @Abou_Charlie ‘s Phone To Send Out Lies

As usual we Retweet and spread news live happening at demos in the West Bank. This Friday something weird happened with @Abou_Charlie.

Despite this pathetic attempt to fool anyone around, Israel does not give up and even send it’s diplomats to a twitter course to expand skills and make them excel in pushing buttons.. on twitter… and more. As long as it hides the truth.

Truth does not bother “Israel”. Pushing Buttons Do. To mute from “Tweeting until Termination”

Related to: Israel’s Web War Declaration Buttons Buttons Buttons! The only thing which moves “The State of Israel” in all it’s actions to…

Let’s not forget, people do not buy the corny antique manuals of propaganda no more, they are so… predictable! Only fit for no-brainers but everyone with a common sense of his own will wet himself laughing reading this:

So the Zionist entity again pulled a lot of shekels and poured them in the propaganda melting-pot, to develop a genuine:

“WE BELIEVE IN ISRAEL” HASBARA TOOLKIT! (Warning: A diaper is advised reading don’t tell me it’s my mistake you ruined your chair or carpet for you WILL loose all control #lol!) The big secret of hasbara 2011: A Steak. They invite you for dinner and serve you a steak (with the lies) No facts, propaganda. No Canard a l’Orange but Hasbara Kachol-ve-Lavan (blue and white propaganda)

We know after the theft of the hummus and the shawarmeh, ISRAEL GOT NO TALENT !!!

Apparently the steak caused flatulation and indigestion but the charrah they expected it not succeeding otherwise than speeding up the already happening melt-down of hasbara.. itself!

Especially by the so called die hards of the Jewish Internet Defence Force aka JIDF!

How they describe themselves:

The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF) is a private, independent, non-violent protest organization representing a collective of activists. We have operated under the name the “Jewish Internet Defense Force” since the massacre at the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem. We provide cutting edge pro-Israel advocacy, presenting constant news and information through email, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Myspace, Digg, and other popular areas of the web to those who share concerns about antisemitic online content, as well as content which promotes Islamic terrorism.

So when you loose your profile on Facebook or other platforms, you probably have been mass reported by the brainless recruits who get a shekel or half for every report they achieve…. Anyway… not always successful as what happened in Aug 2011 …

JIDF and the Megaphonies Take Down Reddit Page Pointing Out Their Existence

Mazel Tov! The Mega-phonies are out in force today. JIDF, claiming they have no conspiratorial power in shutting down internet posts, in t…

Mazel Tov! The Mega-phonies are out in force today.  JIDF, claiming they have no conspiratorial power in shutting down internet posts, in turn fueling conspiracy theories by doing so, apparently do have said great power, as the post below pointing out their existence, mysteriously disappeared from the front page of the politics subreddit, after garnering 5,000 up-votes.  

(PS the JIDF was successful though in reporting the video which was included in the post so the embarrassment will not make them cry every time they encounter it) anyway #epicfail!

The hallelujah didn’t take too long no 2 months later…

It seems the “Jewish” Internet Defense Force is cut or excluded by Bibi’s & Vladimir the III’rd descendant from Moldavia Lieberman in funding. 

At the website quite desperate calls to keep the “fight alive”!

While Paypal is selling out human rights’ and activists info to arrest them, you can fund the KKK (Klu Klux Klan) and of course… JIDF as well…. it’s necessary dear readers for the JIDF is in a financial crisis as you can read here:

JIDF Lacks Balls & Shekels! (again)

It seems the “Jewish” Internet Defense Force is cut or excluded by Bibi’s & Vladimir the III’rd descendant from Moldavia Lieberman in fun…

I Was a Paid Internet Shill: How Shadowy Groups Manipulate Internet Opinion and Debate

Alcyone @CLN I Was a Paid Internet Shill By Ex-Shill, Above Top Secret I am writing here to come out of the closet as a paid shill. For a…

But a bunch of Zionist nodniks decided it’s not yet time to surrender…. no time to throw the towel in the ring yet….so on Nov 8,2011 the false squeetching twit-birds of the Eretz call recruits to duty (for free of course) appealing (appalling?) calling to defend the Holy Land of Myths against the burning truth & ugly facts!

Tweeting for Israel

Particularly refreshing this year is the surge in the online activity by conference participants with tens of thousands of tweets and Fac…

Apparently it did not work out…. again #epicfail Of course when you issue a web war declaration against the whole world and mess with the best and you happen to do this with master- hasbara-debunkers like Ali Abunimah and his Electronic Intifada, you have to sit on blisters soon! Especially when @intifada exposes that students get paid about 92$ an hour, 5 hours a week, so making 2000$ a month by spreading lies on face book making the NUIS a full partner of the Israeli ministry of Hasbara!

– Reminder: Truth does not need a manual nor does it cost nothing at all!

Israeli students to get $2,000 to spread state propaganda on Facebook

The National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS) has become a full-time partner in the Israeli government’s efforts to spread its propaganda…

Jan 29, 2013 Again a reminder of the 2010 CAMERA Zionist editing campaign, still alive…

Manipulating Wikipedia Content: Israeli Program to Train Editors to Ensure that “What is Written” is “Zionist in Nature”

In August 2010, the Yesha Council together with Israel Sheli (My Israel), organized a workshop in Jerusalem to teach people how to edit W…

Actually this is no news at all, already in April 2008 Electronic Intifada covered the wikipedia distortion of facts by Zionist editors:

EI exclusive: a pro-Israel group’s plan to rewrite history on Wikipedia

“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_artman2″,”fid”:”14539″,”attributes”:{“alt”:””,”title”:””,”class”:”media-image artman2-right”,”typeof”:”…

And even BEFORE 2008, namely in 2001 the “Hasbara fellowships” was founded

Hasbara Fellowships – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hasbara Fellowships is an organization that brings students to Israel and trains them to be effective pro-Israel activists on college cam…

Not that any attempt will succeed for Minister of Hasbara himself knows… the IDF is an #epicfail again and again and again and while tweeting, 1 tweet at a time, became Israel’s Chief Deligitimizer!

Ministry of Hasbara: IDF Has Become Israel’s Chief Delegitimizer « Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place

In the aftermath of the murder of Mustafa Tamimi, Israel’s Ministry of Hasbara (that IS what they call it in Hebrew, in English it’s call…

And while Captain BarakRaz tests his texan language skills, tweeting corny music clips –  Major Lerner seems to be paid to quote wisdom’s from the great book of Quotes (without understanding them himself but hence, if he would he would not be a sock-puppet in the army without balls tweeting lies for his parnassa but be a man with beitzim and do something honorable in the first place!) and last but not least Avital #terror tag Leibovitch with her inconsistent tweets and opposite facts showing interviews.

#epicfail again. The IDF twitter gang does not have it’s act together. That’s a #fact! In all stupidity, the “army” even admitted that the killing of Mustafa Tamimi actually was a crime, and a violation of own rules of engagement in the first place for the soldier was greatly protected by his gear:

With surgical precision Israel shot Mustafa Tamimi & deliberately delayed medical aid – Overview

Related | The Funeral of Mustafa Tamimi – in pictures Today a weekly “non-violent demo”, unarmed civilain, 28 year old Mustafa

And the army defended (after it denied in the first instance as you could read in previous blogpost) the use of live ammunition now online!

After Fatal Shooting of Palestinian, Israeli Soldiers Defended Use of Force Online

As the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reports, Israel’s military has opened an investigation into the fatal shooting of a Palestinian..

World is watching so it hit headlines Israel was lying (again) #epicfail

Israeli military spokesman accused of mocking dead Palestinian protester – Telegraph

Mustafa Tamimi died on Saturday, a day after he was struck in the face by a tear-gas canister fired at close range from an armoured

More appalling are the two tweets of the captain and the major of Dec 23, 2011 confirming and endorsing their “forces are safe” with the helmet/gear and in fact the whole murder of Mustafa Tamimi was baseless as ever.

It’s beyond comprehension so see the army confirming safety & no life threats from a stone, while just 2 weeks before these 2 tweets and confessions a man lost his life for the same reason: just being present at a demo, posing no factual risk at all.

The “Captain” admits here: Troops are Safe with helmet. (Let’s not forget: This armored trooper even was sitting inside an armored jeep as well and Mustafa Tamimi was an unarmed civilian) Than… the Major endorses BarakRaz tweet immediately!

After the assassination of Mustafa Tamimi the IOF issued a statement

Israeli Military Issues statement, Tweets On The Killing Of Non-Violent Protester – International Middle East Media Center

In an official statement by the Israeli military, regarding the shooting of a Palestinian protester in the head with a tear gas canister

Before this revealing information 2 weeks after the killing, immediately after the attack the lies of hasbara forces already were questioned live: (also on twitter!)

Tweeting with the Israeli military

Almost immediately after an Israeli soldier fired a tear gas grenade at Mustafa Tamimi’s face, IDF Central Command Spokesman Majo

Yet, regardless the confessions and exposure of lies no one got punished for the murder of an unarmed man.  And IOF increasingly cracking down on exactly those who convey the truth: Activists, tweeps, journalists, literally anyone who can tell the truth or bring it out. As below, another week later a photo journalist armed with no lens no more, is being arrested (and take a look what he gets pushed beneath his press jacket!) All to prevent.. truth reaches you!

People with the ability to convey truth about the reality in Palestine scare the hell out of israhell. So press and journalists get attacked, detained, beaten, jailed, tortured, their equipment ransacked or confiscated and some even were attempted to collaborate. 120 times in the Year 2011 in the ongoing attempt of Zionism to mute the truth from reaching you

Report: Occupation committed 120 violations against Journalists, arrested 17

RAMALLAH, (PIC)- The Palestinian Journalist Assembly said that 2011 witnessed an escalation of violations by the Israeli occupation again…

While Israel itself issued a web war against meltdown of lies, people engage with facts or risk their lives at demos in the effort to show you the truth…. …………………………………….Zionists shameless display even genuine hit-lists online

The new Israeli “Hitlist” available online

In the year that passed since the terror organization IHH tried to “break the siege” on Gaza while attacking IDF Navy soldiers, the Turki…

Not only on the sea, the land, truth also blocked by air! Imagine… tomorrow all airports worldwide would block all Israeli. – The world would be to small! Imagine… tomorrow all your 6 year old childs would be on genuine paper lists marked as a terrorist Imagine… what happened during #Airflotilla, when peaceful non violent activists, wanting to visit Palestine and their friends were treated as terrorists at their airports in their home countries and blocked from entry even before they can convey of any truth at all! 

#Airflotilla | Overview

SPECIAL TOPIC Continuous updates Imagine this…… tomorrow all worldwide airports would block, gas, deport, exile or detain Israeli…… it wou…

The attempt of Zion to block truth by blocking activist was again another #epicfail The news hit worldwide headlines and we will make sure it will not be forgotten! This all happened in France (among other countries) you know… the same France of obeying Sarko who said Bibi is a Liar

But apparently Sarko’s chain is short.  Very short. Not long after the cooperative attitude of Sarko to block FrenchPEACEACTIVISTS FROM IMPORT TO PALESTINE & even boarding at Roissy – Paris airport –  same Sarko willingly collaborated to EXPORT GENUINE TERROR LIST AFFILIATED FRENCH LDJ! It was announced on a website weeks before JDL’s travel agency, no need to apply without military experience

JDL’s “Travel Agency” call for a “Zionist Militant Rampage Trip”

Above the screen-print of the official announcement as seen on the “Ligue Défense Juive” weblog, inviting Militants with experience to enf.

Since the ramping up of settler violence with a tidy 50% in 2011, Israel tells everything is “beseder gamur”… as long as those lunatic settlers do ot attack army bases!

Israeli Settlers Attack IDF & Palestinians | Read Between the Lines

Fifty Israeli settlers and right-wing activists stormed an IDF base in the West Bank on Tuesday. According to the Jerusalem Post: They pu.

When the wave of condemnation passes, everything will be just as it was before: authorities will continue to act forgivingly toward the extreme right, and IDF officers will continue to tread carefully when it comes to settler violence. If not even rewarded. Israel doing what it does best. Buy time. Attack something else, create a false flag, a new distraction from the real issue so you forget the facts…..

MESS Report-Israel News – Haaretz Israeli News source.

The mailboxes have been overflowing since the early morning. Newspaper fax machines have practically collapsed in the wake of the barrage…

In the meanwhile Israel crying out loud it can not (read don’t want to) control settler violence or the incitement it brings to funnel up more fear. Let’s behold the facts about these uncontrollable militant settlers.

– They we’re imported by Israeli settlements – Israeli Government was aware of their presence And now the dirty facts! Don’t fall for Israeli propaganda because Israel did supply the crazy settlers with weaponry. – And dogs. – And military training. – And tear gas. – And ammunition. Read about the why and how Israel trained the settlers for a rampage in the west bank of Palestine:

Leaked document “Operation Summer Seeds”: Israeli forces train and arm settlers to attack Palestinian protesters

Wednesday August 31, 2011 05:32 by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC News Israeli settlers living in violation of international law in the West Bank …

And while you still are eating the steak from the “We believe in Israel”-toolkit served with the side salad of lies, take a look how many tax dollars you are funding for these kind of operations and supplies to Israel: 30 Billion US Dollars Military aid  to Israel 2000-2009 | 670 million weapons &  related military equipment Military aid  to Israel 2000-2009 |   47 million pieces of ammo, or enough bullets to kill everyone in Palestine 10 times over. On the website below you can check your contribution in funding apartheid, genocide while you are kept ignorant but paying tax! 

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation : How Many Weapons to Israel?

From September 29, 2000 to December 31, 2009, Israel killed at least 2,969 Palestinians, who took no part in hostilities, through its ill.

While 46 Million Americans depend on government aid to feed their families

USA becomes Food Stamp Nation but is it sustainable?

NEW YORK | Mon Aug 22, 2011 1:19pm EDT NEW YORK (Reuters) – Genna Saucedo supervises cashiers at a Wal-Mart in Pico Rivera, California, b..

And 4.6 Million Children in US do not get dental care. So actually, your kids pays the price by holes in teeth or even loose them to pay physically for the bullet that shoots holes in heads of Palestinians

Millions of Children Not Receiving Essential Dental Care in USA

A new report by the Institute of Medicine (IoM) and National Research Council recently revealed shocking statistics of 4.6 million childr…

And while you still are chewing on the “We believe in Israel” steak and choking on the fairy- veggies on your virtual hasbaradish, America shuts down fire houses, cuts infant nutrition you have to know one thing!  US subsidizes Israel army sushi courses!

IMEU: On anniversary of Gaza war, we will remember IDF soldiers who destroyed Palestinian families

Analysis section of the Institute for Middle East Understand

And while the world druly is digesting the overload of propaganda, lays in the trailer on the couch preferring to eat more snacks of pre-chewed pro-Zionist venom… the settlers go berserk! Watch… your tax-money at work! A lunatic settler mom shooting US funded live ammo aside her baby in the buggy!

Welcome to Palestine! More images so you can witness it with your own eyes:

Israel Arms & Trains Illegal Settlers for Rampage in Occupied Palestine – in pictures 

 Related: Special Topic Settler Violence | All posts on Settler Violence Update Sept 25, 2011 Settlers Hang Posters Calling For…

Don’t forget Bibi’s words! If you bother or not, it won’t affect the funding-gland to Zionism.

Whether you agree or not agree. Propaganda takes care, even if you disagree on genocide, your tax-dollar finds its way to the crazy settler or the brainwashed soldier who will shoot to kill the bullet for you!

Checkpoint Washington – Netanyahu: ‘America is a thing you can move very easily’

The United States and Israel have made a huge effort this month to patch up the sometimes difficult relationship between President

And read a witness testimony of those fighting injustice and intimidation

Confronting intimidation, working for justice in Palestine

If we had a wish list for 2012 as Palestinians and friends of Palestine, one of the top items ought to be our hope that we can translate …

To ensure this stays this way: Israel’s lobby makes overtime!  We deal in facts. So we won’t withhold this information. So you won’t say afterwards:“Wir haben es nicht gewusst” AIPAC 101 – What every American should know…

The Orange and the Pea – part

The Treasonous Dollar Drain – part

The Treason by members of US congress – part

And what can be done to end it!

The Zionization of American politics and how it could be terminated ~ by Alan Hart

A Million Stories about the Zionist Rape of This World – in pictures By Alan Hart | 10 January 2012 | Redress Alan Hart maps out a way

For how many billions of dollars and shekels Zionism and companions invest in lies, it still are lies and truth will prevail! The Question is: How long are you going to buy the lies while you can get free knowledge of reality: About a 64 years ongoing genocide, about murderous apartheid while you get a “We believe in Israel” – steak in return  For Israel’s firsts even fool themselves as genuine vigilant narcissistic grand-masters of lies, delusional in their path of astray even believing their own lies now!  And the Eretz believes in the propaganda recruits!  The Force of 92$/hour prepped with toolkit face-book-liar-students are the Agents for the State! (heading for another #epicfail)

Israel’s student debate champions are “hasbara” agents for the state, says their coach

Last week, Israeli media were filled with pride and praise for Omer and Sela Nevo, two brothers and students from Tel Aviv University who…


Israel’s “pretty face”: How National Union of Israeli Students does government’s propaganda dirty work

Yesterday I wrote about a program run by the National Union of Israeli Students (NUIS) to pay Israeli college students $2,000 to spread h…

Because Hollywood “did not do the job” and only acted another #epicfail

Hollywood Actors To Visit Israel On A Trip Co-Sponsored By AIPAC

The delegates include Emmy Award-winner Patricia Arquette (“Medium,” Holes); Emmy Award-winner Alfre Woodard (“Memphis Beat,” “Desperate ..

Hasbara suffers it’s last convulsions:  Minister of Hasbara has another idea to write Eretz own Requiem!
Get in the Gays!

Rightist Propaganda Min. looking for Arabs, gays to represent Israel

Hoping to boost the liberal image of country, Israel has increased efforts to use the gay community for advocacy and PR assignments. Prim…

To proceed to the latest, appalling attempts of the IOF to profile themselves as saviour of this world (sickening!)

IDF – Israel Defense Forces

The National Search and Rescue Unit arrives at every disaster scene in record time, jumps into action and comes out with miracles When a ..

Read Sami Kishawi’s response on the new propaganda video of the “moral army” saving lives… 

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Israeli military commends itself for saving, not taking, lives ~ by @samikishawi

January 8, 2012 By Sami Kishawi After reading the Israeli military’s latest report on its service to humanity, one might actually be comp…

Whatever Israel attempts to do, the path it took to avoid exposure of lies, just amplifies the truth faster & louder than ever before:

Dangerous social media games – When a state must pay citizens to fight its online public relations wars, it has already lost.

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute. When a state must pay citizens to fight its online public relations wars, it has…

So how do you recognize hasbara and Israeli propaganda? Here’s a guide 😉

Ran Greenstein: How to fight the Israel-Apartheid analogy in four easy steps – a guide for useful Hasbara idiots

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute. By Ran Greenstein, Israeli Occupation Archive – 20 Nov 2011 Step one: But they h…

But in fact it is very simple. Truth is free. No one has to pay nor get paid for it.  Ask any Zionist for facts. Israel Hates facts and can’t deliver…..

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→  Zionist just factsless shout & shoot….
→  We shoot only bytes of facts & truth.

The sad, sad world of Israel’s big-time liars ~ Stuart Littlewood

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute. December 30, 2011 | Australians for Palestine | Stuart Littlewood Stuart

May 26, 2012 Israeli embassy plans for a hasbara campaign leaked….

Israel’s UK embassy plans Twitter campaign against boycott of Tel Aviv theater group

The Israeli embassy in London, along with pro-Israel bodies in Britain, is coordinating a planned effort to counter the call for a boycott..

June 13, 2012 | Apparently the previous mentioned campaigns are not effective, nor enough for today June 13, there will be a conference call with Israel’s upper-troll Avi Mayer to recruit new defenders of the Israeli myths!

Conference Call with Avi Mayer: June 13 at 12:00 p.m. EDT-The Israel Project

The Israel Project (TIP), an international non-profit organization, provides journalists and leaders accurate information about the Middl…

Update Dec 2, 2012

The “Jewish *Internet* Defense Force” threatening to form and deploy armed militia in “each major city” in the world (Updated)

First of all. The JIDF has nothing to do with Judaism at all. More about that below this post. “Leading the Fight Against Antisemitism & ..

Update Dec 4, 2012

David Brotsky’s Romance With Guns, Violence and Pro-Israel Hate

A year ago or so I exposed the identity of the founder of the Jewish Internet Defense Force ( Wikipedia article). David Brotsky, who live…

Dec 11, 2012 Update

Israel To Sponsor Ads Attacking Abbas In European Papers – International Middle East Media Center

Israeli daily, Maariv, reported, Tuesday morning, that Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, instructed Israeli ambassadors

Feb 20, 2013 Update

Failure in Israel’s “Twitter war” exposed

Among various propaganda efforts, the Israeli military’s use of social media – certain embarrassments aside – is a source of pride for pr…

Aug 13, 2013 Update

Prime Minister’s Office to invest NIS 3 million in student-run online hasbara campaign

The Prime Minister’s Office is weighing an online public diplomacy project using the country’s university students. The students particip…

Israel setting up “covert units” to tweet, Facebook government propaganda

The Israeli prime minister’s office is organizing Israeli students in “covert” and “semi-military” style units to tweet and post pro-Isra...

How to lie yourself into a scholarship – Hasbara Style!

While one must never lie on an application form, Israel is now luring students with for it’s renewed hasbara (propaganda) campaign. Again…


Students forced to attend “re-education” program designed by Israel lobby group

Students who walked out of a speech given by an Israeli soldier at Florida Atlantic University earlier this year are being forced by the

Our message to hasbara & pathetic attempts to declare a web war, there is no monopoly on truth so we engage with facts!

No tear gas works here, we have Firewall in stead of an Apartheid Wall….
No lethal live rounds we use like them, we are non violent, we use Plain Bytes of Truth… 
No restrictions of movements, we travel fast and free…
No oppression can stop us, we are many and API is our weaponry…. 
No matter what they state, we will multiply the opposite truth faster than hasbara can travel on the WWW….
No “influence public opinion”- calls nor toolkits needed, truth is shouting out Palestine
► The Lobby does not work here, we “work” for free, and feel no call for duty but Justice & Human Rights
We are many, millions, Tireless – Unstoppable – Never give up till we have Freedom for Palestine!

Gratitude to all for reading these facts. More can be found at  Occupied Palestine Weblog & follow @occpal (uncensored) facts.

Some content shocks. If u can’t handle that please do not follow  real news & take a subscription on Disney Channel.

Remember Palestine can’t run away from the reality and the aggression which is imposed every second of a Palestinian live. 

Please share the facts to create awareness and stand up against violations of all human beings living under oppression.

and above all… Don’t Let Them Insult Your Intelligence!

English: Historical region of Palestine (as de...

English: Historical region of Palestine (as defined by Palestinian Nationalism) showing Israel’s 1948 and 1967 borders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

source: storify.com/occpal/zions-web-war-declaration-hasbara-goes-www#

Occupation website reveals that terrorists are cured in Israel

Occupation website reveals that terrorists are cured in Israel 

Occupied Jerusalem, (SANA) – In the framework of the flagrant and unprecedented support provided by the Israeli occupation to the armed terrorist groups in Syria, the Israeli authorities continued transferring the wounded terrorists who fulfill its schemes in the region to its hospitals.

Israeli Wala Website said that two injured terrorists aged 20 and 26 were transferred to Ziv Hospital, clarifying that the two terrorists are now at the emergency room after they had undergone urgent surgeries.

The Website added that 71 injured members from the armed terrorist groups have been treated there, which leaves no room for doubt about the Israeli involvement in the events taking place in Syria.

R. Milhem/ F. Allafi


The Saudi war on Islam, A Zionist war on humanity

The Saudi war on Islam, A Zionist war on humanity



This photo obtained by the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation shows demolition of the holy sites at the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.

Dr. Kevin Barrett,- According to recent reports, the last remaining historic sections of the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca have been demolished. The Masjid al-Haram is the mosque housing the Ka’aba, toward which all Muslims turn to pray.

According to the London Independent, the Saudis have even ripped down the column marking the spot where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) began his miraculous “night journey” to al-Quds (Jerusalem) and to the heavens. There are reports that the Saudi religious police actually celebrated the destruction!

The location in al-Quds Jerusalem) associated with the “night journey” is commemorated by the al-Aqsa mosque and its Dome of the Rock. That site, too, is threatened. Abdulazeem Salhab, chairman of the Islamic Waqf council in occupied al-Quds (Jerusalem), said earlier this year that Israeli excavations beneath the site, which are undermining its foundations, continue despite protests from around the world.

Why are the Saudis and the Israelis working together to destroy the two monuments associated with the “night journey”?

The Israeli Zionists have obvious motives. First, they want to erase the Islamic heritage of Palestine, which has been a Muslim country and an Islamically-administered holy land for almost 1,300 years. The Zionists, who massacred and expelled the Muslim, Christian, and even many Jewish Palestinians in 1948, are systematically uprooting and destroying Palestine’s history and heritage to clear the ground for their racist settler colony.

But the Masjid al-Aqsa, with its Dome on the Rock, is not just any historic building. It is the greatest and incomparably most important Islamic architectural monument in the world. For although Muslims pray in the direction of the Ka’aba in Mecca, and make pilgrimage to that city, it is the Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem that symbolizes Islam’s status as the culmination of prophecy – the one true universal faith of mankind, incorporating and superseding earlier prophetic revelations whose followers must be protected under the Islamic dispensation.

The Masjid al-Aqsa, built on the site from which the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) ascended through the heavens, symbolizes Islam’s spirituality and universality. During his night journey, the Prophet met earlier prophets including Moses and Jesus. The Dome on the Rock, like the story of the “night journey,” symbolizes Islam’s status as a universal faith that honors the earlier prophets and protects their followers. It is this symbolism of religious tolerance and unity under the one true God that is apparently unacceptable to both Zionists and Wahhabis.

The Zionists have been scheming to destroy the Masjid al-Aqsa, and build a simulacrum of an ancient Hebrew temple in which to conduct blood sacrifices, ever since they launched their invasion of Palestine a century ago. Though Zionists claim to worship the same God as Christians and Muslims, a high proportion of Zionists are atheists; most of the rest seem to believe that God is a mere tribal idol of the Zionist people rather than the universal creator and impartial dispenser of justice. (Their whole claim to Palestine is based on an alleged 3,000-year-old divine real estate deed!) To such Zionists, Islam’s tolerance and universality are anathema. No wonder they hate the Masjid al-Aqsa and everything it symbolizes.

The Saudi Wahabis, for their part, despise tolerance, universality and spirituality almost as much as the Zionists do. The “takfiri” Wahhabis condemn all non-Muslims, and many Muslims as well, as despicable “kaffirs” whose blood can be legitimately shed. In practice, though, they not only honor and revere the worst of the non-Muslims, but go so far as to hand them the keys to the Kingdom’s vast oil wealth.

The Western usury-based banking system, dominated by the Rothschild’s – the founding family of Israel – has been propped up by Saudi oil money since 1970. That is the year that Henry Kissinger took the Rothschild Federal Reserve dollar off of the gold standard, and made it a Saudi-backed petrodollar.

In demolishing the pillar marking the spot where the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) left on the “night journey,” the Saudis are joining the Zionists in rejecting the tolerant, inclusive, spiritual, universal qualities of Islam. They are expressing a characteristically rigid and narrow-minded Wahhabi “orthodoxy” which dreams of destroying the entire history and culture of Islam – and the people who don’t see things exactly the way they do.

Is this Saudi war on Islam’s heritage engineered by the Zionists? Some claim that the Saudi royal family is actually descended from the heretical Zionist “donmeh” – the secret followers of the Zionist false prophet Shabbeti Zevi, who profess Islam in public but practice orgies and other abominations in private. If true, this would explain the behavior of Saudi princes on their notorious gambling junkets. It would explain why the Saudis are propping up the Rothschild-based New World Order. It would explain why the Saudis are assisting the Zionist takeover of Palestine. And it would explain why the Saudis, like the Zionists, are bulldozing Islam’s history and tradition – especially those parts, such as the monuments of the “Night Journey,” that symbolize Islam’s spiritual universality.

This destruction of Muslims’ heritage is part of the Zionist New World Order’s attempt to destroy everyone’s heritage. The traditional identity of the United States, for example, has been systematically undermined by the Rothschild-funded Zionist lobby, which has opened the doors to mass immigration, waged a media war against traditional American identity and morality, denatured the American currency and economy, launched a war on the American middle class, and demolished the US Constitution in a series of actions culminating in the 9/11 coup d’état.

Some believe that the two biggest obstacles in the path of the New World Order are the Islamic ummah and the American middle class. Why? Because Muslims cling tenaciously to traditional values, oppose Zionism, and loathe usury; while the American middle class is the only cohesive group on earth with enough education, economic power, and determination to remain free to potentially stop the impending global dictatorship.

The American and Islamic people ought to unite against the Zionists and their Saudi proxies, and stop the New World Order in its tracks. The chief obstacle to this united front against the New World Order, unfortunately, is the American people’s Islamophobia – the well-planned result of the psychological operation of September 11th, 2001. That is why the best way to stop the New World Order is to work to expose the truth about 9/11.

KB/HMV Dr. Kevin Barrett via PRESS TV

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror. Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications. Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He is the co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, and author of the books Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (2007) and Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters (2009). His website is http://www.truthjihad.com. Dr. Kevin Barrett began contributing to nsnbc international in February 2013.

About the Author

nsnbc – In March 2013, nsnbc ínternational was started as a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper to provide high quality news, analysis and opinion from contributors throughout the world. nsnbc has a number of high-profile contributors, and has a partnership with a number of other independent media, to guaranty you the best possible coverage. nsnbc is in a permanent mode of expansion to break, what we perceive as corporate and government controlled misinformation of peoples´world wide. Starting from a personal blog in 2011, it developed into a daily newspaper in 2013,


Seeds of High Treason – The Friends of Israel

Seeds of High Treason – The Friends of Israel

Published on Mar 20, 2012 by 

The interests of a Nation’s own Citizens must come first. The 9/11 cover-up is falling apart at the seams, and politicians should be made accountable, either for their ignorance about issues that affect their nation, or because they have been protecting the official story, knowing that is is false.

Summary: Recently, political pressure has been brought to bear against a trades unionist for attempting to express his views about the events of 9/11, on Australia’s publicly funded broadcaster, the ABC. This video redresses the balance, and makes it clear that Australia’s prime minister is either ignorant, beyond belief, or she is putting the interests of nuclear, Apartheid Israel ahead of Australia’s.

The unedited sound file of the Kevin Bracken Jon Faine conversation can be found on this Internet page:

My thanks to YouTube7hevo1d for the Dollar Drain animationhttp://www.youtube.com/7hevo1d

My thanks to Debbie Menon, my trustworthy distributor; StevenM818 who gave me the heads up on the new NIST Freedom of Information revelations about the explosions. Sonja Karkar, Nick Irving and Debbie, again, for their always welcome advice, and to Nate Flach who always comes up with the goods when I need a video clip or some advice about them.

Clips from the following videos are included with the producers’ kind permission:
WTC7 in Freefall: No Longer Controversial 
The maker of this video, David Chandler is a Physics Teacher and more information on his work can be found at
David is also affiliated to: International Center for 9/11 Studies, Scientists for 9/11 Truth, and AE 9 11 Truth

9_11 Experiments_The Great Thermate Debate by Jonathan Cole, a professional engineer whose other work is also worth a look.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d5iIoCiI8g

UA175 – the last 12 seconds by achimspok
I have been unable to get a reply from this excellent researcher, so if you see this: Thank you for explaining this so clearly, and I hope you don’t mind me using the short excerpt.

The Murray Street Engine: Please refer to the following very well-researched article.

Google Street View: Those interested in checking out the location from which the “Twin Smokestacks” video was shot, should start off by typing in “Christopher Columbus Drive, Jersey City, NJ, United States” in Google Maps. Zoom in close keeping Interstate 78 in view, on the left (west), and find Brunswick Street. You’ll see the smokestacks just to its right. Zoom in and move the view north and find 3rd Street and there is the roof where the cameraman stood; it is beside a vacant lot. 3rd Street passes under I78, and you can use the Street View function, from the elevated highway, to find the shots I’ve used in this video. 

Please don’t ask me how to use Street View, it takes me forever to remember, each time I return to it, but expose deceivers has kindly supplied a link to the view featured in the video:


Thanks to the Videosource/-producer: alawson911