ISRAHELL ON EARTH [Original Documentary]









ISRAHELL ON EARTH [Original Documentary]







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This powerful documentary exposes the hell that the Palestinians have been going through. The world has been hijacked by a cabal of Zionists/occultists, and the support given to them by governments has alienated much of the world. IsraHell on Earth looks at the origins of the abomination that is IsraHell and exposes its apartheid crimes.











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Video: ‘Stones spies’ Israelis watched the Russian Navy off the coast of Syria

Video: ‘Stones spies’ Israelis watched the Russian Navy off the coast of Syria

Video: 'Stones spies' Israelis watched the Russian Navy off the coast of Syria


A series of ‘stones spies’ found on the coast of Syria were used by Israel to monitor Russian warships, reports the British newspaper The Sunday Times‘.

In early March, Syrian authorities announced the  discovery  of several ‘stones spies’ on an island off the Syrian port of Tartus, where the only naval base Russia abroad. These spy devices were designed to take pictures and record and transfer data in real time by satellite to Israel. “This technique is used to track the movements of the Russian Navy,” the newspaper writes.

“It is believed that these spy devices hidden inside artificial stones were placed by divers of the Thirteenth Flotilla, an elite unit of Special Forces Navy  Israel , “says ‘The Sunday Times’.  According to the newspaper, the divers arrived at the scene in a Dolphin class submarine, armed with nuclear missiles, fearing they could find American or British military. The ‘stones spies’ were taken to the coast at night in silent inflatable boats with motors. Before the operation, the Israelis could have taken rock samples from the area to make copies of the same color and size.  Earlier, state televisionSyria had broadcast images that were observed camouflaged objects found on the coast by local fishermen : cameras installed satellite dishes on several stones and wires and batteries, among other accessories.

Photos: found on the coasts of Syria 'spy rock' Israeli


The Syrian authorities announced the discovery of a series of ‘stones spies’ off its coast that supposedly belong to Israel, according to the Syrian news agency SANA.


These spy devices were designed to take pictures and record and transfer data in real time by satellite to Israel, Syrian authorities said. Israeli forces, meanwhile, declined to comment on the incident.

State television in  Syria  broadcast images in which objects were observed ‘camouflaged’: satellite dishes installed cameras in various stones. Also, cables and found Syrian plastic six batteries. The Syrian special services experts are currently trying to extract and decode the information contained in the devices. 

Murtada Hussein, head of the office of the Al Alam in Damascus, said the devices may be used by  Israel  to spy on several boats that came to the region from other countries, particularly from Russia, which has in this area coastal naval base  Tartus , the only of the Russian Navy abroad. This, he believes Murtada, Israel tried to access communications systems Russians found in Syrian territory.


A ‘spy rock’ similar, allegedly Israeli production, were previously discovered in southern Lebanon.

The Israeli army is equipped with the Eyeball, the device ‘sees everything’

The Israeli army is equipped with the Eyeball, the device 'sees everything'

The Israeli army has equipped all its combat brigades with a device called Eyeball. It is a small black ball with cameras, especially designed for urban warfare and special units to combat terrorism.

This ‘eye ball’ has become one of the innovations used by Israeli forces of infantry.  “The Eyeball is in service with the units that carry out missions in urban areas,” the agency Efe said the biggest Ilia Shir, by Project on Technology Command Brigade Army. has two ‘little eyes’ on its surface that offer day and night vision, microphone, thermal sensors and other meters adaptable to the needs of each unit. It weighs only 250 grams so the  Israeli army  can throw the ball from the street and get this break the glass of a window to see what is inside a building. Moreover, it is inexpensive and disposable.

“Wheel and stabilizes always in the same position, after which begins to turn on itself to provide a viewing angle of 360 degrees,” said Shir, also electro-optical engineer. engineer also recognizes certain limitations of Eyeball. For example, you can get stuck behind a desk or be easily covered with a cloth for the occupants of a house. However, Shir clarifies, in this case “the eyeball has met part of its function because it will reveal that inside the house looking for someone hostile hide what their eyes see.” Another weakness of the device is the noise of the blow of the ball drop or breaking glass, eliminating the element of surprise used by the units to perform their mission successfully. The first time you used this device, manufactured by the ODF Optronics company, was in the 2006 Lebanon war, when Israeli forces entered the villages of the south of the country in search of militants of the movement  Hezbollah . device has been used in multiple raids by Israeli forces to capture suspects Palestinians in  the West Bank , in Operation Cast Lead in Gaza and the Corps missions, used to inspect the smuggling tunnels and hideouts.

Gaza turned into a human extermination camp of Zionism

Gaza turned into a human extermination camp of Zionism

The Zionists have killed Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari for his sympathy for Syria 

Jabari removed, today the Zionist goal is Ismail Haniyeh 

The real reason why the Mossad-shinbet-Tsahal (army and intelligence services) Zionists have killed the commander of the armed wing of the Islamist party Hamas in power in Gaza, Ahmed al Jabari, is his sympathy for the Syrian anti-imperialist government of Bashar al Assad, the Lebanese Hezbollah party imperialist and the Iranian Islamic Republic. Jabari rejected the traitor and renegade fraction led by Hamas political chief Khaled Meshal organization that starting criminal imperialist aggression against Syria has abandoned his office and residence in Damascus to install comfortably in Doha, capital of Qatar Emirate and get bloody to the orders of his pro feudal tyrant Zionist Emir Al Thani

Hamas leader Ismail Haniya in Gaza although has received a few days ago as a guest this tyrant has refused to condemn Syria. The Zionists have reacted to attempt by liquidating Jabari that fraction Qatari Hamas takes full control over the organization and liquidate its armed wing and their willingness to resist the Zionist entity and the imperialist conspiracy against the Arab peoples, Kurds, Persians and entire region.

Jabari’s assassination is an attempt to break the resistance against the Hezbollah-a fraction of Hamas and other Palestinian groups-Syria-Iran and the Kurdish PKK if you finally decide to join. However the persistent and tenacious resistance of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance Committees, the PFLP and other organizations is a complete defeat for Zionism and imperialism.


RT’s office in Gaza, destroyed in an Israeli air strike A correspondent and a cameraman RT in its Arabic version left the building an hour before the attack

At least six journalists were injured after an Israeli air strike against a media center in downtown Gaza City, as Palestinian health officials said.

“At least six journalists were wounded when Israeli warplanes bombed the offices of Al Quds TV, located in the complex and Husari Showa, in the central district of Rimal” said Ashraf Al Qudra, a spokesman for Gaza’s health services . Though as Ashraf al-Qudra journalists were injured “moderate or mild”, hospital sources say that one of them lost a leg. It was obvious to everyone in this building were journalists ” According to witnesses, journalists evacuated the media center after an initial aerial bombardment, followed several attacks during Sunday morning. As a result, the building, located in the media center ‘Al Shawa’, was heavily damaged. Among the media housed in the building were, among others, the  RT channel , in the version in Arabic, Al-chains Aqsa TV (Hamas linked) and the Lebanese Al-Quds, the RAI Italian news channel, Sky News , ARD German TV and Kuwait. Of the four missiles, one reached the floor where the office is located on RT. RT correspondent in its Arabic version-Al Saed Suerki left the building next to the cameraman Mustafa Al-Bayada an hour before the attack. 

“Usually, if these conditions exist, and so it happened during military activities from 2008 to 2009, we’re going home, but we know that the situation is dangerous and there is even a chance to start a ground operation. However, try to stay in our positions, taking every opportunity to work when you finally have electricity. This time, when the power went out, we decided to go get fuel for the generator. And that’s what saved us, “said Al Suerki. “We left the building just because there was no electricity,” he told RT.

RT correspondent in Gaza: Israel deliberately targeted media  

“We refer to 4 buildings, towers that are exclusively for the use of reporters since 2000, there are only journalists, but during the war of 2008-2009, Israel also attacked these buildings and many journalists were killed in Gaza,” he added journalist.


“In the last war we lost six journalists and four operators. This time, our office has also been damaged, because it is near the office of the Al-Quds “said Al Suerki. “It’s not the first time we are attacked but not be the last,” he lamented.  


RT Some journalists who were there at the time of the bombing explained to our correspondent Armen Zajarián how they lived the time of the attack.

“We were in a state of shock when we heard that the missile fell into the building, we leave quickly. We feel bad for our colleagues wounded in the incident, the damage is great, “said local journalist Muhammad RT Astal. “It was clear to everyone in this building were journalists,” said Astal.


RT   The Israel Defense Forces chain rinsed BBC they knew that foreign media were in at least one of the buildings that were attacked in Gaza, but said that they were not the target of the bombing. The death toll in Gaza amounts to at least 55, including two young children who died in the latest wave of Israeli attacks since Israel launched its  Operation Defensive Pilar  on Wednesday.

Moreover, at least three Israelis have been killed. According to the Israeli army, militants have fired more than 600 missiles at the border since the beginning of the operation.   follow the development of the conflict in our  live report .


Massive American troop build-up in Israel: War with Iran on the horizon?

Massive American troop build-up in Israel: War with Iran on the horizon?

by on Jan 5, 2012

President Obama announced today that funding for the military will be cut back, but at the same time the US has sent thousands of US troops to Israel.

The two countries are doing a joint exercise called “Austere Challenge 12.” The exercise is meant to develop defense systems and collaboration between American and Israeli forces.

US officials have denied this is in retaliation to Iran’s war games and allege this was planned way in advance.

Jamal Abdi, policy director for the National Iranian American Council, gives us his take on this US troop deployment.