Libya – The Whole Truth about Libya and the Facts of what Really took Place from the beginning of February 2011 till today!

Libya – The Whole Truth about Libya and the Facts of what Really took Place from the beginning of February 2011 till today! 

Dear Readers,

I am no journalist, have no experience in writing. I am a Libyan born and raised in the Capital of Libya and Love my country very much, I would like to take you to journey of the events of Libya and highlighting the facts from fictions. The Truth is not always comfortable! We the Libyan people may not have had the Democracy or Freedom of speech as the West wants, But we were a Proud Nation, Independent, the Jamahiriya Government succeeded to take us out of POVERTY and Colonization from the West. Till the day of the Invasion of the so called “humanitarian” reasons we were Educated, well taken care of, Electricity, Water, Education, Health was FREE of Charge!!!!

Every family had their own home, If you did not work the government took care of you!

Personally I was never taken care from the government on the contrary my Family and I had no connections to the government, we went through hard times but survived we never left our country we never took the easy way out to become ex-patriots!!!!! We The Libyans stayed worked through the problems and won with the Democracy the Jamahiriya and the Social Committees.

I am sure For the Western Countries and the EX-Patriots its very difficult to understand that we where happy, content with what we had! Sure we could become like DUBAI, but has anyone seen Dubai lately? Only foreigners are there the Dubai population seems not to exist and if it exists they have no say in what their government decides! If you have visited DUBAI you will think you are in Europe or in the United States, it has lost its history! IT HAS LOST ITS SOUL!! ITS ANOTHER WESTERN COUNTRY and the DUBAI people kneel to all the things the Western Tourism  or Companies want! That my friend is NOT AN ARAB STATE! WE CAN NOT PLEASE THE WHITE PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE A JOB IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!

In the following pages with the help of other bloggers and newspapers articles I will take you to this journey so that you can see for yourself what is true and what is fiction. 

I would like to THANK ALL BLOGGERS FOR THEIR RESEARCH WHICH I WILL COPY AND PASTE IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES. I will be adding on this page each host that I have taken their article and have added it to this blog!

From Libya S.O.S  has given me the first page to start this long Journey!

“Introduction To Democracy!” on this title I would add to the Western Democracy! here is the Link of Libya S.O.S.

Libya: Last report from the Government (03/03/2012): UN in the way more cowardly and deviant recognizes that NATO killed Libyans civilians. No to impunity or to oblivion!


53 comments on “Libya – The Whole Truth about Libya and the Facts of what Really took Place from the beginning of February 2011 till today!

  1. This is so sad. I have no adequate words for the lack of allowing others to live a different social economic system, a different life style. love you sweet Libya and your fall breaks my heart. In my heart I raise you up into utter dignity and honor. Please write you story, please come forward. Humanity must never ever forgot what a huge humongous mistake they made. We can never even comprehend this huge mistake.

    What is any power worth when they loose all morality, all ethics, all humanity, all welfare to creation and only and only exploit, take and kill the entire species and planet earth.


  2. Thank you for putting this together! We must continue to clear the DoubleSpeak about Brother Leader Muammar Qadahfi and the JAMAHIRIYA GOVERNMENT. I live in America and can tell you ….THE GREEN BOOK IS THE SOLUTION! The US System is nothing close to democracy. It is owned by corporations and government officials that are retired corporate officials and the pentagon. The average people have no say. I kept telling my black representative that US policies where killing Libuyan Ctizens last spring and summer and the bombong MUST stop, all she could do is repeat the obomber rhetoric – R2P! The People’s confernences and committes must be re-established and the NTC muist go!

  3. tell the coward crusaders:
    I live in a place where you can’t get to and kill me.
    I live in the hearts of millions.
    – Muammar al-Gaddafi –

    … in my heart too.

    Oddo Wolf / Austria

  4. Why did so many Libyans fight against Ghadaffi and for the pervert NATO aggressor?
    I can understand that some turncoats in the government wanting to overthrow the legitimate government and consequently line their own pockets after the coup (took long enough!)…and others in the hierarchy joining for their own profit…but why did soooooo many ordinary LIbyans take up arms against my friend Ghadaffi? What reasons could anormal Libyan have to overthrow his government?
    Tell me this, please!
    REgards from
    Helmut Taylor in Frankfurt.

    • Even i wonder what is wrong with this people.
      Syria is Libya and there are idiots who are doing the same.
      Syria After The Summit?
      By Jafar M Ramini

      In the Summit Conference in Sirte 2010 those same Arab leaders stood up side by side in condemnation of Israel. The honorable exception was Col. Qaddafi who not only stood in condemnation of Israel but insisted that if we are to liberate Palestine we need more than words. Our resources, he said, especially our Arab oil, which belongs to all the Arabs, should be deployed to achieve our ultimate goal, which is the liberation of Palestine. We all know what happened to Col. Qaddafi. He simply had to go.

    • I believe that there is an answer to this one. The main reason is that Libyan people is not a one nation – it consists of many tribes. Historically they were always, except the period when honorable Al-Gaddafi was managing the land, fighting and competing with each other. Brother Leader was administering inter-tribal conflicts and relationships with care, attention and a lot of sense, evening out the contradictions and bringing tribal feuds to their historical minimum. However, in such situations there are still tribes that think that they deserve more. Why should Gaddafa tribe get more control over oil than Al-Zintan or Benghazi clans? Why would the Colonel let these lowlife black Tawerghans live on Misurata land and let them feel equal? etc, etc.
      There were always people amongst Misurata and Benghazi tribes that were sure that they deserve more than what they’re getting and only Jamahiriya is preventing them from having more. So it was only a matter of skill for the Western warmongers to do what was done with Libya in 2011 – and they have these skills and experience, believe me.
      In my opinion, Muammar Al-Gaddafi’s biggest mistake was being far too soft with separatists and not using all possible power to suppress the insurgents right when everything was only starting. In April 2011 Libyan police and military were still shooting above the rioters’ heads – and it was too late by then already.
      And of course, where weapons cannot do the job – a donkey loaded with gold will always do. That’s what happened to Tripoli and Brega, for instance. There was no way these ‘rebels’ could take Tripoli in an honest fight – even with nato thugs’ ground troops help.
      All this is so sad, makes me want to weep.
      God bless the Colonel and his family.

  5. The question stills begs for the answer:

    why did so many Libyans take up arms against the legitimate government of Moammar Ghadaffi? And where are they now…the rat-finks? What have they profited by the revolt?

    By all accounts the country is in ruins, civil war prevails and the future is totally uncertain…what has ANYONE in Libya gained (apart from a few turncoats)?

    And even the traitors must suppresss their guilt and shame, in order to live with themselves – for all humans have this common characteristic: the mind wants to know (and you can’t stop it asking you…): why, what for?

    And the answer in the mind of the traitor is terrible to behold – because he knows what he has done, and cannot make undone his terrible deed. And his guilt will haunt him all the days of his life!
    Helmut Taylor in Frankfurt.

    • Like you I wonder WHY?
      I met “Arabs – Moroccans, Tunisians, Egyptians,Libyans, Syrians, ….., Afghans, Pakistanis, etc” why they DISRESPECTING their FOREFATHERS who gave their LIVES for the FREEDOM they had?

      And I have no answer!
      I ask the halal/grocery owners why they do not PROTEST! For goodness sake they are in EUROPE where the misguided claim that they are free have “democracy” BS!

      I helped a “fellow Muslim” who was in Europe. this individual turned out to be a “thug” shared my salt+bread and has now joined the SYRIAN TERRORIST and this family is ever soooooooo grateful to UK/Italy/french for allowing them to “study at medical university” =being Syrian terrorists while their cousins on the outskirts of Rome provide “LIE news press enclaves keep pumping propaganda”

      REALLY disgusting!
      they sell themselves for a fistful of worthless €$£

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  7. These terrorists are “enjoying” being resident in Rome’s Ideal Plus hotel – they hang their toilet paper = rat flag out of the window.

    they gave up what you have for the above two sentences. the question is “for how long”?
    Remember that this residency is for having a chain pf slutty hotel chain in Libya. Our friends have sent photographs

  8. You have mentioned Doobye or Doobuy well here is the reality – the burst bubble
    from the article – long but worth reading for many reasons- see what it tells YOU readers
    The dark side of Dubai

    “”All the people who couldn’t succeed in their own countries end up here, and suddenly they’re rich and promoted way above their abilities and bragging about how great they are. I’ve never met so many incompetent people in such senior positions anywhere in the world.” She adds: “It’s absolutely racist. I had Filipino girls working for me doing the same job as a European girl, and she’s paid a quarter of the wages. The people who do the real work are paid next to nothing, while these incompetent managers pay themselves £40,000 a month.”

    “Daniel was arrested and taken away on the day of their eviction. It was six days before she could talk to him. “He told me he was put in a cell with another debtor, a Sri Lankan guy who was only 27, who said he couldn’t face the shame to his family. Daniel woke up and the boy had swallowed razor-blades. He banged for help, but nobody came, and the boy died in front of him.
    She is not alone. All over the city, there are maxed-out expats sleeping secretly in the sand-dunes or the airport or in their cars.

    “The thing you have to understand about Dubai is – nothing is what it seems,” Karen says at last. “Nothing. This isn’t a city, it’s a con-job. They lure you in telling you it’s one thing – a modern kind of place – but beneath the surface it’s a medieval dictatorship.”

    There are three different Dubais, all swirling around each other. There are the expats, like Karen; there are the Emiratis, headed by Sheikh Mohammed; and then there is the foreign underclass who built the city, and are trapped here. They are hidden in plain view. You see them everywhere, in dirt-caked blue uniforms, being shouted at by their superiors, like a chain gang – but you are trained not to look. It is like a mantra: the Sheikh built the city. The Sheikh built the city. Workers? What workers?”

    The water quality got worse and worse. The guests started to spot raw sewage, condoms, and used sanitary towels floating in the sea. So the hotel ordered its own water analyses from a professional company. “They told us it was full of fecal matter and bacteria ‘too numerous to count’. I had to start telling guests not to go in the water, and since they’d come on a beach holiday, as you can imagine, they were pretty pissed off.” She began to make angry posts on the expat discussion forums – and people began to figure out what was happening. Dubai had expanded so fast its sewage treatment facilities couldn’t keep up. The sewage disposal trucks had to queue for three or four days at the treatment plants – so instead, they were simply drilling open the manholes and dumping the untreated sewage down them, so it flowed straight to the sea.

    Suddenly, it was an open secret – and the municipal authorities finally acknowledged the problem. They said they would fine the truckers. But the water quality didn’t improve: it became black and stank. “It’s got chemicals in it. I don’t know what they are. But this stuff is toxic.”

  9. the only Muslim group to show the Islamic/Muslim value. But remember that the divide et impera India was dying to join in the Irak carnefice but the coalition gov communists stopped the racists in India.
    the MUSLIMS are heavily discriminated – Indian insane barbarity in Kashmir

    Beware; USA & Allies Stoking Shia-Sunni Divide

    by K. Gajendra Singh

    “India has a large Shia population of about 25 million in a total Muslim population of 130 million, making it perhaps the 2nd largest Shia community in the world after Iran. After the US attacks in Najaf in 2004, Muslims of Lucknow (India), a big Shia centre, had declared that Americans were not welcome there.

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  11. I believe that colonel Gaddafi died a happy man.
    He lived a full-throttle restless life and left a bright sparkling trace in the world history. He has been loved by millions of people and hated by many enemies, he died as a Hero and there are already songs composed about him and streets and institutions named after him – isn’t this something one would dream of becoming?
    Born in a Bedouin tent in the middle of an endless cruel desert, he didn’t remain one of the millions of grains of desert sand but built a Homeland of cities, gardens, roads, man-made rivers, universities, oil refineries and pipelines – isn’t this something one would dream of doing?
    He lived for nearly four decades with a woman who gave him a lot of amazing children, none of whom had betrayed him in difficult moment preferring exile, captivity and death to betrayal of their father and his life’s cause – isn’t this something one would dream of having?
    He became a first World Hero of the XXI century, arousing all kinds of feelings but indifference in people and will be remembered by many in fond memories and by some in nightmares and suffocating embraces of bad conscience.
    And at the end… he was quite lucky that he did not get to see how his Libi, a country to prosperity of which he’s devoted his entire life, was brutally smashed and almost wiped off the map. Almost…

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  15. Sir, without the depth of your knowledge and insight, I see it the same way.
    (I witnessed the re-birth of Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge and what the West did there!). Great blog!
    Perhaps you may like to check out the English posts in my blog: (click “Der Staats-lose Bürger”.) Cheers, alphachamber.


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  20. You fellas need to understand, that Israel is only the amercan way of control over Near Est.
    That`s why is keept constantly in “crazy” state.

    Bat first important think to understand is to ansver the question – who i ruling in the USA?
    Acording to USA constitution – president cannot change the CIA acting, hi only can place new
    director of CIA.

    So president of the USA is as puppet as Gadafi, and mainly to solve the problem is ansver the
    quesiton – who realy is ruling the world? Gettin to now who really is ruling, is first step to our
    common freadom.

    • we the Libyan ppl know it try telling that to the others. Stop being so pessimistic there are ppl out there who have the balls to change the world.

      • alfatah69
        I am Polish and we have match erlier experiences with such outside made changes witch costs milions lifes of my natives. Not thousends – milions.

        Balls are for nothing hire, onyl brain can help. Enemy fights with the brain so has to by
        beaten the same weapon.

        If Yu know what i going on, then Yu have ability to wine.

        Insted realism callig pesymizm, ask questions witch I may by able to answer.

  21. Of coruse “fellows” “but” and “freedom”. Sorry.
    My native language is Polish like comment of Jolanta Bienias.

  22. Greetings,

    I was in Tripoli during the Nato agression, and we were very well received by the Libyan authorities, when all hell broke loose even though the Jamahiriya was under heavy strain they arranged an escort to get us safely back to Ras Jedir…I am still very active working for the Green Resistance, trying to help in any way possible to help them take back their country..
    .It is only a matter of time before this happens, only a matter of time!…you can see ” نحن نأسف Mouammar” on many walls all over Libya…Green Libya will be back soon, maybe not exactly as it was under the Guide but at least Libya will be taken back from the rats and Western imperialists by the Libyan people…soon!!!

  23. I don’t know how to contact you. I live in The United States of America. Once a Christian Nation, but today a very different place than after the Revolutionary War.
    I am not a good writer, and to explain all I have learned in the past 30’s I can not do here. But I do hope you can watch this video in full…My Kinsmen & Women in America and the rest of the Anglo countries are so lost…lost sheep.
    Please watch in full this 42 minute video…it changed the way my late Pastor taught the Word of God, in Jesus Christ Name.

  24. friends what goes on libya is only b/c they have bloody betrayers in them..i am a muslim but you had seen the videos during war on libya what did the fuckers which are against qazaffi do against the qazaffi people how they brutally torture them rapes womans kill innocent children even they killed milk feeding kids when they caught a men they torture them in a very insane manner even i terrified and cry when i see the videos….
    the thing is that Islam allow us to do all this…???will it allow us to execute a man are women even if he is a criminal…???the SHARIA allow us to humaliate are kill someone…???is we are allowed by Islam us to kill a muslim by muslims…???are muslims of libya not only libya arabs africans asian muslims also are they have any knowledge what prophet(SAW) teachings about the rules of war???

    i am not libyan but majorly if i put glance on qazaffi he did alot for his people…he live a luxurious life and also done alot of things in the favour of her country….but what acutally happened beside all this…the truth is very clear and ashamed full but we muslims we forget that we die one day for sure…and there are millions of islam based betrayers who on the name of islam done brutality if you ever had a debate with them they even dont know the five pillars of islam…these morans which are being feeding by the country which can do any thing to get oil deposits…

    • I so much agree with you no Islam does not allow all these things that have happened in Libya or Syria. Unfortunately we have a lot of morons in my country and we are paying for it.

  25. It is disgusting what the UN have done to Libya. They wanted to export their democracy by bombing civil people. Any now everybody disappeared, starting from UN and ending with the Italian government. I feel really embarrassed and shamed for all that…. but more than this, I feel powerless. I wish all this horror will stop as soon as possible.

    • You can join our fight, by blogging, posting all the bad things that are happening in Libya, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Ukraine you can talk to your friends that you socialize and make them aware of what is really happening around the world because its not only Libya, there is Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Ukraine and the European economy war on smaller European countries.


  27. Its very sad what have happened in Libya. I knew that the former government of Maumar Kaddafi was giving all the profit from the oil revenues back into the Libyan society. That was an ideal society that the Global Ruling Money Gangsters did not like. These bloody gangsters wanted to take Libya for long time as they have done with Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many more countries to make them their slaves and to suck all the wealth of these nations for the benefit of the Jewish controlled international banks.

    • True but they have not yet succeeded as we are fighting back, the Honourable tribes have joined and become one and now the Libyan citizens who are fed up with this chaos have joined the tribes and the legal government which at the moment is in Tobruk is cleaning the country of the Takfirs and foreign mercenaries which include Americans, Jews, Qatari, Saudi Arabia and other countries.


    British People are naive, stupid if they believe what the International media said.

    This year is the election year in US,

    The fall of more country depend on Chinese RMB for trading with their own country currencies instead of using Waste paper Green Back.

    This will cause the damage to the
    Taxation of US,
    lost of commissions on exchange rate,
    CIA cannot monitor trading internationally.

    The more country using RMB the worst for US economic and future.

    The more Leader of the open world depend on Chinese Government help to boost their economic and job creation will damage the US and there is no way US can save this situation.

    Therefore, US aided by Cheat International Agency (CIA) has to create more false flag, unrest, uprising, cutting those leader who get along with China to help their own country are the enemies of

    Underwater States of Altantic (USA)
    Underwater States of Africa (USA)
    Underwater States of Australia (USA)
    Underwater States of Artic (USA)
    Underwater States of Arab (USA)
    Underwater States of Asia (USA)
    Underwater States of America (USA)
    Underwater States of All (USA)

    So the must create, lots of shows, talks, on monkey business by

    Black Monkey One Black American Messing Atlantic (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Misleading Atlantic (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Murder All Atlantic (Obama)

    Black Monkey One Black American Messing Africa (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Misleading Africa (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Murder Africa (Obama)

    Black Monkey One Black American Messing Australia (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Misleading Australia (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Murder Australia (Obama)

    Black Monkey One Black American Messing Artic (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Misleading Artic (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Murder Artic (Obama)

    Black Monkey One Black American Messing Arab (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Misleading Arab (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Murder Arab (Obama)

    Black Monkey One Black American Messing Asia (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Misleading Asia (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Murder Asia (Obama)

    Black Monkey One Black American Messing America (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Misleading America (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Murder America (Obama)

    Black Monkey One Black American Messing All (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Misleading All (Obama)
    Black Monkey One Black American Murder All (Obama)

    Naive and stupid people of the world must understand those so call media, they cook their second day headline in the toilet while ejection which was block by their own empty stomach to make a few penny for their fish and chip for feeding their own and their family.

    shame on all those so called reporter, media, tv crews etc. tools by the criminal act of the Underwater

    First by create Arab Spring,
    Killing Iraq Leader for using Gold for Oil Trading instead of USD
    Killing Libya Leader for the same reason
    Killing innocent in Eygpt AND TURNING Eygpt in big mess.
    Turning Tunisia in a real messing,
    Killing innocent woman and children in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Create East China Sea incident with Japan against China.
    Create DPRK and scare to death if DPRK use Nuclear weapon against US coward Military personal in South Korea and Japan.
    Create South China Sea incident against China with Philippine, Vietnam, and some small nations in Far East.

    All above proof failure Naive Foreign Policies.

    So the closer to the Election, Black Monkey One Black American Misleading All (Obama) must create more problems around the world by using Media to cause Political Uprising to kill leader who get further to the Failure Foreign Policies by Underwater States of all and force them to step down by their people like the Naive and Stupid British people (Only small portion)

    The best now is using media to blow off Offshore company and monies laundering said to be by these leader of the countries in question, such as Russia, China, England, Iceland etc.

    This is the monkey show to be use by this Black Monkey One Black American Messing All before he return to the Zoo by the end of the year.

    Dirty Naughty Old Doberman from Hong Kong.
    bong1288@ y a h o o . c o m . h k

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