France tested its first nuclear bomb on the land of the Tuareg people in the Sahara Desert in 1960 – it was four times more powerful than the one America had inflicted on Hiroshima…

It was also in 1960 that Niger and Mali both became independent countries from their colonial master – but, in truth, France never did let go. It has cruelly continued to use Niger and Mali – both containing the Tuaregs unofficially recognised homeland of Azawad – as their playgrounds ever since.

Al-Jazeera UK has done a largely excellent three-part series titled ‘The Orphans of the Sahara’. Its three one-hour programmes tell the harrowing suffering of the Tuareg people of North Africa following the removal of Muammar Gaddafi from power in Libya.

They show the brutal life that France has inflicted upon these people – in Niger, by stealing the wealth of the rich uranium mines for themselves, and in Mali, where an army general startling reveals how the government told the army to “leave al-Qaeda alone”… The war of ‘intervention’ by the West in 2013 was just another false flag operation.

Despite a little anti-Gaddafi propaganda from the documentary makers, the films tell the story of how much the Tuaregs miss him and how life has changed for them now that he can no longer protect them – they have the lowest quality of life of any people on earth.

The Tuaregs are the indigenous people of the world’s largest desert – the Sahara. Their land of Azawad was divided by colonial history. Gaddafi opened up his borders to them so that the herds of these pastoral people could flourish in Libya.

After Nato’s destruction of Libya in 2011, an act in which France played a huge part, a quarter of a million Tuareg workers and fighters were forced to leave the country and return to Niger – the poorest country on the planet.

They had been arrested, tortured and robbed of their money by Libyan rebels – and thrown out of their adopted home of Libya. They are now homeless and penniless. With no passports or papers, some risk their lives trying to return to the rebel-held country.

One brigade leader tells how most of his fighters were killed in the war, as well as his father. He grew up in Libya and speaks of his continual sadness that he does not know what to do with his life anymore.

All the Tuaregs benefited from Gaddafi. They tell of how everything they built was because of him and that “we are crying for his loss”, says one.

But after the war, they found upon returning to Niger that climate change had made the area even more arid and lifeless, adding to the misery of the people and the starvation of their animals.

Despite being in an area of astounding natural resources – one of the most prosperous in the world – they are living in a “dying world of drought”. For Niger has one of the richest uranium mines ever found – but few benefits ever reach the people. So the Tuaregs remain poor and isolated.

They found there were no schools and no hospitals. For those lucky enough to discover water and pastures, some find that even the water-well is a four-hour walk away from their pastures. Makeshift wells are dangerous – with lethal sand collapses an ever-present threat.

For those who have to continue their search for water and pastures, distressing footage of their animals that have either starved to death or are on the brink of doing so is shown in graphic detail. Hundreds of thousands have already met this fate.

The north of Niger is where the country’s most precious resources are found – and the French ensure they have them.

The French took the uranium from the Tuaregs’ land here – and it made France strong and prosperous. It gave the French light – and for decades now, they have been dependent on Niger to continue this. But the Tuaregs see nothing of this prosperity…

“It makes our hearts burn that we don’t see even a little bit of this wealth”, says one.

The French nuclear company Areva works the mine, in the Arlit area of the Agadez region in northern Niger, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Shockingly, Areva even refuses to hire any Tuaregs to work for them. Instead, most of its workers are brought up from southern Niger – hundreds of kilometres away. This is how France regards the Tuaregs…

The mine produces millions of tons of radioactive waste – and it makes the Tuaregs sick with illness. It also causes nerve disorders.

   One couple featured in the programme live near the mine. They feed their animals only on dry food – as the pasture makes their herds ill; when their precious livestock eat it, they die. A nearby well is so contaminated that nearly every animal that drank from it perished. Children drinking from it also became sick.

The factory is right in the middle of the Tuaregs’ pastureland. The nuclear materials kill animals that are exposed to them or cause others to become handicapped. One camel is shown barely able to stand after she drank water from the well near the mine – she then gave birth to a dead calf…

The man and his wife also had a baby of their own – but it was born with a deformity. They took it to the Somair Mining Company Hospital – convinced it was malformed due to the radioactive waste. Somair is the name of the mine and the company that Areva uses.

The doctors told them: “The radiation came out in your child”. The baby then died…

Disturbingly, the couple could not get a document about this event. After continuing to campaign, the hospital eventually agreed to issue a death certificate – but when they collected it, the pair was stunned to see that the cause of death – radiation – had been completely omitted…

Shortly afterwards, speaking on the telephone to the doctor, he told them: “That is something I cannot write down on paper. It is true the baby is dead from radiation – but I cannot write that. We cannot write the word radiation on anything”.

The medic added that the couple had not originally been given a death certificate “because no-one gets one if you mention verbally the word radiation”.

Following the loss of the child, the wife found she was experiencing pain in the womb. The Somair Mining Company Hospital refused to treat her – dozens of sick local Tuaregs are regularly turned away by them. They told her to go to the city hospital – but treatment there costs money. Money the Tuareg people, thanks to France, do not have.

Another woman in the same situation is paralysed from the chest down – but no one will tell her why. She died shortly after filming…

No full environmental study has ever been authorised for this area. No proper independent medical study has ever been done. No investigation into the nervous system disorders or premature deaths.

Areva did its own study and, of course, gave themselves a clear conscience, denying everything and absolving itself of any blame.

Horrifically, France is now set to DOUBLE its mining production in northern Niger – with another new mine planned for the French and their clients.

The Imouraren Mine, named after the company that Areva is using for it, will make this an even more poisoned and waterless land – as millions more tons of radioactive waste will be produced…    

When suspected local al-Qaeda rebels kidnapped some Areva workers in 2010 – with some suspected Tuareg involvement – this was portrayed in Western media as some kind of terrorist act. The truth of why it happened was utterly covered up. The kidnappers only wanted 20-30% of the mining profits (the least they deserve)…

You can bet that none of the huge profits that will come from Imouraren will be going to the locals.

Precious resources are also why the French have control of Mali – the mineral rich northern region here is the least explored of the Tuaregs’ traditional homeland areas.

As well as being forced out of Libya in 2011 and into Niger, many Tuaregs also had no choice but to return to Mali – taking with them the weapons that they had used to try and defend Libya.

They went to the northern desert, another part of their desired Azawad state. They too, found it another isolated place, remote from any normal services. Their animals also starved to death and this situation continues. There is no development and no aid assistance from the Mali government.

The Tuaregs have not controlled Azawad since the old, French colonialist war, when France gave Tuareg land to Mali – without the consent of the Tuaregs.

The French slaughtered all their animals. They then paraded the severed human heads of Tuareg leaders…

Decades later, in 2012, the Tuaregs launched the biggest uprising seen in the Mali area in over a century. It was a renewed bid to establish their beloved homeland of Azawad – a fight that has been going on against Malian rule since 1957. But their forces, the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), found their revolution hijacked by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb (AQIM) and another rebel group, Ansar al-Dine.

Thanks to the war on Libya, Mali had become a powder keg in 2012.

The ensuing ‘intervention’ in Mali, by Britain and France in January 2013, was stated by Western politicians as a ‘necessary’ war to deal with the ‘threat of al-Qaeda’.

But, in truth, the Mali government lets al-Qaeda flourish in Mali.

The authorities even told an army general to “leave al-Qaeda alone”…

This is because the Mali government uses al-Qaeda as a bulwark against the Tuareg people and Azawad.

Drug smuggling is rife in Mali as the government secretly supports it – they use the profits from it to pay ethnic militias to keep on suppressing the Tuareg rebellion for Azawad.

(Although the programme does not mention it, the ‘intervention’ by the West was just another false flag operation – a covert war on the Tuaregs and Azawad – to keep them down and make sure France continues their colonial control. Due to the Islamists advance though, it has to be pointed out that some Tuaregs did briefly ‘side’ with the French. When Western media showed locals cheering the French, there were, in fact, not a Tuareg or an Arab amongst them)…

Paradoxically though, part of al-Qaeda is welcomed by some people – as they do provide clothes, charity provision etc. –including to those Tuaregs who want it. The recipients of this aid also say that it helps to strengthen their Islamic faith.

But many people here see the country of Mali as just another extension of France…

The Tuaregs feel that the only way out for them and their animals is for Libya to be returned to Gaddafi’s people.


Lady Khamis

For libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.org

Lady Khamis can be contacted at queen.jadis@yahoo.com



A new intervention Threatens the devastated Libyan patriots after the martyr Gaddafi loyalists take full monitoring of southern Libya

A new intervention Threatens the devastated Libyan patriots after the martyr Gaddafi loyalists take full monitoring of southern Libya

Fighting has broken out again in southern and western Libya clashes as pro-Gaddafi forces Between Rebel Militias have resulted in the seizure of several cities and an air base by loyalist.  These events led French Admiral Edouard Guillard to appeal for imperialist intervention in Libya Renewed denying they evolution along the southern border Could lead to a “terrorist threat.” (Washington Post, 27 January)

Guillard said any intervention would require the consent of the neocolonial regime in Tripoli headed by Prime Minister Ali Zeidan and General National Congress (GNC).  Yet almost three years ago, the UN Security Council passed two resolutions impose an arms embargo on the Gaddafi government and “authorizes” the “fly zone”, a code word for a massive bombing campaign lasting eight months.

Since mid-January the allied forces REMAIN With the former political and economic system under the rule of Libya Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who was overthrown and killed brutally in October 2011 amid the Pentagon and NATO bombing campaign monitoring took several cities and towns in the South.  Sebha, a town in the area has-been the scene of clashes Between Two ethnic groups Tebu and Awlad Sulaiman.

Other areas include Affected by the fighting south Wirshefana Ajilat, Zawia and territory west of Zahra. Clashes have Also Been Reported around the capital Tripoli, where loyalist forces have Fought pitched battles with Militias and military forces are backed by the regime of GNC.  ( Libya Herald, January 20)

The Tebu  ,  are dark-skinned Africans, are in conflict over the monitoring of resources in Awlad Sulaiman. Their withdrawal airbase in Tamenhint created the conditions for taking this important location by pro-Gaddafi forces on January 21.

ACCORDING to a report published by the Saudi Gazette, “The Tamenhint airbase 30 km north-east of Sebha is Reported to be back in the hands of Gaddafi forces guarding after tebu Mourzouk Withdrew. They unilaterally Monday night (January 20), denying that the government was deliberately exploiting clashes between Sebha and Awlad Sulaiman TEBUS in order to divert attention from movements to replace it with a new administration. “(January 22)

These events sent shock waves through the GNC and its weak and vacillating prime minister who is allied With the United States and other imperialist states Were responsible for the installation of the current regime in power. During the counter-revolutionary uprising of 2011.  Libya Situation Clearly Demonstrated That the current regime has failed to stabilize the country in the Militias Which Were Involved in criminal activities in defiance Zeidan and other “authorities” in Tripoli.

The oil industry, which is the main export of the state of North Africa, has-been Largely off workers after Militias and various drilling installations and ports have taken Control of the production and threaten to exercise trade with foreign companies without the consent of Tripoli.  Zeidan Within the limited support has GNC and the Islamic Justice and Building Party (JCP) recently resigned from the government due to political Differences With the prime minister.

However, the events in the South, where the Green flag of the Jamahiriya is Openly flying in defiance of the regime supported by the West is Causing Panic Within the country.  A new law prohibits satellite TV networks to broadcast news and commentary now for Gaddafi is a direct result of the unstable situation of GNC.

Draconian laws Enacted

AllAfrica.com Reported That ”  Decree 5/2014, “Regarding cessation and prohibition of the Dissemination of a certain satellite channels, ‘passed by Parliament Libya’s General National Congress (GNC), 22 January instructs ministries of Foreign Affairs, Communications, and [the Mass ] Media to ‘take the Necessary Measures “to stop the transmission of all channels of satellite TV That are” hostile to the revolution February 17 and Whose purpose is to destabilize the country and create divisions Among Libyans. ”  It further instructs the government to ” Take All Measures against companies in the states or territories from the Which channels are broadcast if not block the transmission of These stations.  “(January 26)

This legal prohibition Seems destined to block satellite stations that have taken a pro-Gaddafi position in publishing its content.  Such stations include channel al-Khadra and al-Jamahiriya.

Discontent is growing Among the Libyan population to the current situation. The most prosperous nation in Africa, with a standard of living That exceed several states in Europe, the conditions inside the country have the counter-revolution Deteriorated Dramatically since 2011.

This decline in living standards, the failure of the regime to reign in the Militias terrorizing the population, the collapse of the oil industry and Widespread corruption has even developed EXTENSIVE reviews Favored Among the elites.  Another decree was issued in January, which prohibits scholarship students and employees to speak out against the conditions prevailing in Libya.

In the same article published by AllAfrica.com, notes That ”  the Libyan government ADOPTED Resolution 13/2014 of 24 January to suspend scholarships to students studying abroad and salaries and bonuses to employees of Libya, for “participate in activities Contrary to the February 17 revolution  of “which is Widely Considered to be comprehensive statements and  protests against the current government  .  The Libyan embassies abroad and others are asked to Develop lists of names and refer to the Attorney General for trial. “

Imperialism in Crisis

These Developments in Libya show That there is no benefit for the masses of oppressed nations, where other U.S. imperialist states  have overthrown Governments and installed puppet regimes.  The situation in Libya is reflected Also in Iraq, where people die every day of internal conflict and the That horrendous conditions prevail Among the majority of the population.

In Syria, more than 100,000 People Have died in the past three years since the U.S. has supported a counter-assault on the population.  Present talks in Geneva  Switzerland are ostensibly designed to reach a political solution Despite The U.S. and allies continue to Their finance and coordinate Those seeking to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The anti-war and anti-imperialist groups in Western countries  must Oppose this military and political interference in the internal affairs of Asian states: such as Afghanistan, where twelve years after the forces of the Pentagon and NATO is no closer Victory nowadays are Africa, the Middle East and in 2001.  The U.S. and NATO Should be forced to withdraw its forces from foreign states and close its military bases.

The resources used to Maintain These occupations Should be redirected to rebuild the cities and towns are facing unprecedented That economic crisis through austerity and mass poverty.  Such oppressed nations under imperialist occupation Should be paid compensation for the destruction Carried out by Western military forces.

Any Black-Green alliance in Libya?

“As These two forces begin to fight against racist and imperialist These puppets who rule the country are beginning to see a form of mass resistance. Having finished what form Remains to Be Seen.”

source:  libia-sos.blogspot.ch

GADDAFI Green Forces Re-Taking Libya: only a matter of time.

GADDAFI Green Forces Re-Taking Libya

via GADDAFI Green Forces Re-Taking Libya: only a matter of time..

Report of the Libyan Jamahiriya (24/01/2014): Popular Insurrection across Libya and NATO, U.S. commit another genocide using Sarin gas against the defenseless population

Popular Insurrection across Libya and NATO, U.S. commit another genocide using Sarin gas against the defenseless population

Message from the people of the South and the masses of the Libyan people:

Honest nation as a whole, from East to West, in the center and south. 

During those glory days , when the awakening of the nation to regain the right to honor and dignity, which were stolen by evil and aggression by clique of traitors and puppets honor and conscience. We, as promised, we are blood sacrifice for the sake of victory over the invading colonialist tyranny
We would like to assure the overall security in southern areas established in Sabha – Shati – Ubari – Murzuq – Gath 

We have expressed their opposition to subjugation, marginalization and deprivation of rights and we will not contact with new theft and have already confirmed several previous calls and often young people of these areas have formed a movement that rejects all, it was a daily practice at the time of trouble, in 17February, and disclaim their marginalization, murder and robbery honest people and hate their view on the basis of the difference in the color of our black skin  racist -.

We will not be slaves, and we will fight to the last breath, and will fight any force that tries to make us, especially in those cities where the puppets still use power, will be the relentless war for those who have tempted to the southern population to go to the bow again and again to experience the slavery practices of its puppet government in occupied cities, as the destruction of Bani Walid, which was through [two sieges]. Now killing children in Al Adzhelate and Vershavyana and Western cities.

Sabha this injustice practiced systematically in other areas declared war, as they deserve, and soon, and has already seen .. You have been warned.

The victory is near, but patience than one hour …

* Resignation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs “Libya” in protest against the new genocide and what is happening in the country with bloodshed and civilians with bombs. He is accompanied by 5 other ministers fearful of being eliminated as traitors dogs to the motherland also waive, 4 day ago the Minister of Industry was settled by traitor in Sirte.

* Reporting new genocide in Libya: criminal gangs ruling in serving Libya NATO and the U.S. are using mustard gas in its bombing in the south and east of Tripoli, come the report from Al Zahra hospital doctors certifying the infestation of innocent civilians

* The Libyan Resistance  released a statement urging Libyans who were deceived or what naively believed the invading enemy to surrender. Libyan Resistance People’s  ensures their safety and will be well  treated according to international standards and peace.

* Intelligence reports arrive from the Green Resistance that reveal that NATO through its de facto government in Libya are  paying 12 thousand dinars per Mercenaries and Traitors to fight against the Resistance.

Jamihiriya Forces release within Sabha airbase they captured quantities of military holdings and armored vehicles which today are used in the defense of liberated areas.

* Commands Tuareg entrance to the city of Sabha to participate in editing and secured

* Children and civilians from the Warfalla tribe were murdered by mercenaries and militias during the bombing from NATO  and the U.S. by air and land.

Murders of civilians, of the children and women in Rishvana carried out by the militias shields

Dr. Shakir talks about the latest developments from southern Libya

– Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel, talks about the progress of the Green Resistance

– Syria – Libya: Demonstration of solidarity with the Libyan resistance against the UN headquarters in Syria.

– Derna:  a tank was destroyed by the Resistance and many armored vehicles were captured rats “rebels” who refused to surrender were put to the sword

The Battle for liberation of Libya

– Sabha:  rats serving NATO and the U.S. settled for joy of these miserable Libyan people who no longer will cause more pain and destruction in Libya.

– Tripoli: It’s reported of two loud explosions that have rocked the capital after intense clashes so far at least 50 dead, over 185 injured in fighting east of Tripoli.

– Derj: On the border southwest of Tripoli 11 deaths allegedly between Zintan militias and tribesmen Garamna.

– The face of criminal “the de facto Government from NATO in Libya”

Can anyone imagine that  people voluntarily choose to be with a man who has a different nationality to their own country? Especially a person of one of the countries that are bombing them, attacking, destroying, killing …

I think seeing your passport is further proof of lies under which we live in the West regarding the “humanitarian aid” to Libya. He is a dirty liar with unscrupulous job.

This man does not work for the Libyans, it would be his duty as if it were actually the Libyan Prime Minister, works for the aggressor countries, to ensure the signing of contracts, the entry of Western troops, and yet always with the help of Al Qaeda, Islamic extremists and mercenaries to do the dirty work.

Many will say that the world has always been so. Well, it is true that there has always been bad people, psychopathic murderers and such, but it is also true that many cultures have developed and grown without torture, steal and kill. 

How is it possible that with so many international laws, many humanitarian organizations and theoretically reconciling theory however this is the bad people you have in your hands to follow his interests above the lives of millions of people?

Universities licensed to thousands of journalists each year and yet the truth has so few who are able to say it.

How can you despise the wisdom of the elders and placed in our inept governments who have no language skills to be able to relate internationally, as it is required?.

From my view at this time it seems the world learns how to kill more, like to cheat more, as more and are not used to manipulate the experience, history, scientific knowledge for a better world. NO ONE would live MUCH BETTER BUT ALSO WOULD BE MUCH CHEAPER AND EASY.

* The commander of the Italian Air Force died in a helicopter crash, participated in the bombing of innocent people in Libya in 2011.

source: libia-sos.blogspot.ch




The death of one person and injuring Akhrvy shooting incident in the city of Tripoli 

News sources reported the death of one person and injuring another seriously injured in a shooting incident occurred moments before the front-mail Andalus neighborhood in Tripoli.


Malta manifested consul of the city of Benghazi 

News sources reported that Malta has postponed its consul in Benghazi after receiving its diplomatic mission there to terrorist threats.

The unidentified gang target player origin from Morocco Mohammed in the Libyan team 

All news sources reported that the unidentified gang targeted a team player in Tripoli, Libyan Moroccan Mohammed was shot and injured in his arm.






















Killing two members of Ansar al-Sharia battalion in Sirte 

According to news sources, news of the killing of two members of Ansar al-Sharia battalion in the city of Sirte after unknown assailants targeted to their camp at dawn today rocket-propelled grenade led to their deaths on the spot.