In memory of the Green Flag heroes of Libya – especially those of the Khamis 32 Brigade…

In memory of the Green Flag heroes of Libya – especially those of the Khamis 32 Brigade…

We are delighted to say the Khamis Brigade continues:
The Khamis El-Gaddafi Brigade, of Bani Walid, Libya,
The General Khamis Gaddafi Liberation Army Green Brigade 32, of Libya,
and on the internet: The Internet Army Brigade 32.
We will not stop and we will never give up – until we get Libya BACK… 

A very Happy Birthday week to the bravest, the most noble, the beautiful Golden General, the Sweet Prince of Libya, Prince Khamis…
From everyone who will never forget your courage, strength and patriotism – in the face of the enemies of humanity and of God…

I will try not to embarrass you, myself, or anyone else reading this, by going on too much about how much I love you. 
But know that I do.
That you will be forever in my heart.
And that I would take a bullet aimed at you, in your place, if it would save you…

And all the beautiful horses of the world send their love to you too – because The Hisan will always love those who love them…
May Allah watch over you and protect you, wherever you are, my darling.
You are our shining star…

Te quiero mi querido con todos mi corazon para siempre.

Ana behibak



(*** this is a post delivered to me for Khamis Qadhafi as a Tribute to his birthday) 




Khamis al-Gaddafi (Arabic: 27 May 1983), the seventh and youngest son of the Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, is a military commander, who is in charge of the Khamis Brigade of the Libyan army. It has been reported that he has died of injuries sustained in a suicide attack during the 2011 Libyan uprising, and this was confirmed by a source to Al Arabiya television, while other sources such as Al Jazeera continue to call it a rumour. The pro-Gaddafi Libyan government have denied that he is dead. On March 29th, the Libyan government showed footage of what it said was live footage of Khamis Gaddafi greeting supporters in Tripoli, in an attempt to refute the claims. At the age of three, Khamis was injured in the 15 April 1986 United States bombing of Libya, suffering head injuries when the Bab al-Azizia military compound was attacked in retaliation for the 1986 Berlin discotheque bombing.

(***In the dismay of the West and the NTC plus the rats our Khamis is still alive and kicking ass!!! He is not only kicking the asses of the rats but also the asses of the west! who they say they are more experienced and of course they are highly paid! But they do not know the Libyan Dessert and they do NOT KNOW OUR KHAMIS HIS A GHOST HE APPEARS WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT HIM! FROM ALL OF US ALL OVER THE WORLD WE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST ON YOUR BIRTHDAY.



LIBYA: Final report of the Libyan (18 to 20.04.2012)

The Conscience of the World is Broken, A Victim of the Alienation of the Capitalist press ….. The World Must Demand to Know the Truth, Libya Will Never Surrender!

– Dr.Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in a room and a picture of the hero leader Muammar Gaddafi behind him. The betrayers of Zenten want to demonstrate that even they have kept him alive but its not know when this photo was taken.

Tripoli: the night before, with God’s help and grace, a number of our brothers and sisters who were captured in the Tripoli prison were released, the opportunity presented by bad weather, to attack the camp and the fighting took place within the prison walls in the last hours of the night that lasted nearly three hours. Citing Libya a free news channel, the fighting in the prison occurred by penetration. 

– Zawiyah: Two loud explosions heard in Zawiyah, shots were exchanged ….

– Green flag raised by young people from Tobruk firm and loyal to the Libyan

– Food wastage are purchased by the NTC-NATO and are delivered in Benghazi

– On April 18, two students of the Institute of Medicine were kidnapped by beasts “rebelds” of the NTC-NATO Fernaj City.  Their families can not stop the search was in vain. She was last seen near the school.

– Beasts of NTC-NATO plans to transfer more than 100 prisoners of war to Misrata.  Among the condemned are also Dr. Dorda. We have detected that around 15,000 prisoners languishing in secret prisons around Tripoli with the silent complicity of the UN.

Recently, the Green Resistance discovered the location of three: Said Rashid, Hafiz Masood and Sanusi Sanusi.

Motherfuckers NATO mercenaries and maul people tortured, sometimes detainees in exchange for a reward. NTC rats are gang members. In this audio from a man speaks of what he saw and what he endured in various prisons. Rats cut off the hand of the far left and right foot was released in exchange for value of money. What about the other prisoners who are poor?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of intimidation practiced by the mercenaries of NATO:  putting people in boiling water, hot plate, rape, maim without mercy, cutting members. For everyone who has a name of Muammar is not a special set of torture, mutilation of them with even greater ferocity.

The former prisoner said that when the rats learned that the representatives of human rights organizations have decided to carry out a raid in prisons, the prisoners were transferred in secret prisons, and his place was taken by other people, in good condition and clean clothes and rats sadistic bastards hide the traces of their crimes.

The Libyans call on all organizations that can help the oppressed peoples in Libya, particularly in Misurata prison. Please help prisoners as soon as possible.

Story of prisoners who were in the prisons of Misurata – 13 April 2012

– Tripoli: trigger clashes between the rats in the NTC-NATO and the Green Army fighters in the city center and on the streets of Al-Madar. blocked the road leading to the Green square.

A rat-car became the target of Green Snipers.

Truck on fire on the Market

– Arad:  Resistance fighters attacked the rats in Arad, neutralizing some of them.

Sirte: An  explosion occurred at 6.30 am on 17.04.2012, and ruins of the house in Sirte, which belongs to the battalions of the martyr Algalout until the rats occupied.  partially destroyed building, there was victims.

Bani Walid  : combat aircraft of unknown origin violated the airspace of Bani Walid.

– Rats of the NTC-NATO collect their dead  mercenaries near Bani Walid

Part of the video, filmed in secret during the bombing, answer as to who was responsible for the attack on Allowaar.  Resistance Green is everywhere.

This song  is about Bani Walid

– Zlitena:  Rats in Zlitena have burned 2 buildings belonging to the tribe of Awlad Dalef Moftah Alshaik for supporting the Green army. The Moftah himself is in prison from February 2012 by the rats.

– Benghazi  : heavy fighting continued between different groups of rats that they are fighting to have 50 stolen cars.  Loud explosions throughout the city, especially in the western part of the city.  According to witnesses, many rats were killing  each other.

– The Green Strength Launched a new channel.  The channel operates the satellite Hot Bird at Challenger (11179) -27500.

Speech of Dr. Hamza Qublta and Rafla and Tarhunah 16/04/2012:

Qatar, Doha: coup attempt, which unfortunately failed.

First raised the revolt were the bodyguards, who sought to take the Palace of the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

In the Palace of the Emir of Qatar, Doha loud explosions and gunfire.  It should be noted that the Emir of Qatar, currently residing in Italy.  To protect the palace was used American special forces, which came into violent collision with the leaders of the coup.  It has also received information about moving to the side of the guards by the mutineers, Chief of General Staff of the country’s armed forces, General Ali Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah.  Disturbances in military units near the U.S. port, south of the capital Doha and between the brigades of special forces.

Shocks mass continues in the area of El Wakr.  Qatar forces are battling the forces of private Qatar.  GOD IS GREAT ….

Emir of Qatar, Sheikh of pigs, Khalifa Al-Thani, ordered to kill the coup immediately.

Posted by Mohamar Al Gaddafi

LIBYA: Final report of the Libyan (17/04/2012)

The Resistance grows and Strengthens Fist clenching, No truce to the enemy and invader traitor!

 – Youth of the Libyan States and Raises her voice in Resistance against the enemies of Libya

– The TV channel “The Kanat Libya” Resistance opened yesterday at the Hotbird satellite in the frequency of 11179 to 27500

 – A fire at a chemical plant in the city of Zouara.  In accordance with the rebels, this is due to a short circuit.

– Demonstration of young people from the Resistance in Tripoli to Azizia gate and the Green atmosphere.

– Tarragon: The city is completely under civilian control after over 200 of foreign mercenaries were sent to attack Al-Jamel, and Rekdalin.

The rats ‘rebels’ are captured as perfect after the NATO cowardly abandons the family in Al-Jamel and Al-Rekdalin:

– Speech by Dr. Hamza 16 April 2012

– Tripoli: Market Mosque Fire Alsqa

– Statement of Maj-Assad – Libya Green Resistance Army 

– Beast Al Qaeda terrorists and the Ministry of Defence of Libya threaten each other. Whereas NATO and the U.S. after using them, they let them kill each other to facilitate the theft!

– More than 150 Tunisians working in the service of an oil company in the locality “of Zawia Libyan beasts were kidnapped by “rebels”of the NTC – NATO. This was in retaliation after the arrest in Ben Guardane (border with Tunisia cities “with Libya), four Libyans accused of drug possession.

Sarkozy is shaking hands with the Chinese leader, but he just walks right past, it also says a few words, but then the Chinese leader ignores the carnage.

Posted by Mohamar Al Gaddafi