UAE newspaper: Qatar directed its allies the need to assassinate Saif al-Islam to prevent the organization of elections in Libya

UAE newspaper: Qatar directed its allies the need to assassinate Saif al-Islam to prevent the organization of elections in Libya

Abu Dhabi

I learned the newspaper “the statement” the UAE, the Libyan parties linked to the Doha system is currently working to shuffle the cards again in the country to prevent organized elections expected in the second half of this year.

Well-informed military sources in the western region’s “statement”, Qatar and directed its allies the need to prevent the elections organisation through the broadcast of chaos in the capital of Tripoli, and that both the terrorist Abdul Hakim Belhadj, Aamir Aljmahh fighter for al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and their terrorist Mufti Sadiq al-Ghiriani, and some guerrilla leaders “duress”, and prominent political figures from within the General National Conference ended its legitimacy, recognised the country planned to prevent Libya out of the dark tunnel which occurred seven years ago, driven by finding that any democratic election Transparent and fair, under international supervision, would be in their best interest.

The liquidation of Saif al-Islam

Qatar’s plan does not stop at this point, but includes another chapter on the work on the liquidation of Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. According to tribal sources, Qatar sought to convince its followers to monitor and liquidate it.

Adding that the leaders of political Islam and Qatari officials were surprised by supporters of the public system crawling on the electoral registration system to register after the word Seif al-Islam delivered on his behalf by his lawyer Khaled al-Zaidi.

They are sure that the Muslim Brotherhood candidates will face a severe electoral defeat that will necessarily lead them to return to their true size and remove them from the government. This may expose them to prosecution at home and abroad on charges of involvement in civil strife, murder, torture, terrorise and loot the country.

The sources said that the Qatari regime believes that the elimination of Saif al-Islam is necessary because of his influential icon in his father’s supporters, especially between the tribes and cities in the central regions and the west and south of the country.

The sources added that Qatar informed its allies in Libya that the liquidation of Saif al-Islam could lead to civil war, which could benefit from the forces of political Islam, first by eliminating a fierce competitor that differs intellectually  and ideologically, and has a clear popularity, and second postponement of the political solution until it is possible to put hands on all joints of the state.

Previous attempts

According to media reports, Qatar had previously sought the assassination of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, when aircraft of the “Dawn of Libya” in the spring of 2015 bombed sites in the city of Zintan believed that Gaddafi resides in, and later found he was transferred after the Battalion received the “Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq”, which carried out his protection of an urgent warning from the “special services”.

The sources, who declined to be identified, said that a decision was taken to attack the capital Tripoli in the process similar to the “Dawn of Libya” in the summer of 2014, and militias from the cities of Misurata and Zawiya alongside the fighters of the defense of Benghazi, and some of the militias of the Western Mountain, Sabratha, and others will participate in the expected attack.

Sources added that the leaders of the “political” “Islam” in Libya during the past few days had meetings with Qatar officials in Doha, Istanbul and Tunisia to agree on the details of the plan, which should begin with some preliminary actions and publication of materials from the Qatari or sub-Qatar Media about the “impossibility of holding elections”, as well as refusal to support the “international” “political” “decision”.

As in the organisation of information campaigns, talking about civil war will lead to the victory of Jamahiriya supporters in elections.

The sources pointed out that the attack on Tripoli’s decision is ready, and most of the militias that will participate in, are those that have been expelled from the capital during the past year by militias belonging to what is called the Presidential Council of the Government of reconciliation from the West – centred.

Note: Well, the murder of Saif is beneficial to all rats without exception – from Haftar to Beljaz and Seraj in Tripoli and Salah Badi in Misurata.


Militiamen seize Libyan ex-premier in Tripoli: witnesses

Militiamen seize Libyan ex-premier in Tripoli: witnesses

In this Oct. 8, 2013 file photo, then Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan speaks during a press conference in Rabat, Morocco. Witnesses say militiamen in Libya abducted Zidan, a former prime minister, in the capital, Tripoli late on Sunday, Aug. 13, 2107. (AP Photo/Abdeljalil Bounhar, File)


BENGHAZI, Libya: Libyan militiamen have abducted one of the country’s former prime ministers in the capital, Tripoli, witnesses said Monday.

They said Ali Zidan was led by an armed group out of a hotel where he was meeting with security officials late on Sunday. The witnesses spoke on condition of anonymity, fearing for their safety.

According to the witnesses, the militiamen that took Zidan were from the Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade, which backs the U.N.-backed government.

There was no official statement on Zidan’s whereabouts.

Zidan was abducted once before by Tripoli’s unruly militias, in October 2013, but was released within days. He fled the country before competing militias seized Tripoli in 2014 but later returned.

Libya to this day remains torn by competing governments and parliaments with an array of militias backing various alliances.



A confidential official secret document surfaced indicating the involvement of the Libyan Ambassador Ali Suleiman Aujali in Washington (USA) dated on 01/01/2012. THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.



EMBASSY OF LIBYA WASHINGTON D.C. by قناة الجماهيرية العظمى

 A confidential document showing the involvement of the Libyan ambassador in Washington (USA), Ali Suleiman Aujali this confidential document (official) dated on 01.01.2012: the sender is: Libyan ambassador in Washington (USA), Ali Suleiman Aujali consignees: the leaders of the military battalions and security leaders and heads of Militias (Twenty-three office), including: (Ghebrel- Ali Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Zeidan- Masmari). The Fax number shown through the document that the message was actually sent from Washington, note that Mr. Ali Suleiman Aujali is close to Mahmoud Jibril, who has been funded by some Gulf countries, notably (UAE) text of the document: By reading the document, we can see that the Libyan Ambassador Ali Suleiman Aujali sent this secret telegram with direct instructions of the leaders of security and military battalion commanders to target sow discord in Libya between armed cells and political currents as ordered. The leaders explicitly military battalions planting horror and growing insecurity in the Libyan street and careful to disrupt the public life and disrupt services to citizens such as(electricity cutand watersocial services and health sectors) the document was also keen to categorize and directing the battalion commanders and security chiefs sowing discord between the Libyan tribes and also arming affiliated categorize the former regime (follow Gaddafi) even enter into a military conflict with their enemies and avenge the purpose behind this scheme already as we mentioned that the Libyan ambassador in Washington (Ali Suleiman Aujali) is very close to Mahmoud Jibril, who received significant funding from the United Arab Emirates (and we have the evidence) and through the document it’s clear to us that the Libyan ambassador in Washington did not give this instruction alone he is simply an intermediary for major powers and are likely to be (USA), which seeks to implement the agenda. Acts are stipend precisely in Libya, the consignment was at the beginning of two thousand and twelve (after toppling the Gaddafi regime) and if we look closely at the content of the document, which urges to plant  lawlessness in Libya and to sow discord, discord among the military battalions and the security cells and between tribes. All of these Libya have become events experienced today in two thousand and fifteen. Where suddenly appeared the splits in the center of the Libyans, fighting between the battalions militia, which was yesterday (allied with each other), and after a period turned miraculously into hostile enemies of the truth behind all of this.

The scheme is: to plunge the Libyan streets in growing lawlessness and defections and disrupt public life and servicesall of these things will have repercussions categorize (the Libyan citizen) who lives a great horror.  Only in this in the way its been proposed of foreign military intervention (UN) on the Libyan people would accept the proposal, but they will demand from the gulf because the Libyan people who live this civil war between the battalions and militias and live a hard life (because of disabled public services) will not keep him ill claim intervention Council security international to send foreign military forces to Libya to save them – and that is exactly what the Western powers are behind this scheme and that works for the Ambassador Ali Suleiman Aujali looking through this document and to understand that Western financiers and foreign allies actually plans for military intervention in Libya (by US forces with the participation of NATO) or by their allies (Council GCC – Morocco – Jordan – Egypt) who make up the majority of the Arab League, and this is what is currently happening in Libya. Yemen has the same scenario.



منقول كما هو
وثيقة سرية جدا (حصلت الطلائع على نسخة منها ) تبين تورط السفير الليبي بواشنطن (الولايات المتحدة الامريكية ) علي سليمان الاوجلي هذه الوثيقة السرية (الرسمية ) مؤرخة بتاريخ1/1/2012: المرسل هو: السفير الليبي بواشنطن (الولايات المتحدة الامريكية ) علي سليمان الاوجلي المرسل اليهم : قادة الكتائب العسكرية و القادة الامنيين ورؤساء الميليشيات ( ثلاثة و عشرون مكتب ) من بينهم : (محمود جبريل- علي زيدان- عبد السلام المسماري) و من خلال تصفح الوثيقة يضهر رقم الفاكس حيث يبين ان الرسالة تم ارسالها فعلا من واشنطن علما ان السيد علي سليمان الاوجلي يعتبر مقرب من محمود جبريل الذي سبق له هو الاخر ان تلقئ تمويلات ضحمة من طرف بعض الدول الخليجية ابرزها (الامارات العربية ) نص الوثيقة : من خلال قراءة الوثيقة , يتبين لنا ان السفير الليبي علي سليمان الاوجلي قام بارسال هذه البرقية السرية لتوجيه تعليمات للقادة الامنيين و قادة الكتائب العسكرية لهدف زرع الفتنة بليبيا بين الخلايا المسلحة و التيارات السياسية حيث امر قادة الكتائب العسكرية صراحة بزرع الرعب والانفلات الامني في الشارع الليبي و الحرص على تعطيل الحياة العامة وتعطيل الخدمات للمواطنيين( قطع الكهرباء-المياه-الخدمات الاجتماعية كالقطاع الصحي ) كما حرص في الوثيقة علئ توجيه قادة الكتائب و القادة الامنيين بزرع الفتنة بين القبائل الليبية و ايضا تسليح المحسوبين علئ النظام السابق ( اتباع القذافي ) حتى يدخلون في صراع عسكري مع اعدائهم و ينتقموا الهدف من وراء هذا المخطط سبق ان ذكرنا ان السفير الليبي بواشنطن (علي سليمان الاوجلي) مقرب من محمود جبريل الذي تلقى تمويل كبير من دولة الامارات العربية (و نحن نملك الادلة ) و من خلال الوثيقة يتبين لنا ان السفير الليبي بواشنطن لم يعطي هذه التعليمات بمفرده بل هو مجرد وسيط لقوى كبرى و من المحتمل ان تكون (الولايات المتحدة الامريكية) التي تسعى لتنفيذ جدول اعمال مرتب بدقة في ليبيا و منطقة شمال افريقيا الارسالية كانت في بداية الفين واثني عشر ( بعد اسقاط نظام القذافي ) و لو ندقق في مضمون الوثيقة التي تحث على زرع الانفلات الامني بليبيا و زرع الفتنة و الشقاق بين الكتائب العسكرية و الخلايا الامنية و بين القبائل كل هذه الاحداث اصبحت ليبيا تعيشها اليوم في الفين و خمسة عشر حيث فجأة ظهرت انقسامات كبرى وسط الليبيين و اقتتال بين الكتائب و الميليشيات التي كانت بالأمس القريب (متحالفة فيما بينها ) و بعد مدة تحولوا بقدرة قادر الئ أعداء حقيقة وراء كل هذا المخطط: بإغراق الشوارع الليبية في الانفلات الامني و الانشقاقات و تعطيل الحياة العامة و الخدمات–كل هذه الأمور ستكون لها تداعيات علئ (المواطن الليبي ) الذي يعيش رعب كبير-فبهذه الطريقة عندما يتم اقتراح التدخل الاجنبي العسكري (الامم المتحدة ) على الشعب الليبي سيقبلون الاقتراح بل هم من سيطالبون بيه لان الشعب الليبي الذي يعيش هذه الحرب الاهلية بين الكتائب و الميليشيات و يعيش حياة صعبة (بسبب تعطيل الخدمات العامة ) لن يبقى له سوئ المطالبة بتدخل مجلس الامن الدولي لإرسال قوات عسكرية اجنبية الى ليبيا لأنقذاهم–و هذا ما تريده القوئ الغربية التي وراء هذا المخطط و التي يعمل لحسابها السفير علي سليمان الاوجلي-لهذا من من خلال هذه الوثيقة نفهم ان القوئ الغربية و الاجنبية تخطط فعلا للتدخل العسكري بليبيا (عن طريق قوات امريكية باشتراك الناتو ) او عن طريق حلفائهم (مجلس التعاون الخليجي– المغرب – الاردن – مصر) الذين يشكلون الاغلبية في الجامعة العربية و هذا ما يحضرون له حاليا في ليبيا ستشهد نفس السيناريو اليمني



I never thought it will come a day that I would see all Western News Media GROOMING a terrorist as a good man and politician for Libya. It seems to me that the west are copying the policy of Israel when after 1945 they went to Palestine, with the blessings of the English and the Zionists to thank them blew up the Hotel David and blamed it onto the Palestinians. On July 22, 1946, the southwestern corner of the hotel was bombed in a terrorist attack by the militant Zionist group the Irgun. 91 people died and 45 people were injured. An earlier attempt by the Irgun to attack the hotel was foiled when the Haganah learned of it and warned the British authorities.[2] On May 4, 1948, when the British flag was lowered, the building became a Jewish stronghold. At the end of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, the hotel found itself overlooking “no-man’s land” on the armistice line that divided Jerusalem into Israeli and Jordanian territory. It was purchased by the Dan Hotels chain in 1958. The film Exodus was shot at the hotel in 1960. When East Jerusalem was annexed by Israel following the 1967 Six-Day War, the hotel was expanded, with two additional floors.

Here is one of those terrorists:  Menakhem Vol’fovich Begin; 16 August 1913 – 9 March 1992) he was the leader of the Zionist militant group Irgun, the Revisionist breakaway from the larger Jewish paramilitary organization Haganah. He proclaimed a revolt, on 1 February 1944, against the British mandatory government, which was opposed by the Jewish Agency. As head of the Irgun, he targeted the British in Palestine.[1] During his leadership Irgun targeted the Arabs in the Deir Yassin massacre and in 1977 he was elected prime minister.

So now the Zionist propaganda internet newspapers are doing the same thing again in Libya, Let me remind you who ABDELHAKIM BELHAJ IS: Abdul Hakim Alkhoal de Belhaj graduate of civil engineering and after graduating immediately traveled to Afghanistan for jihad in 1988 participants in the Afghan jihad at the time and remained there for several years he joined the group the Libyan Islamic Fighting since the beginning of its establishment (any of the founders) at the beginning of the nineties, but After opening the cable left Afghanistan and traveled to twenty-two States, notably or rather most stay: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Sudan. He returned to Libya in 1994 and began to rearrange the group and trained mountain green for processing for jihad against the system, but the system is pre-empted the group multiplying training centers in 1995 and killed her prince Abdul Rahman Hattab and could Abdelhakim Belhadj to leave Libya and return to Afghanistan, known Abdul Hakim Belhaj Throughout his jihadist as ( Abdullah Sadiq). Was chosen Abdel Hakim Belhaj (Abdullah Sadiq) emir of the Libyan Fighting Group in the rearrangement of the ranks of the group in Afghanistan, and Abu Hazim was chosen as his deputy, Abu Mundhir al-Saadi as a legitimate administrator, Khalid Al-Sharif as a security administrator.Belhadj now occupies a large role in Libya’s new leadership in Tripoli Military Council which is fully controlled at Mitiga airport, where they are on the way import and export of arms and the entry of a large group of al-Qaeda members and leaders of his colleagues in Afghanistan.

And his close friends are: Abdul Hakim al Haseidi a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, one of the city of Derna, too, has left Libya in 1995 to settle its place in Afghanistan, before returning to stability in Libya, al Haseidi battalion commander «Martyrs of Abu Salim» Battalion, the largest in  Derna east of the country, and was seen as one of the most prominent leaders in the field. Despite his background and demanding permanent jihadist b «Arbitration Sharia» stepping cautiously al Haseidi the work towards closer political Mahmoud Jibril, one of the symbols of the liberal trend in the country. The former leader of the Libyan group condemns the attack on the U.S. embassy, ​​and says that «the American ambassador helped us during and after the revolution, and  this act must be punished. Mustafa Khalifa al-Saadi, who holds a master’s degree in Islamic Studies from Pakistan in 1999 and a member of Scholars Libya, collaborator and member of the Fatwa and preacher in several mosques in Tripoli and the throwing many seminars inflammatory and lessons, and accused of involvement with al-Qaeda, and that the latter Abu Salim prison from 2004 to 2010, until he was released on August 20, 2011, to take over now as Minister of the so-called care of the families of martyrs and missing persons. And last but not least is: friend Ghaithi was a cadre of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and confidant of bin Laden and a friend of Abdul Hakim Belhadj, was commissioned by the government functions to secure the border have been given large sums of money to spend to establish a private army, and therefore outside the scope of the General Staff and outside the budget of the Ministry of Defense and outside the control of the ministries of defense and interior, He accused by the defense minister of trying to assassinate the minister on the grounds that the Minister issued a decree for his dismissal from office.
Some Libyans living in the eastern regions The punitive ideas in fact spread over a wider range of that only Nhzareth between radical Islamic groups, regarding them as the fact that the United States failed in recognizing the wake attack Benghazi in September of the past, stressing not all extremists belonging to particular groups, which may create an opportunity for recruitment. On February 15 last, Dr. Awad Barasi Vice Chairman Minister said that after the appointment of the Minister of Awqaf government will open the door to dialogue with militants in Libya by clerics and imams inside and outside the country, there is no way to resolve only peaceful means and dialogue.

This is a quote of these terrorists who were brought by NATO, F.U.K.U.S AND ISRAEL and now they are trying to polish them into politicians: “Libya is a nation of Islam and Jihad. The light of Islam will shine forth from it despite the noses of everyone. The weapons are here and the Mujahideen from every corner of the earth are here with us and we have all the weaponry – that was prohibited before – with us now. We will not hesitate to use it against anyone who touches the land of Libya and that is the end of this discussion.”

GIF - 67.5 kb

Abdul Hakim Alkhoal de Belhaj

Historical leader of Al Qaeda in Libya, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, is now the military governor of “liberated” Tripoli and in charge of organizing the army of the “new Libya”. In the 80s, the CIA instigated Awatha al-Zuwawi to create an agency in Libya to recruit mercenaries for the jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan. As from 1986, recruits were trained in the Salman al-Farisi Libyan camp in Pakistan, under the authority of anti-Communist billionaire Osama bin Laden. When bin Laden moved to Sudan, the Libyan jihadists followed him there, and regrouped in a compound of their own. In 1994, Osama bin Laden dispatched Libyan jihadists back to their country to kill Muammar Gaddafi and reverse the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. All across “liberated” Cyrenaica, Al-Qaeda men have been spreading terror, resorting to massacre and torture; they have specialized in slitting the throats of Gaddafi sympathizers, eye-plucking and cutting off the breasts of immodest women. The lawyer for the Libyan Jamahiriya, Marcel Ceccaldi, has accused NATO of “complicity in war crimes.”

Belhaj and his gangs did this to the Libyans: While Belhaj claims that now he is a politician and does not give orders to massacres or the killing, beheading, kidnapping and rapping, here are some horrific Videos and  Pictures of his gang affiliates from 2011 till today:

Libya’s Abdulhakim Belhadj: “We are working to find a solution to end this crisis”

Four years of revolution have not left Libya the way its people were expecting. Huge political division and armed conflict are tearing the country apart. Lives have been lost and Libya’s resources wasted. It’s a situation that’s worrying the international community, particularly Libya’s neighbouring North African countries.

We discussed the goings-on in Libya with politician, military leader and president of the nationalist Islamist Al-Watan (‘Homeland’) Party, Abdulhakim Belhadj.

Belhadj’s backround lies in Salafi-Jihadism. He fought in Afghanistan and was later imprisoned in the US and Libya for establishing the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. Belhadj also participated in the downfall of the capital Tripoli during the 2011 uprising.

He now introduces himself as a politician and a moderate Islamist, calling for discussion and rejecting terrorism.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim, euronews: “First of all, what is the current situation in Libya?”

Abdulhakim Belhadj: “The problem right now in Libya is totally political. This issue has resulted in Libya being divided into two parliaments: the ‘Libyan Parliament’ and the ‘National Congress’. This means there are two legislative bodies, two governments and even two armies.

“But, the reality we are witnessing on the ground plays the main role in what is happening in Libya these days.”

euronews: “So, you’re saying this conflict began as a political struggle, but turned into an armed conflict? Who started the battle? And how did it begin?”

Abdulhakim Belhadj: “It started when the retired General Khalifa Haftar came back onto the scene. He took part in a military coup on the ruling General National Congress (GNC), before forming the current parliament in Tobruk.

“So, General Haftar is the person who sparked this war. He contended that he was against terrorist organisations and groups working outside the boundaries of the law. But I would describe this general as an outlaw, because he began this war and failed to find a solution to the Libyan crisis.”

euronews: “Some reports say forces loyal to you started a war in the streets after you extended your control over Tripoli airport. They suggest you are the cause of this internal fighting. So, are you part of this armed conflict?”

Abdulhakim Belhadj “No, of course this is not true. And people observing the situation in Libya know who Abdulhakim Belhadj is. I resigned the presidency of the Tripoli Military Council, which comprised more than 23,000 fighters and my goal is not to cling on to this scene or position. Neither did I order any fighter to do so.

“I now lead a political party – the Al-Watan Party – and our main loyalty lies with the nation. We want to address the Libya question and put the interests of the country and its citizens first. This affiliation is now leading us to gather for discussion with all the Libyan factions.” ****(Here is how he created his political party: “In Tripoli, the military governor of Tripoli, the member of the Al Qaeda(= It’s Parent’s are CIA + MOSSAD) Abdelhakim Belhadj has funded the party ‘Hizb El Watan “with money from the Libyan people. It uses its influence to support this party. It uses the meeting rooms and hotels for meetings and gain the confidence of the Libyans.” So by stealing the money of the Libyan people he has changed his ways? really? Does a leopard changes his spots?)

euronews: “Do you accuse certain countries of being behind General Khalifa Haftar?”

Abdelhakim Belhadj: “Yes, certainly. And they don’t deny that. The United Arab Emirates, for example. We hoped they would offer support for the stability of Libya, that they would help to restore security and establish Libyan institutions. But we notice now that the UAE sends aircraft, weapons, ammunition and armour to those who are killing the Libyan people.” ***(Both Belhaj and Haftar are fighting for power plus they are financed by the same players the only difference Haftar is not that of a fanatic and UAE decided to bet on him. But all players meaning FUKUS, QATAR, TURKEY, UAE, SAUDI ARABIA are financing both.)

euronews: “If these countries are, as you say, supporting General Khalifa Haftar, which nations are supporting you?”

Abdulhakim Belhadj: “I want to reiterate that I am not one of those people who is armed, who is walking around with weapons. But, I can say that those who are leading the scene now and are carrying out the orders of the GNC are those who have had legitimacy from the beginning.

“For example, the military forces operating under the name of Fajr Libya – or Libyan Dawn – are valid. It has been in operation since the era of former Defence Minister Abdullah al-Thani, who gave the group authority. It took orders from Chief of Staff Abdul Salam Jadallah.” ****(They stopped being valid after the election of June 2014 when they lost the elections and now they are illegitimate and not internationally recognized, Lets not forget that Hassi is also a terrorist belongs to the HMS terrorist group and he presents himself as the prime minister of Tripoli…..)

euronews: “What is preventing you from meeting your opponents to negotiate an end to the crisis?”

Abdelhakim Belhadj: “We support this and we are calling for talks. We have sat down several times with international organisations, such as the United Nations, and we have introduced many initiatives to try to reach a solution. But, we don’t think that what the UN did recently at the conference in Geneva was effective.

“With due respect to all the international organisations supporting a resolution to this conflict, I would like to say: some of those who are invited to conferences such as the one in Geneva are far removed from what is influencing politics in Libya, especially the current ground operations.”

euronews: “As we understand, you are saying that you are just a political man, but what we do know is that you are in fact now ruling the city of Tripoli.”

Abdulhakim Belhadj: “That’s not completely true. Our only comment on the confusing scene in Libya is as follows: due to a series of weak governments in our country following the uprising of February 17, 2011, plans to develop security and military institutions have not been carried out. So, Libya is awash with militia groups and armed entities, which do not have the official support needed to legitimise them.

“So, the scene remains as it is now. Divisions and conflicts have occurred because some political groups have allowed armed entities to increase their control on state institutions in Tripoli.”

euronews: “Are you now a fighter under the guise of a politician?”

Abdulhakim Belhadj: “I stand with my brothers, who are seeking to find a solution to the Libyan crisis regardless of their political affiliation. Because, democracy means accepting the principle that people have different points of view. We have taken this on board.

“But, what I would like to confirm here is this: today we are working to find a solution to end this crisis – a crisis we do not want to continue or to be repeated.”

euronews: “Your background lies in salafi-jihadism. You fought in Afghanistan and were imprisoned in the US, then in Libyan jails because you established the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. You also participated in the downfall of Tripoli during the 2011 uprising. But now you introduce yourself as a politician and a moderate Islamist, calling for discussion and rejecting terrorism. What is the secret behind this drastic change?”

Abdulhakim Belhadj: “You are going back to our roots and the war we fought against the Muammar Gaddafi dictatorship. That battle was linked to the spatial and temporal conditions at the time.

“Because we were fighting a dictatorial regime in Libya, it was necessary for us to use weapons in order to save the Libyan people from Gaddafi’s rule.

“This was the role of the Group in the past, but I would like to clearly affirm that the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group has been terminated. It ceased to exist at the downfall of the Gaddafi regime.”

euronews: “You accused the British government of involvement in the torture you were subjected to at the hands of Libyan intelligence officials. Are you still filing legal action against them?”

Abdelhakim Belhadj: “Yes. I was tortured in Libyan prisons by Libyan intelligence officials, with the help of British intelligence. We discovered evidence of this after entering the security headquarters in Tripoli during the revolution. We found documents proving that the British Intelligence Agency MI-6 were involved, as well as some other people who handed me over to the Gaddafi regime.

“They put me at the mercy of a regime that does not respect human rights, and I would ask the British government to acknowledge this. It is proved by letters, which are signed by British agents. I ask them simply for an apology, then I will drop the matter.”

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Bernard Levy Sneaks into Libya, Meets Khalid Sharif and Terrorist Leaders in Sabratha

Bernard Levy Sneaks into Libya, Meets Khalid Sharif and Terrorist Leaders in Sabratha

by JoanneM



Bernard-Henri Lévy, one of the top Zionist Criminals in the world, the “lead-dog” who shows up in foreign countries to start and fund “false flag” revolutions, was secreted into Libya yesterday. The US counterpart to Levy is John McCain who also shows up in foreign countries supporting terrorists cloaked as “rebels”. Levy is a multibillionaire Zionist from France, he calls him self a “philosopher” – seriously? How does a philosopher become a billionaire war monger? (Death and destruction must be his philosophy.) He is the pinnacle around the entire mess in the Middle East and North Africa. He was the perpetrator, funder and co-designer of the fake “Arab Spring”. This man is evil and where ever he shows up you can count on some kind of catastrophe happening. He carries with him the Zionist bankers (who control the world toilet paper MONEY) checkbook. The people of the Middle East and North Africa have figured him out, they know he is the harbinger of destruction and he was ousted by the people of Tunisia a few months ago when he attempted to enter Tunisia to meet with terrorist leaders from Tunisia and Libya. He did manage to have a secret meeting with Abdulhakem Belhaj(Al Qaeda, LIFG leader from Libya) during that short visit. He then attempted to travel to Algeria and that country refused him entry. Everybody knows he is a pariah.

So, Levy sneaks into Libya – he shows up in Tripoli yesterday and is met by Khalid Sharif another well known terrorist who was put into a ministers position by the past puppet Prime Minister and criminal now in exile Ali Zeidan. A short history of Khalid Sharif , Abdulhaken Belhaj, Sami Al Saadi and Sufian bin Qumo, all known terrorists now in positions of control in Libya.

“According to Kronos Advisory LLC, when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in
2001 after 9/11, Khalid al-Sharif escaped Afghanistan to Pakistan, where he
remained until 2003. In 2003 he was captured in Peshawar, Pakistan, and
handed over to the U.S., which later transferred him to Libya in 2005. While
in Abu Selim prison in Tripoli, al-Sharif participated in the reconciliation
dialogue with Saif Qaddafi. On March 23, 2010, Khalid al-Sharif,
characterized as the “LIFG military commander” by Kronos Advisory LLC,
was released along with LIFG emir Abdel Hakim Belhadj, Sami al-Saadi, the
spiritual leader of the LIFG, and Abu Sufian bin Qumu, the current leader of
Ansar al-Sharia, who had been a detainee at Guantanomo. Ansar al-Sharia
took CREDIT for the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi.”

Khalid Sharif takes Levy to a place in Libya near Sabratha where he meets the leaders of all the terrorist groups in Libya (Al Qaeda, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Ansar Al Sharia, Muslim Brotherhood and others). It is pretty obvious that there is a problem in the terrorist hold on Libya. They need MONEY, they need weapons, they need mercenaries. The Libyan people by 98% hate these terrorists and want them dead or gone. Libya is standing up for herself and the terrorists are losing so here comes their slithering leader to pass out some orders and some MONEY. The Zionists own all the banks and print all the toilet paper money so passing it out is never a problem for them. Death and destruction is just “acceptable collateral damage”.

It should be obvious to anyone that Levy himself is a criminal, all the upheaval in Libya was caused by the Zionists with their puppets, McCain, Levy, Sarkozy, Obama, Cameron, Clinton, et. al., leading the charge. Their paid army of mercenaries known by such names as Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Ansar Al Sharia and LIFG, are trained by the CIA, MI5, Israeli Mossad and other covert intelligence agencies. The main stream media all over the world, owned by the Zionists, is their dis-information machine. The truth is beginning to come out thanks to great information highway known as the internet, the worst enemy of the Zionists.

The Libyan tribes, the Libyan National army and the legitimate government in Libya (the elected Parliament in Tobruk) are working hard to clean their country of the garbage installed by the evil Zionists. We stand with them and pray for them, they are fighting a powerful enemy but they will WIN, after all it is their country and has been for over 8000 years.

** Editorial Note: If you wonder why there are not articles posted daily, it is because I only post information and facts I receive directly from legitimate Libyan tribal leaders who are living in exile or who are freedom fighters in their own country. This way all of my information is completely accurate. There has been a lot going on and I elect not to jeopardize the lives of any of those brave patriots. Just imagine this country of very few citizens having to fight the Juggernaut of the USA who is following the Zionists orders and supplying the radical Islamists foreign occupiers with money and weapons daily. The great tribes of Libya are fighting with their hearts and their limited weapons for their beloved homeland. They deserve all the support that we can give them.


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