‘Feet or Buttocks?’ Shocking Video Shows Gaddafi’s Son Being Tortured in Libyan Prison

‘Feet or Buttocks?’ Shocking Video Shows Gaddafi’s Son Being Tortured in Libyan Prison

A video that shows Saadi Gaddafi, son of Libya’s late Muammar Qaddafi, being tortured in jail has been condemned by lawyers and rights groups.

The nine-minute video shows Saadi, 42, in a green tracksuit, being hooked up to an improvised rack, apparently while in custody at Tripoli’s maximum security al-Hadba prison. His bare feet are then caned.

Segments show him sitting blindfolded and forced to listen to screams of other detainees being beaten in an adjacent room.

WARNING: Some may find elements of video disturbing

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“It raises serious concerns about the methods used to interrogate al-Saadi Gaddafi and other detainees at al-Hadba prison,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East Director of Human Rights Watch.

“The Tripoli authorities need to urgently establish exactly what did occur.”

The video’s release, by Arabic network Clear News, has alarmed lawyers worried about the treatment of other detainees at al-Hadba, where former Gaddafi-era officials are held.

“This is a shocking video that raises questions about conditions inside the prison,” said Karim Khan QC, London-based lawyer for Libya’s former prime minister al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, also at al-Hadba. “The international community needs to demand a full investigation.”

Gaddafi is blindfolded by his captors, perhaps to prevent him from identifying those who are about to torture him. Photo: YouTube/Clear News

Saadi is facing trial on charges including killing a football player while head of Libya’s football federation. During his father’s time in power, he established a reputation as a playboy and had a brief unsuccessful career playing for several Italian football clubs.

The undated video, consisting of several segments, was apparently made by Saadi’s captors, some of whom are seen in the footage in military uniform. At one stage, a captor asks Saadi if he wants to be beaten on the “feet or buttocks”. He answers: “What kind of question is this? My feet.”

Al-Hadba is held by Libya Dawn, a militia alliance that controls Tripoli and is battling forces of the internationally recognised government based in the east of the country.

Gaddafi pleads with his captors as a metal rack with restraining straps is dragged into the room. Photo: YouTube/Clear News

Gaddafi is bound and helpless, his feet strapped to the rack. Photo: YouTube/Clear News

The release of the video comes a week after Tripoli authorities pronounced death sentences for Saadi’s older brother, Saif al-Islam , and eight other former Gaddafi-era officials, including Mahmoudi, after a trial condemned by rights groups and the United Nations as lacking due process. Saif al-Islam was tried in absentia, since he has been held since 2011 by a former rebel group in Zintan, a region beyond Tripoli’s control. Right groups say the verdict was riddled with flaws.

Despite the manner of his downfall, still enjoys pockets of goodwill.

In a rare demonstration, supporters in the eastern city of Benghazi on Tuesday shouted “Muammar, Muammar”, but dispersed after opponents opened fire with guns and hurled rocks.

No-one appeared to have been hurt among dozens of supporters of Gaddafi.

The Gaddafi supporters waved pictures of the man who had ruled for 42 years, and demanded the release of Saif al-Islam.

“Only God, Muammar and Libya!” the crowd chanted and waved the green flags of the old regime.

They dispersed after other residents, some of them carrying the Libyan national flag, opened fire.

Residents said this was the first protest of Gaddafi loyalists in Libya’s second-largest city, the cradle of the revolution, since 2011.

Frustration has been building among Libyans with the country’s chaos as two governments fight for power with the help of former rebels who have fallen out along political, tribal and regional lines.

Benghazi has been especially hard hit as fighting between forces allied to the official government based in the east and Islamist groups has closed the port, choking off wheat, food and petrol imports.


Libyan honorable men: Men defeating fear

Libyan honorable men: Men defeating fear


At the time of the events in Libya, the growing size of fear when many people became many calculate the positions and the best way out for the moment the fall of the regime and the beginning of the chaos. 

The NATO intervention and the continued bombardment intensified was a strong factor in the increase in the size of the fear of those who gave them space in their hearts and minds. Was adage at the time that things are finished and we are struggling with a tornado is not before us it will spend on us in the end. 

Now  our community who shouted this to say it was looking at life as not life- value spirits lists honor and dignity and to fulfill our duty , in contrast, there was Abdullah Senoussi and Mansour Daou and Abu Zaid Dorda  said that in principle they have is to fulfill our duty whatever the risk and whatever ultimately tragic we can not  abandon the commander who we have spent with him all of our lives in order to live without it. 

An area of ​​the courage and honor in the hearts and other heroes prevented fear to access them, were their guns and their attitudes are all their lives, didn’t give the value of their life so I don’t think for one day in their ways to survive as long as the defense of the homeland is still possible and as long as Moammar Qaddafi is still leading this nation in the darkest conditions. Sometimes we wonder how defeated and others fear this steadfastness and why the inability of others at that and everyone from one school and one leader?

One military camp where concentrated in traitors and mercenaries in Libya was attacked by the Green Resistance

One military camp where concentrated in traitors and mercenaries in Libya was attacked by the Green Resistance

A car bomb targeting a military academy in the troubled eastern Libyan city of Benghazi has killed at least eight soldiers and wounded 12 others, military and hospital sources said. Benghazi Medical Center reported that “five more bodies with a number of body parts” had come to the hospital, along with “more than 10 people injured.” It was not immediately clear where they were taken from other organs. A military source said the car parked in front of the academy, car exploded when the soldiers came out of an award ceremony for promotions exercise. Benghazi, cradle of the revolt that toppled 2011 the veteran Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, has seen attacks almost daily on security and other targets in recent months as the weak central government struggles to stop the former rebel militia brigades returned. The attackers have not been identified, nor claims of responsibility for the attacks, AFP reports. On December 22, a suicide car bomb targeting a security checkpoint 50 kilometers from Benghazi left 13 dead.

Fighters have also attacked foreign missions in Benghazi, including a September 2012 assault on U.S. consulate in the Mediterranean city that killed the ambassador and three other Americans. On March 2, gunmen shot dead a French engineer in Benghazi. Eastern Libya has become a stronghold of armed groups, with the authorities to avoid a confrontation in the making with heavily armed ex pending the formation of a regular army and local police rebels.

The government has struggled to consolidate control in the vast and mostly desert country which is effectively ruled by a patchwork of local militias and awash with heavy weapons looted from Gaddafi’s arsenals.

* TRIPOLI: One of the leaders of al-Qaeda (LIFG) Khaled al-Sharif appointed “minister of defense” instead of Abdullah Al-Thani.

* SIRTE: Defence Force Cyrenaica occupy all positions that were under the control of “cold shield” of the Central District and are preparing to take Sirte airport.

The bodies of four soldiers killed in a missile attack in Sirte on Wednesday morning, they were taken from Sirte to Benghazi for an autopsy and identification yesterday ahead of their burial.

The five, all members of the Zawia Martys Brigade died when a heat-seeking missile hit their vehicle. According to a source in Benghazi Medical Center, the five had been burned beyond recognition.

They have been named as captain Omar Ramadan Al-manfi, Lieutenant Ibrahim Abdelsalam Mahjoub and three NCOs: Saleh Attargi, Abdel-Aziz Muftah Abdel-Maula Wahishi and Ahmed Bahlouq Aggouri. Most of them were from Benghazi, except Captain Al-manfi who was from Tobruk . It is not known who fired the missile. 

* BENGHAZI: 2 worker of Egyptian origins were kidnapped by gunmen in Benghazi so far this week 7 of Egyptian origin Christians were killed by bandits who hold the mobster Al Qaeda Libyan government

In Benghazi a colonel in the Air Force was cleared by the resistance

* DERNA: 4 U.S. service bandits were found dead and 2 injured four who died have been named as Mohammed Al-Qadi Saifaddin, Ghassan Abu Bakr Al-Tashani, Abdullah Al-Fakhri and Juma Al-Awami. Two of them had been shot in the head. 

* Zawiya: tribal council seeks to negotiate peace with the Warfala tribe that is loyal to the legacy of Gaddafi

* NIGER: It mockery of international law and kneels in front of U.S. mercenaries in an act of treason delivery Saidi Gaddafi who had sought political asylum because his life was in danger, the bandits who rule Libya in exchange for Billions of dollars. Saidi is being tortured, humiliated and probably will be killed and then any excuse will be invented.

source: libia-sos.blogspot.ch




BY بنت الليث

Libyan Report Libya (01/08/2013): Western democracy imposed on Libya wants to murder all patriots loyal to the Green Libyan Resistance that advances unstoppable ….

 Western democracy imposed on Libya wants to murder all patriots loyal to the Green Libyan  Resistance that advances unstoppable ….

Benghazi: mercenaries and traitors who serve as senior military officers “militias” in Benghazi, on Monday night, expressed its displeasure with the appointment of Abdulsalam Jadallah as President of the General, and will be released officially on a statement later.

Band of traitors and mercenaries: New Chief of Staff, Colonel Abdulsalam Al-Salheen Jad Allah Al-Obaidi, (left) with President Nuri Abu Sahmain CNG

* Unconfirmed Sources the eastern region confirmed that the named Mustafa Abdul Jalil, is preparing to escape after hearing the news of the escape of a number of staff of the battalion Alkwyfah appeal from prison in Benghazi Libya.

* News: violent clashes in Benghazi milkfish area between the extremists bandits  opposed to Ansar al-Sharia.

* Assassination attempt on Ahmed Alkuafa the Libyan intelligence chief in Benghazi, survived the assassination attempt and was in serious condition, and now his been taken care of at the hospital.

* Military vehicle exploded in Benghazi on Tuesday night and liquidating the achieving Ahmed Farag Albornawi traitor who was working on Internal Security Agency,  was transferred to an acute care hospital.

* Patients with mental disorders have escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Benghazi. They escaped when armed men broke into the locked room in the city of Al-Hawari hospital to kill for revenge. One person was shot dead.

People streamed out, apparently out of the building in fear and panic, and fifteen patients believed to have fled. The hospital personnel previously complained about the absence of security on the premises.

* We report that France has sent a research team to evaluate the military chaos in Benghazi, these cretins are panicking and are implementing the “dirty war” ie kidnapping, torturing and disappearing hundreds of innocent Libyans in their criminal logic of which is some resistance. These methods are already known.

* Benghazi Start to initialize the installation of surveillance cameras in Benghazi, which has put its estimated budget of three and a half million dinars for the security budget. They also have set up checkpoints at the main entrances affected to the city of Benghazi.

– Sirte: News  that there are clashes between criminal gangs “rebels”, its taking the form of several Westerners have fallen.

– Misurata: According to the media, quoting the Court of Appeals of Misurata militia for the news about the sentencing to death of Ahmed Ibrahim shot dead this morning,  he was in standing for the country and was against NATO.

With pain that gnaws the heart, we have to report on how the oppressors, and their false Jewish justice has issued a criminal verdict against honorable Libyans Jamahiriya who love those martyrs are proud for their families and their descent. Reporting to the world that the human rights violation orchestrated by NATO and the U.S.

We regret that the U.S. puppet interrupt his last breath. We do not recognize his unjust sentence, which was made by the Israeli court in Misurata against heroes who enroll in the pages of jihad and struggle, and never will be for centuries the greatest fighters:

1 – Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour al-Gaddafi – the death penalty;

2 – Walid Abdel-Kader Denon Belhadj Salem al-Gaddafi – the death penalty;

3 – Amer Mahdi Abukhadzhiev Miftah al-Gaddafi – sentenced to death;

4 – Salem Mohammed Mahdi Abukhadzhiev Gaddafi – a death sentence;

5 – Mohamed Mahdi Abukhadzhiev Fituri Gaddafi – a death sentence;

6 – Abdul Rahman Abdul Hamid Abdullah – 5 years imprisonment and deprivation of civil rights for the duration of the sentence and the entry into force of the decision of the court;

7 – Mansour Ibrahim Faraj al-Gaddafi – 3 years in prison and a fine of 200 dinars – and another 3 years in prison for a charge;

8 – Murad Ibrahim bin Nile Gaddafi three years in prison;

9 – Saadi Gaddafi Mobruk bin Nile – sentenced to death in absentia;

10 – Ibrahim Mohamed Mansour Dou Gaddafi – five years in prison and a fine of 50 dinars. And the loss of civil rights of the judgment and the same number of years after the entry into force of the court’s decision.

Gaddafi’s tribe is still paying her sons to sacrifice their lives for their country and faith, for the leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Everything that is done-all from God, and yes, we honor the prophet,and yes, God is everything, and thus fulfill.

Trial summaries of false judges of Misurata

NATO and U.S. condemn to death Gaddafi’s ministers pushing more into the abyss of chaos to the people of Libya

* As the bandits managed to frustrate  an attempt to blow the port of Misurata with a car bomb type Camry with 125 kilos of dynamite, according to the words of one of the militias they do not allow us to check the validity of this news from an independent source.

– Tripoli: Green resistance carried out an armed attack against one of the doors on the outskirts of the capital Tripoli, in Janzour, they heard heavy bombing and shooting high caliber 

* The traitor who serves as “oil minister” has announced that Libyan reached only 70% of the production of oil, due to security problems and lack of economic liquidity to pay salaries of workers.

* 4 unidentified bodies were found on the beaches of Tripoli with signs of having been tortured

* Found an unidentified body Elsafsfah project on Wednesday morning by the military Special Forces Marine Corps, and it appears that he was tortured and until this moment it is not known the identity of the person of the victim.

– Egypt – Libya: as the Egyptian authorities impose a visa prior to Libyans several citizens  were returned   traveling to Egypt, on Monday afternoon, due to the imposition for a visa from the Egyptian side.

According to Tobruk airport security chief Colonel Jawad Miloud a Libyan passenger numbers were heading to Egypt on board LN Libyan Airlines Flight 224 were returned to the land of their origin in the context of Egypt, the imposition of a visa application on any Libyan who enters within its territory of Egypt.

Jawad said that the Egyptian authorities returned some of the passengers on this trip, as they have a visa in advance.

It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian authorities had been allowed for the Elderly over than forty-five of the Libyans in  their territory but two days ago, they decided not to permit entering the territory without prior approval  for all age groups.

* This traitor to Jamahiriya has turned into a mercenary in the red circle called sleazy Khaldun, was an ex Secretary of the the National Youth Organisation of Libya in Tripoli. He is now engaged in murdering innocent Syrians as a NATO mercenary.

– Sabha: Rats started to panic where they were, after it was discovered a car bomb, unfortunately did not get to explode.

– Dr. Hamsa Touamani actually talks about Libya and the Fortress of the resistance that is growing every day.

– Derna: Continuing operations for al-Qaeda in the liquidation of Libyan officers and soldiers, especially in the Middle-Libi, was the victim this time is presented Adnan Alnobar, where he was killed after evening prayers in the tuber . Pointed out that he participated in the taking of the city of Sirte and destroying it in 2011.

– Tawergha: farmers in this area are continually harassed, kidnapped and tortured, today have gone out to express their outrage against the burning NATO mercenaries Nematic chanting slogans calling for the return of the Libyan Jamahiriya and honor to the Guide.

– Tarhuna: there are reports that there are strong factional clashes of bandits in the service of the CIA and NATO by distributions of power and money stolen.

NATO Crimes in Libya, so wavered in NATO crimes against the people of Libya and Muammar army

source: libia-sos.blogspot.ch/