Saif Al-Islam accuses Abubakr Buera of defamation; case to be heard in Tobruk

Saif Al-Islam accuses Abubakr Buera of defamation; case to be heard in Tobruk


By Ajnadin Mustafa.

Britain's Sunday Telegraph newspaper has claimed that Saif Qaddafi will be tried in Libya next month, free from any ICC involvement.

Saif Al-Islam (file photo)

Cairo, 10 September 2017:

Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi has filed a lawsuit against prominent House of Representatives (HoR) member Abubakr Buera accusing him of defamation in relation to postgraduate degree from the London School of Economics. Tobruk district court has accepted the case put forward by Saif’s lawyer Khalid Al-Zaidi, and has set a date of 16 October for a hearing.

The claim that Buera defamed Saif was presented by Zaidi after the Benghazi HoR representative challenged the legitimacy of Saif’s PhD, which he in 2008.

Buera released a statement in March 2011 to the London newspaper The Independent accusing Saif of recruiting Libyan academics to write his dissertation. He reportedly alleged that Saif had gathered an assortment of PhD graduates from what was then Benghazi’s Garyounis University (now the University of Benghazi) to help him write his doctoral thesis. Buera was a professor at Garyounis at the time and specifically named an economics professor, Ahmed Menesi, as one of Saif’s collaborators. Menesi went on to become governor of the Central Bank of Libya then Libyan ambassador to Austria.

In the article Buera called on LSE to investigate Saif’s PhD. The LSE did so, but said there was no evidence to back up the allegation.

It is not thought that Saif will turn up for the case.  His current whereabouts remain something of a mystery. Since being released from house arrest and leaving Zintan, he was reported as having gone to the south of the country.


‘Bought Journalism’: German bestseller reveals CIA pay Western media for spin & bias

‘Bought Journalism’: German bestseller reveals CIA pay Western media for spin & bias




Cyrenaica “government” unveiled

By Ahmed Elumami.

Editor’s note: Well its finally here the FUKUS WITH NATO succeeded to split LIBYA IN SMALL PIECES WHICH IS EASIER TO MANIPULATE BRAVO FUKUS. Hope all Libyans wake up and once again we can join forces and become ONE GREAT NATION AS WE USED TO BE. 


1950 Stamp of Cyrenaica

1950 Stamp of Cyrenaica

Federalists announced a government for Cyrenaica today. Consisting of a prime minister, deputy prime minister and 24 other ministers, it is viewed as largely the creation of Ibrahim Jadhran, the former Petroleum Facilities Guard commander who is leading the eastern oil terminals blockade and who was elected as head of the self-proclaimed Cyrenaica Council’s Political Bureau on 17 August.

It was Jadhran who named Abdraba Abdulhameed Al-Barasi to be Cyrenaica’s “prime minister” three weeks ago and who today said that the announcement of the government was two days late but that “we fulfilled our promise of a new regional government”.

Barasi said that the reason for the move was because the central authorities “have failed and have shown incompetence and corruption”. They were not to be trusted anymore, he said.  Also, Cyrenaica had suffered systematic negligence. His “government”, he declared, took its legitimacy and legal status from the 1951 Kingdom of Libya constitution ­(which, in fact was amended in 1963, and the three-state federal makeup was replaced by a United Kingdom of Libya with 10 regions).

Insisting that it was “not a secession movement but a movement for ‪Libya”, and that “Cyrenaica is the start and the aim is Libya”, Barasi added, the primary task at the moment was the security situation in Cyrenaica. He promised “swift action” to enact it. All the assassinations there would be investigated. Without law and order being imposed, he added, the whole idea of a Cyrenaica government would be “meaningless”.

As well as ensuring security, it would address the lack of investment in the region as “a matter of urgency”.

According to the Cyrenaica Council (CC), the “government” had been formed “after extensive consultations” with all civil society in the   region. It would be based in Beida and would start work next week.

It had been divided into “four clear administrative province” Ajdabiya, Benghazi, Green Mountain and Tobruk. Each province would have a ten-member management team to run its affairs initially, and would be further subdivided into municipalities.

Although there are no women in his team, there is a fair representation of Cyrenaican tribes which, unlike those in the west of the country, still have some political clout.

Responding to the announcement, Congress Spokesman Omar Hemidan told the Libya Herald that the announcement of the “so-called Cyrenaica Region” was illegal. Those behind it were exploiting the fact that there had been failings in the government’s performance.

It was not going to work, he suggested, because it was not going to be recognised by any of the state authorities that have been elected by the Libyan people.

“We said our position before about so-called Cyrenaica and repeat once again that despite the shortcomings in [government] performance, it doesn’t mean we divide Libya” Hemidan stated.

The Cyrenaican ministers, said to have been chosen for their qualifications and experience, are:

  1. Faraj Omar Al-Abdli (Deputy of the Executive Office);

  2. Colonel Adam Ali Urufi (Interior);

  3. Abdulhammed Saleh Al-Hayash (Islamic Affairs);

  4. Abdulmalek Zway (Wealth and Minerals);

  5. Riad Anwar Shenib (Economy and Commerce);

  6. Alameen Attaya Al-Minifi (Industry);

  7. Jibril Razqallah Al-Awami (Planning);

  8. Mohamed Al-Mabrouk Buqaiqis (High education and Search);

  9. Mohamed Yousef Fanoush (Education);

  10. Fatthallah Mohamed Taher Al-Drisi (Public Service);

  11. Faraj Abdel Salam Al-safty Al-Shalawi (Transportation);

  12. Abdulhafeed Burghaia Ubaidi (Agriculture);

  13. Fathi Salem Raheel Ashaba ( livestock and marine);

  14. Mohamed Saad Hammad Qabaili (Housing);

  15. Nasser Eddin Mohna (Health);

  16. Abdel Nasser Suleiman Altbawi (Water and Environment);

  17. Hamad Saad Saaiti (Tourism and Antiquities);

  18. Faraj Hamad Al-Musmari (Wounded people)’

  19. Abdulsalam Ashour Qattani (Culture);

  20. Mansour Salem Khamis Faitori (Communications);

  21. Abdulati Mohamed Al-Fakhri (Electricity);

  22. Tawfiq Uthman Uraibi (Youth and Sport);

  23. Ibrahim Bakar Imdawi (Justice);

  24. Hussam Moamen Naas (Social Affairs).

It is unclear what following the “Cyrenaica Government” has, but it is not thought to be great.


Cyrenaica “government” unveiled

(While the West did the Intervention for Democracy they brought the Sharia law) Female teachers must cover face says Grand Mufti

(***While the West did the Intervention for Democracy they brought the Sharia law) Female teachers must cover face says Grand Mufti


By Aimen Eljali.


The Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadik Al Ghariani

The Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadik Ali Ghariani

Editors comment: Let me explain something, this idiot sheikh at the time of Qaddafi‘s reign was nothing but an idiot and never taken seriously, after the WEST intervention in removing the Libyan Government together with NATO they decided together with this idiot sheikh to name himself as the Grand Mufti. This article is from Libyan Herald which is owned by LONDON TIMES CONTROLLED BY MI6. It just shows you how Democratic News we have in Libya.)

Tripoli, 13 October 2013:

The Grand Mufti, Sheikh Sadik Al-Ghariani, has issued a fatwa saying that female teachers in schools and colleges must cover their faces if they are teaching males who have reached puberty. (****they are so sex deprived it seems that we need a fatwa to tell the women not to tempt the boys really? At Qaddafi’s reign this would have been forbidden.)

He made the ruling following a request for advice from the Ministry of Education on the issue. It had said that some female teachers were veiling their faces while giving lessons but it felt that this was having a negative impact on students’ understanding because, by not seeing the teacher’s face, they were not able to interact and properly lean.

It asked for a fatwa telling female teachers to remove their veil inside the classroom while teaching.

The best solution, (*** for this idiot sheikh was) the Grand Mufti said, was to segregate male and females altogether in schools and colleges and universities “because those in charge are duty-bound in Islam to do so, if they able to”.

If that is not possible, they must at least be segregated during break times, in halls and corridors and have separate entrances for boys and girls.

In addition, students must be made to dress “respectfully and to abide by the Islamic dress code and not to allow girls to wear make-up and perfumes to avoid temptation”, (*** what temptation, if the boys can not restrain themselves you do not need a fatwa you need to teach them that girls and boys have the same rights.)the fatwa said. Schools should have male teachers to teach boys and female teachers to teach girls, it added. (****told you his an idiot)

There was a suggestion of a concession for older female teaches.  The ruling about covering the face specifically said that a female teacher should veil herself if she was herself of a young age.

It is not clear where this leaves the Ministry of Education. Last month it said that it would not segregate male and female students in schools and universities because, given that the vast majority of teachers were females, this would damage their education.

But having requested a fatwa and having obtained one that is clearly not what it wanted,  the ministry is now in the position of possibly having to force female teachers do cover their faces.


Sister kills brother in political fight

Sister kills brother in political fight

By Aimen Eljali.

Tripoli, 25 August 2013:

A young Libyan woman is reported to have stabbed her brother to death in Tripoli in a row over politics.

Although the police will neither confirm nor deny the story, it is said that yesterday at around 11pm, a fight occurred involving the two at their home off Shara Omar Mukhtar.

The 25-year old sister, who had been at the former Girls’ Military Academy at Suq Al-Thalat, is reported to be a Qaddafi supporter. Her brother, in his 30s, supported the revolution. Neither have been named as yet.

A neighbour told the Libya Herald that their mother was unable to intervene between her daughter and son, who is said to have badly beaten his sister. He then left the house and returned an hour later and, as he sat down to eat, his angry sister stabbed him in the back with a knife. When asked why, she is said by the neighbour to have replied proudly that such a person whose hands “carried out dirty work deserved such a fate”.

The two are said not to have got on for some time and had been in a number of fights before. It is claimed the brother used to constantly order his sister around, demanding she serve him without hesitation, and calling her an enemy of Libya, adding that she and her like had contributed to the present chaos in the country.