Britain destroyed documents showing the imperialistic crimes

Thousands of documents, proving the crimes committed by Britain against peoples fighting for their independence from the United Kingdom, was destroyed by the authorities.

These documents date from the’50s and ’60s , when they started the wave of independence within the British Empire and referred mainly to Malaysia, the Kenya and Jamaica. Also, the documents including some relating to the bloody suppression of the uprising of the Mau-Mau in Kenya in the period 1952-1960. Recall that the discovery of some forgotten content of the Foreign Office boxes of such documents forced last June in London to compensate thousands of Kenyans, almost 60 years after the suppression of the uprising of the Mau – Mau, a particularly dark period in the history of British colonialism.

The newspaper “Times» , which published data from these files reveals that official orders were aimed at four types of documents : “What might embarrass the government of Her Majesty and other governments,” “what could to embarrass the police, army, civil servants and other people between those informants ‘,‘ what could incriminate the secret services ‘and’ what could be used in an unethical manner by government ministers. ” 


Britain destroyed documents showing the imperialistic crimes





by Jim Stone — Rebel News Sept 10, 2013

I was contacted by a Doctorate of Pharmacology who revealed a new method of creating brain destroying vaccines, and for a few months I sat on the story because I did not “get it”.

Here is what they are now doing. They are growing brain tissue from stem cells, stripping the proteins off of them and coating the inactive or weakened pathogens that a vaccine normally uses with these proteins. Many people out there know that friendly vaccines contain either dead or weakened versions of the disease they are supposed to prevent. To cause a friendly vaccine to become destructive, all that is needed is to coat these weakened pathogens with proteins, hormones, or whatever else in the recipient’s body you want destroyed, and when the recipient’s immune system reacts to the pathogen, it will recognize the protein or other material you coated that pathogen with as hostile also and then attack it wherever it exists in the body.

Emotional and cognitive neurons are not the same as the neurons that control body function, and their proteins and other components are slightly different from physical control neurons, especially in the synapses. If you start with a stem cell and grow it to only form a blob of emotional or cognitive neurons and then take the proteins and other materials from these stem cells, grown in a culture, and attach them to the pathogens in a vaccine, the recipient’s body will then proceed to destroy the parts of the brain that have proteins that match what was in the stem cell culture.

And this is exactly what we are seeing in the children now, with the outrageously high autism rates. And it’s far worse than that, EVERY child who receives one of these sabotaged vaccines gets a severe emotional and intellect hit, and those who get hit the hardest develop full blown autism. These sabotaged vaccines, whatever the form, were introduced during the same time frame that the aptitude test standards were lowered. These standards were lowered and lowered again and again as the vaccines became worse, the autism rates climbed, and the general intelligence of the population dropped. They had to incrementally lower the test standards to hide the incrementally increased damage from the vaccines. They could not have every kid failing all of a sudden because people would look for the cause.

The smoking gun:

Want proof of the world conspiracy? Would you like a simple and easy way to KNOW EXACTLY WHO THE DESTROYERS ARE? Just take a look at the autism rates in the Jewish community, where they remain the same now as they were in the 70′s when autism rates were below one in 20,000. There are definitely non sabotaged vaccines available today, and the autism numbers in the Jewish community PROVE IT. Take a look at the autism rates in Israel. Google it out. That alone is proof enough of who is sabotaging the vaccines. And the hit pieces done against those who have discovered the truth are only further confirmation of who is doing it, when it comes to the ziopress you hear only the numbers, NEVER THE REASON.

This hearkens back to the 80′s and 90′s with the original anti fertility vaccines distributed by the UN to reduce the populations in the third world. Don’t know about that? surf it out. These vaccines work in exactly the same way, but it was possible to make them without stem cells because the fertility hormones could be manufactured and then used to coat the pathogens. To cause a small girl to become sterile for life, they coated the polio pathogen in the polio vaccine with progesterone. To sterilize women ages 15 – 45, they coated the tetanus pathogen in the tetanus vaccine with prostglandin, the hormone which signals a pregnancy has occurred. If the immune system attacks prostglandin, the woman will proceed to a normal period rather than hold her pregnancy.

Prior to this new approach where proteins from stem cells were used, I had other medical professionals tell me that the elite had re designed bacteriophages to attack only the precise neurons in the brain the elite wanted removed. There is an alex Jones video out there that goes over this very well, go to YouTube and search out “brain eating vaccines”. It will be the 15 minute video titled “media pushing brain eating vaccines” or something similar, just in case the zioscammers put up a bunch of flak to bury the real one.

This new approach, where the white blood cells themselves become programmed to eat the brain rather than a bacteriophage is the new preferred mode of action, because a mutation which made the bacteriophage capable of going airborne would make it so that the elite were not safe from their own weapon. Having the child’s own immune system destroy that child is a far safer method for the elite, because it ensures their own weapon will never become something that can destroy them, and the ignorant parents won’t ever realize that the “immune system malfunction for a baby that was genetically susceptible to the vaccine” that caused their child to start spinning in a circle like a chimpanzee was actually intentionally inflicted.

Just google autism spinning.

Got a goy baby there? Ha, the GOY get the green and red striped vial, the blue one is for the JEW. Nope, the Jews are NOT ONE BIT SMARTER THAN US, UNTIL THEY USE THEIR CONTROL OF THE MEDICAL SYSTEM TO MAKE IT THAT WAY. Welcome to the new future, where babies look like chimpanzees, the young children hardest hit behave and spin like chimpanzees and the Jews are the best at EVERYTHING. To get your child vaccinated safely, go to a Jewish medical center, say you are Jewish, and things will likely be fine if no controls are in place to confirm if you are Jewish or not. I never looked at this angle of it, but there has GOT TO be a way to get a safe vaccine and you can bet they know. Perhaps there is kosher and non kosher. It’s that way, even with soap.

Israel autism rates

10 in 10,000  (incredibly low compared to 1 in 38 boys in Britain, 1 in 70 overall in UK.  America 1 in 50)

It is NOT the mercury anymore, though the mercury was bad, the new vaccines are SO MUCH WORSE that mercury could not possibly do that much damage without killing the child every time. This new mode of action kills only the part of the brain the “elite” want killed, and leaves the body control functions untouched in the vast majority of cases. It’s an intentional well calculated down grade of the non Jewish population, AFTER ALL, THE KID WAS STUPID ANYWAY DON’T YOU KNOW! Your race is devolving in intelligence rapidly, don’t you know? YOU are a WORKER DRONE.


Libya – An arrest warrant against Moussa Koussa, the former Foreign Minister (11 December 2012)

An arrest warrant against Moussa Koussa, the former Foreign Minister

Source : algeria isp

Libya - An arrest warrant against Moussa Koussa, the former Foreign Minister (11 December 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar Libya Elmokawama, Moussa Koussa, the former Foreign Minister of Muammar Gaddafi, who defected to flee to London, which became a key informant for NATO / Qatar / NTC. He allied himself with the rebellion then he has moved to Qatar. He sold Libya, days for which the country had need of him.

Today’s news, Qatar & CO have released that Moussa Koussa is no longer  under their protection!!!!!

(****so sweet betrayal!!! Allah always finds a way to pay back the people who betrayed Libya!!!!!)





nsnbc is investigating foreign involvement into the financing and delivering of illegal arms shipments to insurgents in Syria. nsnbc is encouraging any witnesses, whistle-blowers, and others with relevant evidence or documentation about the illegal arms trafficking to insurgents in Syria to come forward and contact nsnbc. If necessary, nsnbc guaranties the best possible protection of witnesses and whistle-blowers identity.

nsnbc is particularly interested in information pertaining:

  • The name of the German, Stuttgart based Security Firm, information about it´s involvement, insider information about recruitment procedures and other information that can lead to clarification of the full scope of it´s involvement in arming insurgents in Syria.

  • Foreign Military Forces. Any information that can lead to the identification of the foreign military forces which are deployed in Syria in violation of international law.

  • Saad Hariri. Any information that can contribute to clarifying the full scope of the involvement of Saad Hariri in materially supporting insurgents in Syria, including money transfers, weapons trade, transports etc.

  • Walid Jumblatt. Any information that can provide evidence and details of Walid Jumblatt´s involvement into arms shipments to insurgents in Syria. Of particular interest is arms trafficking of Israeli Arms via Raphael Industries.

  • Raphael Industries. Any information and documentation that clarifies the involvement of the Israeli Raphael Industry in arms shipments to insurgents in Syria.

  • Governmental Involvement. Any information that leads to clarification of the involvement of governments, governments functionaries and/or officials into illegal arms deliveries to insurgents in Syria. Of particular interest are the following countries. USA, UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Denmark, Bahrain, Germany, France, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Israel.

  • Any other information that can lead to the documentation of illegal arms sales, transports or distribution of arms to insurgents in Syria, and any other information that can lead to the documentation of the illegal deployment of foreign nations military, intelligence, and other personnel in Syria.

Witnesses and whistle blowers can contact nsnbc by e-mail at:


Witness and whistle-blower protection: If necessary encryption codes, secure phone lines or other security measures to protect witnesses identity can be arranged after contacting nsnbc by e-mail.

Christof Lehmann


Please distribute and publish this appeal widely.


High quality discreet executive protection service – Convoy Security & Travel Management Across Libya – Libya A New Dawn – Supporting the Oil and Gas industry within Libya – State of the art 24/7 operations center. – Rival militias clash south of Tripoli, two fighters killed and eight people wounded

High quality discreet executive protection service – Convoy Security & Travel Management Across Libya – Libya A New Dawn – Supporting the Oil and Gas industry within Libya – State of the art 24/7 operations center.  

Rival militias clash south of Tripoli, two fighters killed and eight people wounded 

(****Editor’s note: That’s where we have arrived to, having to advertise for a high quality discreet executive protection service where in Libya. Who would have thought of it! two years ago?? It reminds me of my flight back of the guy who looked like a bouncer telling me that he was a business adviser!!! what a joke!!! really!! who did he think he was fooling??? Do all English and American bouncers think that all Libyans are idiots???)

Rival militias clashed south of the capital on Friday, firing machine guns and rockets at one another in fighting that left at least two people dead, officials said. The clash underscored the tenuous security situation in the North African nation since revolutionary forces overthrew the regime of Gaddafi. Libya’s new leaders are still struggling to rein in the various militias that played a key role in toppling Gaddafi but have largely refused so far to disarm or submit to the interim government’s authority. Friday’s violence pitted fighters from the town of Gharyan, 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Tripoli, against a militia from al-Asabia, about 10 miles (16 kilometers) to the southwest. Ahmed al-Sharif of the Gharyan militia said his fighters had gone to arrest people suspected of having ties to the former regime. Al-Asabia fighters refused to hand the suspects over, triggering a shootout that saw the two sides firing guns and rockets at each other. Medic Mohammed Hussein of the Gharyan hospital said two fighters were killed and eight people wounded, at least one of them a civilian.

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NTC declares the West a military zone

The National Transitional Council has ordered the military to use “all means necessary” to end clashes in Libya’s west. Tripoli also called for the creation of humanitarian corridors and a fact-finding mission. Libya’s transitional government on Saturday declared the west of the vast north-African country a military zone, deploying troops to impose a ceasefire on rival groups that have engaged in lethal clashes over the past six days. The clashes between fighters from the town of Zintan and members of the El-Mashashia tribe have killed 14 people and wounded another 89 this week, the interim government reported on Wednesday. The government has ordered the army chief and the interior ministry to consider the area of clashes a military zone and to use force and all means necessary to stop any shooting against innocent civilians”. It remains unclear what exactly triggered the current round of violence, but sources cited by the news agency AFP said that the clashes erupted when a Zintan resident was killed by Mashashia tribesman at a roadblock . The tribesmen, meanwhile, accuse Zintan fighters of shelling their village, Sheguiga, with tank and rocket fire.


source: http://snelibya.co.uk/ntc-declares-the-west-a-military-zone/