Hidden Camera in Saudi Arabia SHOCKING

Hidden Camera in Saudi Arabia SHOCKING

Here is a video showing the truth of Saudi Arabia and its Allies.

For all of those people who believe that Obama, Hillary, Cameron, Sarkozy, Merkel and Soros in other words the  CABAL are fighting terrorism will see in this video is exactly the opposite. They are assisting them training them and also helping them to sent all the refugees into Europe. Although the video do not mention the Germans and French they are also involved please watch it and spread the word.




Proposed solutions and responsibilities of the States involved in the case of Libya in their realization:


The Libyan people regret the international support that is openly biased favorable to the idea of transitional council, despite not achieving the minimum level of stability in Libya and have achieved some of its promises to build democracy and freedom of opinion and expression, and to ensure the protection of human rights.

The United Nations was idly by massacres and mass killings, arbitrary arrests, torture and displacement.

l. As soon as the leader Muammar Gaddafi, God rest his soul, was killed in a heinous crime in the eyes of the whole civilized world, the international community withdrew leaving entire cities to a destination under brutal and terrible destruction, as if their mission was limited to the killing of leader Muammar Gaddafi. The international community gave to intervene to protect civilians and let them fight each other and against brutal gangs armed with various weapons.

We need to hold accountable those States that have violated international resolutions 1970 and 1973 in the Libyan crisis, despite its lack of legitimacy, by sending weapons, soldiers and mercenaries to fight in Libya, contrary to the spirit of these resolutions, and against all international norms. You also need to hold accountable some of the countries that have not hesitated to publicly boast of the destruction of Libya, and Sudan, Qatar, UAE, France, Britain, Turkey and Jordan, a dangerous precedent that tarnishes the credibility of what he called international legitimacy, caused serious damage to the Libyan people as a result of undue international intervention affected the lives of Libyans and their safety and cast dark shadows on its future.

This predicament May 14 extend the negative impact of the surrounding spheres regional and international making Libya a source of risk for different parts of the world requires the moral responsibility of the international community and peace and security to love people to take responsibility and correct errors in intervening to reduce the suffering people who contributed secure peace for decades in the liberation of the people and helped them to the processes of development and progress. Not only this, but also Libya good cooperation and made ​​fruitful friendships with most countries in the framework of mutual respect and common interests and played a key role in the stability of international and regional peace, particularly in Africa. Addressing the Libyan crisis requires international intervention to find a peaceful solution of consensus without exclusion or marginalization, leading to the establishment of a democratic civil state to ensure equal rights of citizens without discrimination through a mechanism overall benefits of the various initiatives as the Africa Plan, with emphasis on the requirements to achieve outcomes that ensure the return of peace and stability in Libya and the countries of the region. These requirements include:

1. The disarmament of the armed groups and the revival and development of the armed forces, security, judicial and administrative institutions that allow them to perform their tasks.

2. To ensure the safe return of IDPs and other Libyans abroad to their homes.

3. Dealing with the damage caused by foreign intervention and internal conflicts equally to all, respecting the dead of all parties and provide a full and fair compensation for moral and material damage to individuals, families, and repair as a prelude to a genuine national reconciliation.

4. Conducting serious investigations into the massacres committed by NATO, especially in Tripoli, Brega, Zliten, Sorman, Sirte, Bani Walid, Mizdah, Sebha and Jufrah and the massacres committed by armed gangs supported by NATO and bring those responsible to justice.

5. The organization of a comprehensive national dialogue under the auspices Libyan coordinated international and regional guarantee the participation of all through the Libyan tribes and regions with the intention of making an agreement on the national constitutional formula for the future of Libya that guarantees the rights political and economical for all.

6. The realization of all-inclusive elections under international supervision and regional, without exclusion for any reason in order to build democratic institutions that guarantee the rights of individuals and entities, and profit warnings from human rights organizations about the risk of exclusion during the transition period and during the elections scheduled for the National Congress (Human Rights Watch statement on 04.28.2012 “editing systems support candidates and government officials” / link: http:// www.hrw.org/news/2012/04/28/libya-amend-vetting-regulations-candidates-officials All people of conscience and support proactive powers of the values ​​of justice, equality and rights Humans are invited to support our movement for peaceful reconciliation in our country. not exclude in this appeal states, organizations, communities, parliaments or governments or private associations.

If our initiative targets all these noble principles and values, we count you supporters of the right to engage in mediation to bring together Libyans, and turn the page of hostility and struggle to keep Libya for all Libyans and Libya To benefit from the skills and experience of all its citizens without exclusion.

Our initiative is also aimed at those who helped put this situation in Libya, either directly or indirectly.

We call on all these parties to support reconciliation and the establishment of peace and security, as had supported the war, and standing by civilians who are exposed today to the exclusion, in its present form by civilians in the early days of unrest in our country.

Excellency, We wish to inform you that we are ready, on our side, to work with all willing to participate in the restoration of peace and security in our country in order to create an atmosphere of brotherhood among all Libyans without exclusion or marginalization. Pending a positive response that we hope will please Accept,

Excellency, our sincere greetings and deep gratitude.

source: libia-sos.blogspot.ch


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