Libya condemns Italy’s decision to increase troops in Misurata

Libya condemns Italy’s decision to increase troops in Misurata

TRIPOLI, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) — The National Defense and Security Committee of the Libyan eastern-based House of Representatives on Thursday condemned Italy’s decision to deploy more troops in the city of Misurata.

“The National Defense and Security Committee condemns the clear violation of Libya’s sovereignty by Italy through the Italian House of Representatives vote to approve the increase of its forces in Misurata,” the committee said in a statement.

“With this vote, Italy admits the presence of its forces, despite its previous denial of any troops on Libyan territory,” the statement added.

The committee warned Italy against “continued violation of Libya’s sovereignty,” and demanded explanation from Italy.

The Italian parliament on Wednesday approved the increase of Italian troops in Libya.

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said earlier that Italy will transfer part of its military units from Iraq and Afghanistan to North Africa to combat illegal immigration and counter terrorism threats.

In September 2016, the Italian government sent a non-combat military mission, which includes about 100 special forces personnel, at the request of the Libyan UN-backed government to Misurata, some 200 km east of the capital Tripoli, to provide protection for the Italian field hospital inside Misurata air base.


Afriqiyah Airways CEO resigns, blames Presidential Council for Mitiga Airport’s gunbattle

Afriqiyah Airways CEO resigns, blames Presidential Council for Mitiga Airport’s gun battle

Written by: AbdulkaderAssad

The CEO of Afriqiyah Airways Abu Bakr Al-Forteya resigned Monday and blamed the Presidential Council for the clashes that rocked Mitiga Airport in Tripoli and the consequent deaths, injuries and damage.

The CEO’s resignation came in a phone call interview with a TV channel, where he said the attacking brigade that wrecked havoc in the airport was part of the Presidential Council’s Defense Ministry.

“The Presidential Council enabled a parallel legitimate executive department to surface on the scene.” He added, saying the Libyan judiciary ruled three times for his favor and adding that the PC’s executive department violated the methods used by the airliner regarding distributing planes to Libyan airports to avoid danger, citing Monday incident when “all planes came under fire.”

“Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala and the PC are involved in corruption contract with Airbus worth 3.7 billion dollars and Afriqiya Airways under my watch was trying to stop this contract but those officials kept it going by enabling a parallel executive department, which did not move along regarding the deal.” Al-Forteya explained.

He added that Sayala disregarded the verdicts ruled for the airliner’s current executive department and prevented making them public, saying “Libya’s judiciary is corrupted.”

“We are now left with one airplane from the whole Afriqiyah Airways fleet as the others were hit by the clashes and the repairing works need a long time as we have to talk to the manufacturer company.” He said, adding that the PC and its parallel executive department for the airliner tried to bring all the Libyan planes from abroad but failed as Libya was checked unsafe by insurance companies.

The PC, he added, cannot secure the airliner’s staffers against any harm such as arrests and kidnap, saying three of the staffers were abducted and the last of whom was an employee heading to a meeting in Tunisia.

“They never appeared before court or any investigation bureau, and the reasons behind their arrest were not announced. The PC never replied to our questions regarding those employees.”

Afriqiyah Airways suspended all flights from Mitiga and Misrata airports on Monday following the damage that hit most of its planes during the clashes in Mitiga airport.


Records of #Jerusalem deeds found in #Ottoman archives cause #Israel unease

Records of Jerusalem deeds found in Ottoman archives cause Israel unease. 

There are 171,306 deeds recorded in 46 registries of Jerusalem in Ottoman archive records. Of these, 133,365 are private property and 37,671 belong to foundations. In addition to this, Turkey’s archives also have records of Jerusalem between the hijri years 950 and 1917.

Among the records of private property were 139 deeds belonging to Sultan Abdul Hamid II, 137 of which were transferred to the treasury in the past. The remaining two are in Jerusalem’s Erihav region. The records show that there is a plot of land approximately 30,000 square meters in size that is recorded under the name of Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

The deeds proving that Palestine belongs to Palestinians were handed to Palestinian officials. Israel did not ask for deed records from Turkey. Had Israel requested these records, it would mean that Israel would be accepting that it is occupying Palestine.

A memorandum was signed between Palestine and Jordan. Procedures such as the maintenance and repair of foundations in Jerusalem were transferred to Jordan. Therefore, in 2016, upon the request of Jordan, Turkey provided copies of the deeds of foundations in Jerusalem to Jordan.

Foreign-installed Puppet Government in Tripoli Declares State of Emergency

Foreign-installed Puppet Government in Tripoli Declares State of Emergency

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Presidential Council of the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) declared a state of emergency in the country’s capital of Tripoli on Monday over the deadly clashes at the Mitiga International Airport, according to the GNA’s statement.

Earlier in the day, the clashes between the Special Deterrence Force and a militant group based in Tajoura neighborhood erupted near the Mitiga airport in Tripoli, claiming the lives of at least 11 people and injuring over 20, according to media reports.

“We announce the state of emergency in Tripoli until the security personnel manage to end the clashes that are terrifying the residents around the Mitiga airport, ” the statement read, as quoted by the Libyan Express media outlet.

Following the incident, the flights to and from Tripoli were halted and redirected to the International Misrata airport in the city of Misrata.

Libya has been in turmoil since the 2011 NATO war against the country and the brutal assassination of revolutionary leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Why Haftar visits UAE discreetly?

Why Haftar visits UAE discreetly?

Circulated news said that the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a few days ago, discreetly.

The news reported that Haftar’s visit to Abu-Dhabi comes in the context of the continues communications between the Dignity Operation’s leadership and the UAE. The reports hadn’t provided any details about the secret visit.

It is worth mentioning that Haftar was invited to visit the UAE last November,

Sources said that Haftar is also preparing for visiting Egypt in the coming week to attend the final military meeting in Cairo to talk about unifying the Libyan army under the supervision of the Egyptian intelligence services.

The discreet Haftar’s visit to the UAE raised a question about why Haftar hadn’t announced that he is visiting the UAE. Is the visit related to the coming general elections in Libya? Is Haftar looking for more support from the UAE in his campaign?

Observers said that it is not strange for Haftar to visit the UAE because he gets his primary support from there, commenting that the UAE is struggling to spoil the political operation in Libya and would continue supporting Haftar for the sake of ruining any political solution in Libya.

In the same context, this kind of military meetings usually carried out discreetly and the UAE finances and supports Haftar away from the media while the other sides in Libya talk about elections and political solutions.

Commentators said that the UAE has its ambitions to become a reliable economic, political, and military power in the region before the end of the chaos in Libya and other countries in the area. They added that when Libya gets rid of its crises, no outsider power can influence or control the Libyan state.