Why Haftar visits UAE discreetly?

Why Haftar visits UAE discreetly?

Circulated news said that the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a few days ago, discreetly.

The news reported that Haftar’s visit to Abu-Dhabi comes in the context of the continues communications between the Dignity Operation’s leadership and the UAE. The reports hadn’t provided any details about the secret visit.

It is worth mentioning that Haftar was invited to visit the UAE last November,

Sources said that Haftar is also preparing for visiting Egypt in the coming week to attend the final military meeting in Cairo to talk about unifying the Libyan army under the supervision of the Egyptian intelligence services.

The discreet Haftar’s visit to the UAE raised a question about why Haftar hadn’t announced that he is visiting the UAE. Is the visit related to the coming general elections in Libya? Is Haftar looking for more support from the UAE in his campaign?

Observers said that it is not strange for Haftar to visit the UAE because he gets his primary support from there, commenting that the UAE is struggling to spoil the political operation in Libya and would continue supporting Haftar for the sake of ruining any political solution in Libya.

In the same context, this kind of military meetings usually carried out discreetly and the UAE finances and supports Haftar away from the media while the other sides in Libya talk about elections and political solutions.

Commentators said that the UAE has its ambitions to become a reliable economic, political, and military power in the region before the end of the chaos in Libya and other countries in the area. They added that when Libya gets rid of its crises, no outsider power can influence or control the Libyan state.


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  1. Re: Your closing sentence above says….no outsider power can influence or control the Libyan state” means, I hope, that only the Libyan people will decide what kind of government and who will emerge as the leaders of, the renewed State of Libya.

  2. And my heart is with the Libyan people on this one and I am confident that if outsiders stay out of it you can come up with the right people and government that is best for all Libyans. The key is: No covert interference while “pretending” to stay out. If the truth be known, we have the same problem here in the USA. Our country is dying here because of (((outsiders))) ruling us covertly, and our people don’t know it.

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