An Open letter to ICC Prosecutor Ms. Fatou Bensouda

An Open letter to ICC Prosecutor Ms. Fatou Bensouda

Dear Ms. Bensiuda,

Although I do not count myself as naive in believing that the ICC is impartial in sending warrants to alleged Criminals but I count on your self-respect and humanity unless you have sold both to the highest bidder which would be FRANCE, BRITAIN, USA, CANADA, NETHERLANDS, QATAR, TURKEY AND SAUDI ARABIA. You have demanded that Libya captures again Saif Qaddafi and Commander Mahmoud Mustafa Al Warfalli In alleged crimes against humanity.

From what I understand you have documented evidence on both cases although Saif Qaddafi has been acquitted by the court of Libya you somehow do not care about our laws but what the ICC has in hand. My question is have you even bothered to check the authenticity of the documents that you have in your possession? Of course not because that would mean that Saif Qaddafi would be free to travel and cause a havoc if he produced documents that would shutter the shadow government that you work for.

I would have accepted these allegations had you

1st taken action on NATO bombings that killed innocent civilians, Hospitals, Water Factory, Schools, Children’s playground the list is long. NATO bombs where from depleted Uranium but it seems to me that I keep on forgetting that you can not issue a warrant as NATO IS ABOVE THE LAW whether it kills one innocent or million innocent people they are called collateral damage.

2nd taken action on the moderate rebels where killing civilians with cluster bombs made in Spain all the west tried to pin it on the Libyan Jamahirya till we proved to you that it was not by us.

3rd taken action against and sent warrants to the person who assassinated Muammer Qaddafi and his son Muatasim Qaddafi. Unfortunately you can not do that because in the assassination of Muammer Qaddafi there were foreign agents involved (France, USA, UK) as for Muatasim Qaddafi are responsible the Misurata militia that the Cabal government are supporting.

4th taken action at the moderate rebels as Obama and Hillary called them for their atrocious criminal actions (rapes, torture killing infants, beheadings). If you ever decide to take action we have videos and pictures also we have witnesses… but I am sure you never will.

5th taken action on the moderate rebels together with Misurata militia for the genocide of whole village called Tawergha and what has remained from the Tawerghan people have been displaced or put in secret jails.

6th taken action when General Abdel Fatah Younes was cold bloodied murdered and burned we know who did it but you and your colleagues never said a word.

7th taken action for Hala Al Misrati that she was held prisoner raped for weeks on end we have the video of the moderate rebels who decided to do this atrocious crime.

8th taken action for the Mufti Sadiq Gharyani who preached terrorist acts and gave his allegiance to ISIS.

9th taken action for Abdelhakim Belhadj who is known terrorist second man of Bin Laden, blew up the train station in Spain was responsible for the American embassy in Africa in August 1998, but of course you will not charge him because he has powerful friends like Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham and lets not forget Hillary Clinton. It’s internationally known that he is currently the head of ISIS forces in Libya. Belhadj oversaw the murders by ISIS of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya in February 2015. Belhadj has since implemented Sharia Law throughout Tripoli and is utterly devoted to promoting ISIS throughout not only the Middle East, but the world. So again I ask the question why don’t you charge him also? Is it that your bosses still need him to destroy Europe and the rest of the Middle East?

10th taken action when Bani Wallid was attacked by the Misurata militia  with Mustard gas and Sarin?

11th taken action when Salah Badi from Misurata burned down the international airport of Tripoli and since then Tripoli is hold captive from the Misurata militias together with Belhaj and the puppet regime of the UN backed government who had to get permission to enter Tripoli they were locked for 3 months on a ship.

12th taken action when Derna and Sirte were invaded by ISIS and the beheadings started why haven’t you sent a warrant for them?

13th taken action against NATO for the massacre bombing of the Khweili family in Sorman were two families where completely wiped off from earth with 900 tons of bombs. Below is the video which from what I gather you have never seen or if you did, who are you to lose your job for such a trivial accident that NATO did… you haven’t bothered to investigate that NATO took the co ordinates of “Twitter” a spy had sneaked in pretending to twitter his friends. In reality, he had just marked the targets and was relaying them through the social network at NATO Headquarters. As NATO has diplomatic immunity but for how long? This was no accident or a mistake from the pilot, it was deliberate. The Russian news agency “Sputnik” has published about Khalid al-Hamidi’s office of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy called his father in May 2011, offering him a safe exit from Libya to France, and its subsequent support, later to be elected president of Libya which of course he refused.

Maybe if you took the time to watch these videos which all of them were splattered on the Social Media but your previous colleague “Luis Moreno-Ocampo” who by the way is indicted for bribery from a Libyan by the Name Tatanaki who did atrocities in exchange that he(Tatanaki) will never be indicted.

But please feel free to watch the next two videos maybe you will finally decide to take action and leave the worries of your Swiss accounts or at the offshore accounts. Shame on you for not trying to get justice for your own people and I mean the AFRICAN people.


So while you are there to judge for crimes against humanity, for the life of me I can not see – you taking any action against NATO, ISIS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS who decided to invade a sovereign country. The only thing I see from you is issuing warrants for people who try to protect their country from invaders, masochists, war thrillers and psychopaths.

Fill free to contact me I have over 2000 videos of war crimes done by the above mentioned people I even have the murder of our president Qaddafi and his son Mutaseem. For once in this lifetime let the JUSTICE NOT BE BLIND.






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  1. you must remember that hillary clinton calling for M Gaddafhi to be killed was a war crime also that head tnc has openly admitted to the libyanpeople that the whole bombing and so called protester deaths was set up before hand by nato this woman is an idiot demand arrest warrant of clinton the icc is becoming tool of the west look at iraq you think they could not issue warrants for war crimes against us british soldiers at least forget isis these are false flags set up by west to demanize muslims again 9/11 was inside job and everything since many voted for trump knowing this and his promise to end wars theman is a fraud just like all us govs isis is the product of shia persecution in iraq against sunnis and hawaja massacre

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