The Real Correlation Between Muslim Brotherhood And Al-Qaeda in Yemen .

The Real Correlation Between Muslim Brotherhood And Al-Qaeda in Yemen .

By: Mohammed Al_Hojily
The questions get a loud about what is the ties between Muslim Brotherhood with terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda or AQAP .As every one  knows that Muslim Brotherhood group is ready to do any thing for getting the power whether making a deal with the devil or killing all the government members including the president while they pray the Friday’s prayer as such as we know what MB did in 2011 where they bombed the former president Saleh while he was praying with many of government members.  So why they will not make secret agreement with Al-Qaeda or why will they prevent from creating a terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda. In Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology it’s doesn’t matter the way to get to power because the more important is the goal .

Despite that Al-Qaeda & Muslim brotherhood ( islah party ) in Yemen have the same ideologies which is the Salafish Wahhabism jihadist also they have fought together in Afghanistan in the same side and same agenda & led by the same persons but that the Muslim Brotherhood still deny their ties with the Qaeda and the other terrorist groups .

It’s a known that this group kept it’s own secrets far away from people’s ears for decades, But how long can the secret remain hidden  away from the people?

Many connections became known to all about strong ties between MB leaders and Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Let’s take some examples for those connections ,

Abdul Majid Al- Zindani a head of Iman’s university ( which is the main source to generate Muslim brotherhood extremists in Yemen ) is also represents the Godfather of that group , he was from the oldest jihadists who went to Afghanistan and fought with Bin Laden side by side , In 2004 the US Treasury Department published Zindi name as Global terrorist Anwar Al- Awlaki took lectures at the Iman university and met Zindani personally ,

Sultan Alaradah the governor of Maribe and a leader in Islah party the U.S treasury department sanctioned punishments for his brother by charge funding Al-Qaeda in Yemen .

Many MB members disclosed their ties to Al-Qaeda recently front all the world media but they still deny that ties ,

At the end we can classify their truth if they have real ties with terrorist groups or not by ourselves and no need to let the decision to MB’s members themselves