Dorda’s wife Reveal the truth

Dorda’s wife Reveal the truth

Abdelbaset Ben Hammel – Africa News Portal
Amal al-Aakouri, the wife of Bouzid Dorda, the head of the external security apparatus detained in al-Hadaba prison, said in a statement to the African news portal and promises Libyans everywhere in the country that her husband, Bouzid Omar Dorda, was liberated by the rebel battalion of Tripoli led by Haitham al-Tajuri. Of the youth of the capital, and that he and all his colleagues in the prison of the plateau are in good health and peace without any injuries, under the auspices of the battalion of the rebels of Tripoli and safe and surrounded by all care.
Al-Aakouri thanked all those who contributed to the liberation of the family and their security.

She also thanked Haitham Al-Tajouri and all the young people with him. “We are confident that they are capable of protecting and caring for all the prisoners without endangering them, because they know that they suffered nearly six years of oppression and oppression. And the torture that led them to storm the prison plateau to put an end to this suffering and unfair injustice. “