European internal report paints a pessimistic picture of the security situation in Libya

by Ali Oouhadh

Approved an internal report prepared by the mission «Iobam» border management in Libya, the difficulty of establishing the European Union at this stage practical cooperation with Libya in the field of border control mechanism to support and enhance the security and judicial organs capabilities in the country.

Mission «Iobam» is the security team, which the European Union plans to publish in Libya for more than two years, but without being able to do so for security reasons, and forcing supervisors to resort to the concentration in Tunisia.

The deployment of the router to the External Action Service, which is supervised by the Italian report, Federica Mogherini, in Brussels, at a time when questions mount about the credibility of the European Union followed the option so far in the preview of the Libyan crisis, and in identifying interlocutors on the ground in the area of immigration dilemma management, which a matter of primary concern in Brussels.

The EU announced the beginning of this year allocated 200 million euros to help Libya cope with security problems, and the collapse of living standards of the population, but European sources reported that they do not have a process on how to dispose of these funds plan because of the absence addressee Lippi is able to manage any plan or specific project Currently.

He says Europeans who held almost a year since the position of the supporter of the Presidential Council, led by winner OS at the expense of all other objects that they currently face difficulty in the implementation of any move to help this Council. And suffers the Presidential Council, according to diplomats, the limited ability to move and the absence of a political sidelines him in the country and the lack of a strong military base is based.

Interior Ministry controlled by militias

EU report says trading is limited and that the Libyan situation is controlled by Mottagazbh the conflicting parties did not have the security, judicial, administrative and customs devices that live up to such a definition. The report spoke about the spread of the militia in 1500 at least in Libya, as well as the control of the militias on the majority of the security forces in Tripoli, as well as the absence of a judicial system has the authority, and to his lack of intelligence service works.

The report also says that the Ministry of Interior in Libya controlled by militias, religious extremist trends and that the Department of Defense does not have any control over the armed forces and the dominance of the militias on human smuggling operations.

This is the first time that the EU experts acknowledge the arrival of the situation in Libya to that level of decline and the difficulty of handling security missions and immigration experts and specialists in various devices with the warring Libyan parties rehabilitation. EU experts believe that the various elements of the police in Tripoli itself belong to the armed organizations were Hrantha.

And touches this assertion concerns registered with many European parties on the affiliations of the items that are planned to qualify either «NATO» or the European Union and the uncertainty of the actual body that show loyalty to them in the end.

It recommended the European report, explicitly, that he can not deal only with parties own actual and legitimate subject of accounting and get the lowest standards and controls of public administration. He considered it necessary to deal with the legitimate authorities have the control over the country’s various institutions.

The letting leaked internal report on Libya by the external work in Brussels service as an indication of a trend to review the European Union options to several factors, the most important is undoubtedly ready for a possible change in US President Donald Trump’s management direction of the Libyan matter the position, as well as in anticipation of what the outcome of the Egyptian telecom Algerian – Tunisian as well as beginning to assess the rapprochement between Russia and the east of the country, which now for the first time officially go on the oil sector.

The monitors record that the United Nations Mission in Libya itself has become reflect the positions warns of collapse of the Libyan situation, especially the population living in the west of the country and the difficulty of reaching understandings out of the crisis because of the intransigence of the militias.

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