Libia, la grande spartizione — Bye Bye Uncle Sam

Translation from Italian

Oil, huge reserves of water, billions of sovereign wealth funds. The loot under the bombs

“Italy welcomes the air operations launched today by the United States on some of DAESH targets in Sirte. They take place at the request of the Government of National Unity, to support forces loyal to the government, in the common goal of helping to restore peace and security in Libya “:

This is the press release of the Foreign Ministry on August 1.
To “in Libya peace and security” we are thinking in Washington, Paris, London and Rome the same ones who, after the war destabilized and shattered with the Libyan state, they go to pick up the pieces with a “mission to the international assistance to Libya ‘ . The idea that shines through authoritative voices. Paolo Scaroni, who at the head of ENI has maneuvered between factions and mercenaries in Libya and is now vice president of Rothschild Bank, told the BBC that:

“We must put an end to the fiction of Libya,” “Country invented” by Italian colonialism. It must “encourage the creation of a government in Tripoli, which will appeal to foreign forces to help him stand up,” pushing Cyrenaica and Fezzan to create their own regional government, possibly with the aim to federate in the long run. Meanwhile, “everybody would manage its energy sources», present in Tripolitania and Cyrenaica.
It is the old nineteenth-century colonialism policy, updated according to the neo-colonial US / NATO strategy that demolished whole nation states (Yugoslavia, Libya) and fractionated others (Iraq and Syria), to control their territories and their resources.

Libya owns almost 40% of African oil, precious for the high quality and low cost of extraction, and large reserves of natural gas, the exploitation of which US and European multinationals can now derive profits far higher than those that first obtained by the Libyan state. Moreover, by eliminating the national state and dealing separately with groups in power in Tripoli and Cyrenaica, they can get the privatization of state energy reserves and thus their direct control.
As well as black gold, US and European multinationals want to seize white gold: the immense reserves of fossil water in the Nubian aquifer, which extends in Libya, Egypt, Sudan and Chad. What possibilities it offers had demonstrated the Libyan state, building aqueducts that carried water for drinking and irrigation, million cubic meters a day by 1300 extracts wells in the desert, to 1600 km to the coastal cities, making it fertile desert lands.
To today’s US air strikes in Libya involving both bombers taking off from aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean and probably from bases in Jordan, both Predator drones armed with Hellfire missiles taking off from Sigonella. Playing the part of a sovereign state, the government Renzi “authorizes each case” the departure of the US armed drones from Sigonella, while the Minister of Foreign Gentiloni precise that “the use of the bases does not require a specific communication to the Parliament”, ensuring what “it is not a prelude to a military intervention” in Libya. When in fact the operation has already begun: US Special Forces, British and French – confirm the Telegraph and Le Monde – operate for some time secretly to Libya to support “the national unity government of Prime Minister Sarraj.”
Landing eventually officially in Libya on the ground to free it from the presence of ISIS, the US and the major European powers may also reopen their military bases, closed by Gaddafi in 1970, in an important geo-strategic position at the crossroads between the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East. Finally, with the “Assistance Mission to Libya,” the US and the major European powers divide the spoils of the greatest heist of the century: $ 150 billion of Libyan sovereign funds confiscated in 2011, which could increase fourfold if the energy export Libya returned to previous levels.
SWFs, the era of Gaddafi, was invested to create a coin and autonomous financial institutions of the African Union. USA and France – try emails Hillary Clinton – they decided to block “Gaddafi’s plan to create an African currency”, as an alternative to the dollar and the CFA franc. It was Hillary Clinton – documents the New York Times – to convince Obama to take the plunge. “The President signed a secret document authorizing a covert operation in Libya and the supply of arms to the rebels”, including groups until recently classified as terrorists, while the State Department directed by the Clinton recognized them as “legitimate government of Libya ». At the same time, NATO under US command was driving on the naval air attack with tens of thousands of bombs and missiles, dismantling the Libyan state, attacked at the same time from the inside with special forces also Qatar (great friend of Italy). The resulting social disaster, which has killed more people in the same war, especially among migrants, has opened the way for the re-conquest and partition of Libya.
Manlio Dinucci

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