Prison-issued Compact plateau on Libyan national gathering table

Prison-issued Compact plateau on Libyan national gathering table

In his meeting with Libyan national Assembly Secretariat and a number of its members on Saturday 16/01/2016 Professor Mohamed Belkacem another cabled Secretary of the General People’s Congress mass system adequately initiative dialogue with prison authorities who represent different sectors February stream.
Terrace, February party dialogue with prisoners ‘ group included Michelle Mohammed Azwai, Abdullah sanussi, Dr Mohamed Sharif, Dr Al-Baghdadi mahmudi.
After rounds of dialogue and negotiation we approach – speak here for Professor cabled – formation and formulation of general features of the agreement, were:
1. a general amnesty for all Libyans from date 1/11/1969 “and the date of signature of this document,
2. evacuation of all politicians.
3. cancel all laws that would hinder reconciliation, including the abolition of political isolation and security, bring down external pursuits.
4. create equity for reparations, so that any Libyan citizen to satisfy his rights and be financially body providing compensation to all those affected.
5. access to transitional justice in conflict.
6. the return of displaced and refugees and resolving their problems.
7. stop fighting and withdraw from the militias and grouped in camps.
8. create a unified national army his home protection and maintenance of the Constitution.
9. an agreed Constitution regulates the political life of the State.
10. election fund is the faycal, who is ruling in Libya.
This agreement will not be valid unless approved by the majority of parties
This document, I think that will be a roadmap and a light at the end of the tunnel to exit Libya from Choker and bottleneck toward broad prospects.
Libyan national leadership, and its members attending the meeting raised a lot of questions and asked for further clarifications on these points and circumstances that produced it was answered by Professor cabled all entertain.
Here are some of those questions and answers in short:
Does this agreement mean to give up alsbtmbrion or alvbrairion about their principles and their establisheds?
No, for each full freedom in thought alsbetmbrien walvbrairiin, but the agreement offers the possibility to carry out common demands away from fighting and we pain over.
Is there a compromise presented by the parties to each other?
Yes there are concessions to rescue Libya, politics is the art of the possible is not the art of the impossible.
As were the underdogs because you’re in prison you were asked for the conditions of adhesion or compulsion to accept what is excluded?
No, despite being imprisoned but we weren’t underdogs, the jailer who asked our CTBT negotiations, he knows how the strength we derive from steadfastness on the oppression and contempt, and strength we derive from February party failed to create a decent state after all these years, don’t tell a secret if I say that Abdullah sanussi, for example, was higher and stronger than the voice of their captors.
What does it take?
He desired to unite the efforts of all patriotic forces abroad and at home and the formation of a Coordinating Committee be able to conclude an agreement with Libya out of tragedy and disaster that threatens to stifle her yard.
In a great understanding of all points and the good efforts of founding, leading members of the National Assembly with high positive, through display and put it up on the rules of gathering in the Libyan regions and cities the makings to be a solid step toward the solution to Setup and build a better future for all Libyans.

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