Zionist-Manufactured Arabian Displacement

The Yellow Brick Road Free Blog

By: Elias Akleh

The world in general, and Europe in specific, are finally confronted with the results of the  Zionist made Middle Eastern catastrophes, starting with the 1948 Palestinian catastrophe (Al-Nakba) up to the present Syrian refugee crisis, that are parts and parcels of the Zionist colonial dream of creating “Greater Israel” extending from the river Nile in Egypt to Euphrates in Iraq, with Jerusalem as the capital of the Judaic New World Order. Zionists are seeking Jewish order out of Arab chaos.

Millions of Middle Eastern Arab refugees have been forcibly and savagely evacuated from their countries, made refugees, and maliciously driven out of the region towards Europe through the Mediterranean onto death-fated vessels and under the mercy of brutal human traffickers.  Many ended into the bottom of the sea, while many others ended into so-called humanitarian concentration camps with obscure future in foreign land with foreign languages and…

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