Austrian secret services: USA and Soros fund the invasion of Europe

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Vienna, August 24 – The Austrian magazine InfoDirekt, notoriously close to the armed forces, would become aware of an internal report of the Österreichischen Abwehramts (military intelligence services in Vienna) that, based on information of a anonimoinsider, organizations US government would finance the trafficking of illegal migrants to Europe, with specific reference to the way of the central Mediterranean, one that leads from the Libyan coast to southern Italy.

According to the article published a few days ago by InfoDirekt, services Austrian evaluate the cost for each person who comes to Europe much more than the $ 3000 or € mentioned by the media: “Those responsible for trafficking are asking exorbitant prices to bring refugees in Europe “, it would be written in the report. It ranges from 7 to 14 thousand euro, according to the starting areas and different trafficking organizations, while would-be immigrants are mostly too poor to…

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