The Global Migration Crisis Mass and Kalergi Plan: invade Europe with millions of immigrants!

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The invasion of immigrants is a specific project that dates back some 100 years ago. Is called Plan Kalergi!

kalergi-672x372Especially in this time of extreme crisis, burdening the situation with the desperation of immigrants may just be desired!

Who allows this invasion, that will only destabilize our society, as stated in the Priano Kalergi same, can only be a criminal. It is not racism, but common sense. If a State fails needless to ensure a decent life for its citizens, let alone be able to accommodate these desperate. Coincidentally the same UN calls for Europe welcome by 2025 160 million immigrants. We are aware of those one hundred and sixty million people? This is yet another confirmation that there is behind a criminal project that only the mentally disturbed have devised and put into practice. What it does reflect is that almost unanimously, of our government, asking to welcome these…

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