Dear friends I need your help a very good friend of mine and an activist for Libya needs your assistance Joanne is very sick, when she and her husband returned from Libya to the USA and started telling their story, the American government decided to freeze all their assets in that way to punish them for telling the truth of what was really going on in Libya. Anyway these two good people have survived with donations of their CD from their blog which is http://libyanwarthetruth.com/ they have never been paid by the Libyans or from anyone for that matter. So please read the painful letter her husband has sent me and please act accordingly, we need these kind of people. The donation is not more than 5 Euros something that all of us can afford. You can go on their site and listen or read some of the articles also you can find out what the American government has done to them. So I beg you please to help these people as they have offered so much for Libya and they did not take a thing in return.

“Our address remains: JoAnne Moriarty
605 N. Wheeler Rd. Unit #948
Colmesneil, TX 75938
You were so kind supporting us in the past; buying our DVDs. Today, I had to eliminate my only chance to pay for JoAnne’s medical procedures. So I am asking that you support us again with a small donation of $5 or more to aitrust@gmail.com via PayPal. Below I will explain JoAnne’s serious/chronic medical problem and her chance to be healed.
Your donation and those of others will mean JoAnne can have her life restored.
In 2008, during our 5th or 6th trip to Libya, we both became ill with what appeared to be a typical “Montezuma’s revenge” infestation from the local intestinal flora and fauna. After several days of suffering we returned to the USA. I recovered after about 4 more days with kaopectate and amplicillin, but JoAnne has such a sensitive system that she cannot take any antibiotic. So she suffered for another 2 months. Her symptoms looked like a terrible and enduring case of the flu. She could not sleep, even though she was worn out, tired and exhausted. So a doctor prescribed a very mild dose of a benzodiazepine (1 mg) to help her sleep. That did not help so he increased the dose to 2 mg. Worse symptoms so again he increased the dosage to 3 mg. Her symptoms were getting so much worse so she stopped the medications after 40 days. JoAnne immediately went into a full blown drug withdrawal, as if she had been an addict for 30 years. She had to start taking the “benzo” again, in very, very small doses and taper it off at a slow rate for 6 months. It was pure hell. JoAnne can hardly take an aspirin. So for her to be suffering like this meant she was in the farthest realm of terrible effects from this drug, which by the way in the most prescribe drug of all …. and the most addictive, as we discovered too late.
In late 2009, on another trip to Libya she suffered another bout, so we cut that trip short and returned to the USA where immediately began to secure medical help from specialists. The forth specialists prescribed a stomach scan. Without telling us she prescribed an injection of Benzodiazepine before the procedure. By that night JoAnne was again in full blown withdrawal. This time it was much more intense. She could barely get out of bed. We did not know why. I had to travel to Libya several times by myself, which she stayed home and convalesced. A dozen doctors could not determine what was the cause of her terrible distress. In early February 2011, I was finished our business activities and planning to return to Houston, so I stopped at a large Pharmacy in the next block from our rented apartment in the Ben Asher area of Tripoli, to purchase some acid blockers for myself. Huge, well equipped and staffed with 2 PhD Pharmacists. The older woman asked why she had not seen JoAnne for months. I told her of the terrible suffering JoAnne was going through and she immediately said that all those symptoms were caused by a parasite called “Giardia”. The reason in had not been detected was…it does not lay eggs, but rather spores on irregular time-lines. Those spores can live outside the body for up to 10 days. They live a week on toilet seats; door handles and remain on vegetables even if washed with water and diluted chlorine. These parasites attack the GABA receptors in the gut and the brain and cause damage which takes a long time to heal. The good news was a medication (4 tablets) taken at one time kills the little bastards. I called JoAnne with the name, but after several hours discovered that that medication is not available in the US. I immediately bought 10 boxes (10 doses) and caught the next flight to the US which left on the 8th of February.
JoAnne took the medication 5 minutes after I got home and by the next day the symptoms had reduced and a week later she was on the road to recovery. By May 2011 JoAnne was healthy enough to go to Libya as a co-leader of the NGO Fact Finding Commission. As you know we were trapped in Tripoli for 100 days.
We discovered that the benzodiazepines also attack the GABA A & C receptors. This meant that JoAnne was never a candidate for that medication because the parasites had already so damaged her GABA receptors, which exacerbated the terrible reaction and made her symptoms looked like a “drug addiction withdrawal”! It was in fact damage to her GABA receptors in both her gut and her brain causing all her distress. US doctors refuse to admit that anyone here could have parasites…but worse prescribe benzodiazepines like candy. There is no negative press about “benzo” anywhere in the US.
In late May of this year JoAnne again started suffering these same painful withdrawal symptoms, without any inducement from parasites or medications. The GABA A&B receptor “experts” determined that these were memories stored in her GABA receptors and hopefully? In time would eventually heal. We contacted experts from all over the world; Dr.Heather Ashton of England ; Dr. O’Neil and Dr. Hulse of Australia. All agreed that JoAnne was a special case and needed extensive testing to determine the damage to her GABA receptors and then, under strict supervision, be given the antagonist medications to try to eliminate the symptoms and then finally/hopefully heal the receptors. There are clinics in Australia with 10 plus years conducting these exact activities. BUT we could never afford those costs. Our only option is a clinic in North Carolina that is working directly with Dr. O’Neil using his proven research and treatment protocols.
We have spoken to them at length and provided them with JoAnne records and tests, done during the past 7 years. They, agreed to take her as a patient but require an MRI and Scan of her “gut” and brain. Based on these findings they will design and administer a 6 day treatment using low-dose injections. Thereafter self treatments, with skin patches, could be accomplished since we are so far away. Their total charges would be $13,000 to $16,000 including the testing; medications and in-clinic stay. Since there will be no insurance applications; payment delays etc. I negotiated a cash payment for everything of $5300, paid at admittance. This is the money we need you to help us accumulate.
JoAnne and I have been asked to speak at a symposium in England for 7500 international media representatives, for a fee of $7500 US Dollars, plus all our travel costs and expenses prepaid. With that I could have paid the clinic. In fact, that was really the basis of my negotiations. We would travel from London immediately to North Carolina. HOWEVER, JoAnne is not progressing or healing. I simply cannot guarantee that she will be able to endure an 18 hour travel to London (2 stops required from deep SE Texas). I had no option but to cancel our paid speakers contract today. So we now have no opportunity to pay the costs and expenses to get JoAnne the medical treatments she must have to be healed.
I am therefore humbly requesting that you find it in your heart to again support us with a small donation of $5 to $10 dollars or more, which will pay these medical costs. There have been more than 2000 DVDs purchased by people like you, from all over the world! If only half of you will donate $5 or more, we can pay the medical costs to get Joanne’s GABA A&C receptors finally healed so she can enjoy the meagre life we are living. If you cannot make a donation, then please offer up some special prayers for JoAnne’s future.
Jimmy Moriarty



  1. CT scans inflict high radiation dosages and the other diagnosis may be as harmful. I do not believe in Western medicine or their medications, they make me ill too. Come to the UK, we have an NHS. It is not much good but neither is American medicine. GM foods are no good either. Buy organic food and eat organic old fashioned wheat breads. Try alternative methods for your ill health or Chinese medicine which may be a lot cheaper.

  2. I cannot get a link to donate. Western medicines are not working, they are not helping us to heal; they are not even diagnosing what is wrong with us.

  3. Poor JoAnne…i know her suffering very well…got the same when i returned back to Germany. In addition to lot of trouble which i ve got here after returning back from Libya was the best of all that German doctors found the diagnose but told me it wouldn`t be whorst and the body could handle it without a treatment. Short time later I ve got Mengitis and they sendt me home again with wrong diagnose, named it a flu and I started to die in the night. I took an homeopathic medicine Lachesis but in a deep potence..long years of suffering, aches and allways new illnesses like rheumatism, arthrose, etc. I wasn`t more able to work.

    In 1999 I wasn`t more able to continue to live..visited a naturopath…he gave me also homeopathic medicine Lachesis but in LM 3. It took 3 or 5 days and all my aches, sleeplessness were away, also I started to eat again.

    In addition to that I offer to drink LaPacho tea daily 1 – 3 liter and primrose oil also daily.

    My best wishes to JoAnna for a soon recovery and allways big THANK and LOVE to her ❤


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