I’m Sorry Libya – Marcel Cartier & Agent of Change

I’m Sorry Libya – Marcel Cartier & Agent of Change

Verse 1

I’m sorry Libya, I tried to stop it really
I did the best I could, my government they didn’t hear me
they didn’t listen to us, but we were far too few
we were slandered even by the normal anti-war crew
people who should know, they should have known much better
who opposed the Iraq and Afghan endeavors
but they bought into narrative or “Arab Spring”
that it was grassroots rebellion that sought to bring
some kind of vague “democratic” kind of system
that Gaddafi was a tyrant who made victims
out of killing men and raping many women
that a large scale massacre was imminent
the war propaganda was so effective then
highly racist and never did it factor in
Gaddafi’s claims that the rebels included
several al-Qaeda elements but now it’s proven

Hook x2

I’m sorry Libya, I swear I truly am!
I know that I could never really truly understand!
I’m sorry Libya, so sorry for your loss
I’m sorry for all the suffering, the human cost

Verse 2

Four years on, what’s the seeds of this war?
of Resolution 1-9-7-3, what was it all for?
to divide and ruin, to unnationalize?
to sow destruction, make a point to demoralize?
any independent, progressive kind of force
to use lies and bombing raids to simply enforce
the path of a proxy army on the ground
but now there’s no cohesion among the forces who done found
that they were bombed straight into Tripoli
a failed state is Libya’s new identity
how’s that “democratic” system working out?
remember blacks being lynched? well it still happens now
at the behest of the I-S-I-S
remember who pushed them forward: Britain, France and U.S.
I wonder when we gonna admit what we did
probably not ’til a new U.S. exists

Hook X2


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  1. I wanted the Libyans to leave the militias to kill each other and to be safe so they could return after the terrorists finished each other off. The nights I was awake and the tears that poured down my face. When I slept I dreamed of Muammer, the Gaddafis and all of you. God bless you Libya, and all the people of the Jamahiriyah, even in your sorrow, you inspired me and made me love you.

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