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China has warned the US to “think twice” before lashing out at Beijing due to unfounded hacking accusations, cautioning that it is “strongly determined to protect the safety of its cyber space and reserves all rights to counter any outside threats and intrusions”, the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported on Monday.

Data Hack at Federal Personnel Office Blew Spies’ Cover, Officials Fear

China has responded to recent threats issued by the US that it would strike back at Beijing for the theft of personal information from the databases of the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which allegedly originated in China.

It cautions that the US is “on the brink of making another grave mistake in the name of protecting cyber security”.

“The United States, which made a mistake last year when it brought false charges against Chinese officers, should not repeat the mistake by taking retaliatory measures against China over the OPM incident,” read an op-ed article in New China, the English language website of its…

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