Italian lawmaker calls on his government to reestablish diplomatic ties with Syria

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Foto Roberto Monaldo / LaPresse 27-03-2013 Roma Politica Camera - Informativa del Presidente del Consiglio Mario Monti sulle dimissioni del ministro degli Esteri Giulio Terzi Nella foto Manlio Di Stefano (M5S) Photo Roberto Monaldo / LaPresse 27-03-2013 Rome (Italy) Chamber of Deputies - Statement of the Prime Minister Mario Monti on the resignation of Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi In the photo  Manlio Di Stefano (M5S)Manlio Di Stefano – Foto Roberto Monaldo / LaPresse

Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies Manlio Di Stefano called on his government to re-establish diplomatic ties with Syria and revisit its “biased stances and unrealistic choices” against it.

In a written enquiry he submitted to the Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, Di Stefano said Syria has been facing a proxy war since 2011 by terrorists coming from 89 countries who have fomented widespread chaos and swelled the ranks of terrorist organizations, citing ISIS and al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra amid documented evidence of logistical, financial and media support they receive from certain countries.

The Italian lawmaker said the Turkish intelligence is involved in facilitating cross-border infiltration of terrorists into Syria and aiding sales of oil that ISIS has stolen from Syria and Iraq for generating revenues.

Jordan, he added, plays a similar role by facilitating the entry of terrorists to…

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