DAESH, beside Saudi-USA-Israel-al-Qaeda, bombing Yemen: five car bombs in Yemen’s capital Sanaa, 50 people killed

the real Syrian Free Press

This is clear evidence that ISIS, beside and on a leash of Saudis, American and Israel, is part of a single project of criminal destabilization, for the exclusive benefit of its Zion-Yankee-Wahhabis masters.


ISIS claims deadly Yemeni capital bombing spree

(RT) ~ Some 50 people have been either killed or injured in Yemen’s capital Sanaa after five car bombs went off near Shia mosques and the headquarters of the Houthi rebels. Islamic State has claimed responsibility, calling the attack a “revenge.”

The explosions targeted three Sanaa mosques, the Hashush mosque, the Kibsi mosque, and the al-Qubah al-Khadra mosque, as well as the headquarters of the Ansarullah movement of the Houthis, Reuters reported.

The fifth explosion took place at the Al-Tayssir mosque, AFP added, saying that the blasts went off simultaneously. The agency said that the bomb which struck the Hashush mosque also hit the house of a Houthi leader…

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