From Camp Bucca to ‘Caliph’: The Mystery of ISIL Leader ABU BAKR AL-BAGHDADI. Plus the ‘Mahdi’, ‘the Anti-Christ’ & Prophecy…

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Last summer, when I first heard that a mysterious figure named ‘Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’ was being declared “the leader of all Muslims everywhere” by ‘Islamic State’ propagandists, it was one of the most disturbing things I had heard in a while.
There was only one figure in Islamic tradition that could make that claim of themselves and this is a figure rooted in Islamic prophecy concerning the End of the World. But there’s an explosive claim that has been circulating for many months now: that ISIL’s ‘leader’ and ‘caliph’, the elusive Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, might in fact be an Israeli Mossad agent.

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