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Somerset cannibals: Early Britons ate each other’s remains and turned their skulls into cups

Scientists investigating a system of caves in Somerset have found new evidence that shows our human ancestors engaged in cannibalism in Britain – and that no part of their victims was wasted.

A research team from the Natural History Museum and University College London have used modern carbon-dating techniques to establish that remains in Gough’s Cave at the mouth of Cheddar Gorge were all left there over just a few seasons around 15,000 years ago.

But more alarming is what was done to the bones before they were deposited.

Experts have been aware of ancient human remains at Gough’s Cave since the 1880s, but new analysis has shown that every single one of the bones carries evidence of cannibalism.

Dr Silvia Bello, who led the research, told The Times: “All the bones from the head…

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