Desperate Times: Israel on the Edge

Desperate Times: Israel on the Edge

Desperate Times: Israel on the Edge

Desperate Times: Israel on the Edge

TEHRAN (FNA)- European Union Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini says Europe wants to play a more prominent role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

To this end, the EU plans to put more pressure on Tel Aviv to stop stealing land from the Palestinians to build and expand more illegal settlements.

Furthermore, a number of EU countries have officially recognized the State of Palestine while others have recognized a state in principle and are critical of Israel’s continued occupation and land theft. These are desperate times for the international bully and there is more to come:

– Palestine has officially signed the Rome Statute and joined the International Criminal Court. In return, Israel withheld millions of dollars paid by Palestinians in taxes. The regime contacted several member countries of the ICC, imploring them to reduce the amount of money they pay to that organization. It was rebuffed.

– Palestine has petitioned FIFA to expel Israel from the largest soccer organization in the world. Israel prevents Palestinian players from traveling to events, from purchasing necessary equipment, and preventing full Palestinian participation. Israel is frantically contacting the heads of soccer associations, desperate to gain support for its indefensible position.

– Human rights groups have documented that Israel kidnaps, arrests without charge, holds for months at a time and tortures Palestinian children. The United Nations has yet to officially condemn the regime, despite reports from its agencies stating the obvious. That could soon change as more and more countries are becoming critical of Israel.

– US Secretary of State John Kerry called fifty heads of state to defeat a proposal in the UN that would have called for an end to the occupation by 2017. The thanks he received were the controversial speech by “Prime Murderer” Benjamin Netanyahu to Congress, increased settlement building, and the statement that an independent Palestine would never exist.

– Sweden became the 135th country to recognize Palestine, and just recently the Vatican has done so. Festivals in Israel reduce their durations, because international participation is down and more and more organizers and entertainers are boycotting apartheid. Joint academic ventures are also on the decline and many Western companies no longer do business with Israeli firms.

The international bully may be able to avoid sanctions from the ICC, FIFA and the UN for a while, but that’s not going to be the case forever. Israel can never hide the fact that it has now become the global pariah, shunned and hated for its appalling crimes against humanity and human rights violations in occupied Palestine.