Libya: ‘a country where Christians shouldn’t come’

Libya: ‘a country where Christians shouldn’t come’

Had somebody told me before 2011 that Libya would not be safe and have no freedom of religion choices I would have told them they are crazy and they do not know my country and neither do they know my people. For centuries now Libya was always open to all religions as long as the priests did not try to convert other people into their respective religion. As I recall there is a Greek Orthodox church in the old city of Tripoli which is St. George, dating back to 1647.  The church is the oldest Orthodox church in North Africa. You can check this link about the churches available in Libya Christianity in Libya.

So when I read the article “a country where Christians shouldn’t come” made me so angry. We the Libyan people the simple civilians have nothing against any religion. How dare the Westerners brought all these infidels in our country and destroy it to the core…. just to prove a point to the WEST that the so-called Islamists which in fact they are the minions of the foreign policy of western countries to recreate the CRUSADES against Islam…. and all Arab countries… just because Israel does not feel secure enough to live in peace with the Arabs…

I am not naive the Cabal elitists know exactly what they want, they want to destroy Christianity and Islam at the same time so they can have the NWO. Without further due here is the article:

Since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has been engulfed by conflicts between various coalitions of armed groups.

Since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has been engulfed by conflicts between various coalitions of armed groups. Photo courtesy Open Doors International

Migrants and refugees in Libya are increasingly facing widespread abuse and persecution on religious grounds, a report by Amnesty International has revealed.

Foreign nationals traveling irregularly to and from Libya face abuses, including abductions for ransom, torture and in some cases rape and other forms of sexual violence, at all stages of the smuggling routes running from West and East Africa toward the Libyan coast, according to the report, ‘Libya is full of cruelty‘, published May 11.

Christian migrants and refugees from Nigeria, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Egypt are particularly targeted, the Amnesty report said. They are subjected to abductions, torture, theft and physical assaults by criminal gangs and people smugglers, in addition to abuses by armed groups such as the self-proclaimed Islamic State and Ansar al-Sharia.

A man whom Amnesty International identified as Charles, a 30-year-old Nigerian, recounted how he was abducted and physically assaulted a number of times by members of a criminal gang in the coastal city of Zuwara.

“In Zuwara, sometimes young men would come to our house to steal our money,” he is quoted in the report as saying. “They would come with guns. As a black man, I cannot go to complain to the police. I went to complain at the police station twice but they did not believe me.”  ***(nobody can complain as there is no police and no law, what happened to the Nigerian man happens also to Libyan civilians and there is nobody to go to other than the militia and nobody goes to the militia so once again THANK YOU NATO, USA, FRANCE, ENGLAND, ISRAEL, SAUDI ARABIA, QATAR, U.A.E. KUWAIT, JORDAN AND THE FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER TURKEY WHO WANTS TO BRING BACK THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE AND ERDOGAN TO BE THE CALIPH.)

Charles relocated to Zuwara from Tripoli in July 2014 in search of safety from indiscriminate shelling and fighting between armed groups in residential areas of the capital. Instead, he said he experienced abuse and persecution.

“I am a Christian and that’s why the men would always come to our house and attack us. We were three Christian Nigerians living in the same house … Even in the streets, armed men would ask me if I am a Christian.”

Another Nigerian migrant who also fled Tripoli, but whom Amnesty International did not identify, spoke about the religiously motivated harassment and discrimination he faced in Zuwara.

“Libya is full of cruelty. It is not hospitable to foreigners, especially to black men. They see us as slaves,” the man is quoted in the report as saying. **** (this did not exist prior to 2011 so again we thank the WEST FOR BRINGING THEIR KIND OF DEMOCRACY)

“Libya is a country where Christians shouldn’t come. Any Libyan boss will ask you if you are Muslim or Christian. If you say you are Christian, then you are in trouble. He will not pay you. He will beat you more if you complain about anything.”

Chaos and lawlessness are the root causes of the increased xenophobia against foreign nationals, according to the report. Since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has been engulfed by conflicts between various coalitions of armed groups. The country is split between an internationally recognised government and rival groups contending to power.

The rise of armed groups, which have pledged allegiance to Islamic State, has further exacerbated risks faced by religious minorities in Libya, the Amnesty International report said.

Widespread abuses and lawlessness are pushing hundreds of thousands of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees to risk their lives by attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. More than 1,700 people have died so far this year, said Amnesty International, which also called for more protection.

“As more people are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, the priority for the international community must be to dramatically expand search and rescue operations and take effective steps to urgently address human rights abuses and serious violations of international humanitarian law in Libya,” the report said.

Amnesty also called on Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria to keep their borders open to anyone needing international protection, regardless of whether they have valid travel documents or meet visa requirements. ****(Yes but at the same time the UN and other countries have made it impossible to seek asylum for example if you go to the offices of the UN to seek asylum they tell you “Please fill the application once you fill the application and hand it over the tell you to pass again after six months and maybe if you are lucky you will be granted an asylum…. so for six months you are living as an illegal praying that you will not get caught, working in the black market were you get paid nickles as you are an illegal and can not complain and if you are lucky and you have not been picked up, beaten to death, or died from starvation and six months have passed and God has blessed you;- maybe you will get those papers… So what Amnesty says does not count shit, pardon my language but that is the truth… as going to a foreign embassy to get a visa that is another story, you must have 1st degree relative at the respective country to even think to get a visa….. so you see the WEST has installed a nice DEMOCRACY BUT ONLY ON A TOILET PAPER.)


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  1. The Oded Yinon (zionist / rothschild) plan in operation………. to fracture and weaken ALL Arab states, divide Arabs from Africa, divide christian from muslim, render Israel an imperial regional power all to be acheived with the help of zionist proxies, including MB and ISIS & spawn (the rest of the jihadi militias).

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