Vermont GOP Sen. McAllister arrested for sexual assault and human trafficking

Patriot News

May 8, 2015 3:40 PM MST
Republican Sen. Norm McAllister's Mugshot
Republican Sen. Norm McAllister’s Mugshot

Sitting Vermont state senator Norm McAllister, serving his first term in the chamber, was arrested by the Vermont State Police (VSP) May 7, 2015 on charges of sexual assault and human trafficking. McAllister had previously served 10 years as a member of Vermont’s House of Representatives.

McAllister, 63, was ordered to be held in the Northwest Regional Correctional Center by Judge Alison Arms on $20,000 bail Thursday night.

During his arraignment Friday morning, May 8, the full scope of the charges against McAllister were revealed.

Prosecutors claim McAllister attempted to extract sex from two female tenants in lieu of paying him rent, both of whom declined his gracious offer. Not to be stifled by their decline, McAllister then floated the idea of the women having sex with men employed to work on McAllister’s goat farm…

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