Two Dangerous Lies About Syria

the real Syrian Free Press


By Ghaleb Kandil, Wassim Raad ~ New Orient News at Voltairenet

Analysts and observers, driven by good intentions, fall into the traps of semiotic lies conveyed on Syria. Among the most dangerous lies, that of “armed opposition” and the “impossibility of a military solution“.

Some take these two false assumptions to call for dialogue, as an only way for a political settlement. Yet, from the beginning of the crisis, the Syrian government called for dialogue, and President Bashar al- Assad has said his vision for the national dialogue, which he sees as a way to broaden the base of national partnership, and to rebuild state institutions while preserving and strengthening national independence.

To encourage dialogue, the Syrian authorities have stepped amnesty for those involved in armed insurrection. More recently, the state took a major step towards solving the problem of deserters from the armed forces, many…

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