“OPERATION RETALIATION” – One Man Against An Empire

Out Of The Brambles

D.U.M.B.S. (Deep Underground Military Bases) , whole inhabited cities, and high-speed ‘rail’ operations tunneled miles deep into the bedrock of the planet,  connect the City of London, Paris, DC, the Vatican, Switzerland, Denver, Brussels, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and numerous other strategic locations around the globe.

Subterranean  Inner Earth is a spiders web of connecting tunnels and whole deep underground societies of various humanoid and non-human life forms.

Some of these tunnel systems, and deep underground facilities are older than modern-day civilizations, and still others are being constructed as you read this line.

The Underground is inhabited by both Human and non-human life forms.

The term “Draconian” did not appear in the Human vernacular out of this air.

“Draconian” derived meaning based in an actual malevolent reptilian life form, the  Draconis-Orion-Reticuli,  which occupy and control most ‘governing’  and military bodies on Earth.

Governing bodies who practice insane evil depravity against…

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