NSA converting phone conversations into searchable text..”Google for Voice” tech can transcribe any phone call

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Leaked documents reveal how the security agency converts speech into text as part of its Big Data collection program. Top-secret documents from the Edward Snowden archive show that the National Security Agency has developed technology allowing the U.S. government to automatically convert telephone conversations into text.

The new technology, referred to as human language technology, uses a text analysis software that has significantly enhanced the U.S. government’s ability to listen in on telephone conversations. The article cites specific examples of the use of speech recognition in both Cuba and Mexico at listening posts in Latin America run by the Special Collection Service, a joint NSA and CIA unit that operates out of embassies and other locations. According to an NSA memo from 2011, an NSA official used a keyword search to find previously unreported information on a target involved in drug-trafficking.

In another case, an official at a Special Collection Service…

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