#no2saudi ~ War Crimes and Ethnic Cleansing in Yemen ~ Yemen Updates: 9 May 2015

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War Crimes and Ethnic Cleansing in Yemen

Strong of its imperial might and its petrodollars, the Kingdom miscalculated its intervention in unruly Yemen, assuming that the country would offer but a meek resistance to its over-powering hegemonic will. And indeed, this war in Yemen hardly appears balanced when one militia finds itself facing a mighty military coalition of both Western and Arab powers, an alliance of some of the richest and most military powerful countries in the world against this one Yemeni tribal faction.

And yet Yemen has held true. As the houthis have often warned, “You might one day break our bones but you’ll never see us fall.” If such tirade was dismissed as misplaced bravado pre-March 25, when King Salman chose to unleash his warplanes onto an unsuspecting Yemen, four weeks of intense and bloody fighting have given this one sentence an entire new meaning.

Just as David…

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