«New York Times»: intervention in Libya to stop the Immigration fatal error

«New York Times»: intervention in Libya to stop the Immigration fatal error

Italian immigrants on board the ship during the salvage operation near Sicily coast May 4, 2015 (Reuters) (photo:)

Italian immigrants on board the ship during the salvage operation near Sicily coast May 4, 2015 (Reuters)

Newspaper «New York Times» US rejected the European military intervention in Libya option against smugglers all interrelated illegal immigration that stifle Europe significantly finally. ****That is a first!!!!  Or is it not! The US rejected this not because they are humanitarian people but they want the refugees to flood Europe with Jihadists that is their plan… Do not think for  a minute that the US has changed its tactics… they know that if they allow what the Europeans are suggesting the American people will protest against the US government America is already in turmoil it only needs a spark to have a crack down and the American government is not ready for it maybe in a few months but not right now. This is on the one hand on the other the European are spoiling the US Government plans and that is to increase the infiltration of Jihadists in Europe and in return Europe will react by the increase of Fascism and with that the spark of war will start the Crusaders against the Muslim.

She described the editorial Gazette on Sunday grave mistake option of military intervention, pointing to claim European countries of the Security Council to approve military strikes to smugglers, confirmed the opening that the decision to intervene in Libya would undermine power-sharing between the various Libyan factions negotiations, also would end any hope to reach a political solution to end the «chaos in Libya ».  ****Yes well! we know that America wants to install by force the Muslim Brotherhood so you can see if they had solved the problem of governance they would agree for this intervention but while they have not succeeded to control Libya the way Britain, France and America want (the refugees are still safe well as safe as a refugee can be crossing the Mediterranean sea without being also shot)

They attributed this newspaper claims to being selfish policies resulting from the panic of the huge numbers of illegal immigrants, this year saw the death of more than 1,400 illegal immigrants while trying to reach Europe.

She suggested Gazette confront illegal immigration by opening the doors of legal migration from Libya to Europe legally and safely and make it, a policy described by the best of just destroy boats of illegal immigration operators

The newspaper urged the Security Council to reject military intervention in Libya and tell the coordinator of Foreign Affairs in the European Union Federica Mugireny option, which is scheduled to discuss the draft law with the Council today, if you need to Libya is compassion and logic, not military intervention.