Jade Helm, Main Core, Martial Law And FEMA Camps… This Is VERY Real

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By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

With US Congressional Representative Louie Gohmert from Texas having recently released a statement about Jade Helm 15 warning that patriotic Americans have a reason to be concerned about the mysterious ‘military takeover’ going on throughout Texas and much of the south/southwest this summer, it’s time to revisit ‘Main Core’, the list of millions of Americans who will be subject to ‘detention’ during martial law or a national crisis.

Once considered ‘conspiracy theory’, ‘Main Core’ is very real and the chilling facts uncovered by The Alex Jones Channel in the brand new 1st video below called “Shocking: Martial Law Preparations Confirmed” should be enough to have every American calling their Congressional representatives demanding that these plans to imprison law-abiding Americans in FEMA camps due to their their political and religious beliefs be put to an end before these…

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