FAKES ~ ‘Human Rights Watch’ did it again, accusing President al-Assad of using “Barrel Bombs”, but with photos of damage done by Zionists in Gaza…

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Human Rights Watch did it again…

The criminal campaign by the US and allies, to justify an attack on Syria and remove from the presidency Bashar al-Assad, is aided and flanked by the work of propaganda and false news spread by HRW and its director (in smell of CIA) Kenneth Ross. Following some excerpts from ‘Moon of Alabama‘, 9 May 2015.
SFP 10/5/2015


In February 27 (2015) Human Rights Watch posted a tweet that showed a picture of the Kurdish-Syrian city Kobane destroyed by U.S. bombing.

The HRW tweet falsely claimed that the damage was caused by Syrian government “barrel bombs”. HRW is at it again.

Today (9/5/2015) Kenneth Ross, director of Human Rights Watch tweeted this:


…   …   …

The Kenneth Roth tweet links to a video uploaded by some Armanian website owner on May 5.

But, as Adam Johnson of  ‘Fair.org   …

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