2011: Brzezinski – U.S. has contributed to the destabilization of the Middle East

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“We are beginning to face the reality of what we have accomplished. Namely we have destabilized Iraq. We have destroyed it as a state. We have reignited sectarian conflicts, we have contributed to ethnic distinctions between the Kurds and the Iraqis. We have a problem on our hands, which we didn’t solve by war. And which we cannot resolve anymore because we can’t continue the war indefinitely. It’s a contribution to greater Middle Eastern instability,” Zbigniew Brzezinski said on MSNBC this morning.


“We have a problem on our hands, which we didn’t solve by war.”

reality indeed..and how much more a of a clusterfuck is it 4 years down the track?..there is hardly a middle eastern country that isnt being destabilized these days..this guy is another vampire who lives forever..


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