Green Resistance on the threshold of Tripoli 2015 & The real reason for illegal immigration to Italy

Green Resistance on the threshold of Tripoli 2015 & The real reason for illegal immigration to Italy

While the GR is making big strides in clearing the path of terrorists paid by the west through Qatar & Turkey, till today I have not seen a single western news outlet describing of our heroes who do not receive any payment are still banned by the UN delegate and still the UN has not lifted the ban for arms for the Libyan army to get rid of the cockroaches that NATO and the Western Allies left behind to destroy completely Libya.

Even in the radio show that I was invited asked and answered the same question over & over about the GR if it exists and if it’s on the ground and if they are loyal to the late Qaddafi and his family? I explained that the GR existed from day one, they are loyal to Libya and to the Libyan citizens, the Qaddafi’s of the world they come and go but the Libyan citizens are the one that we protect and need our protection from the vile Cabala and its puppets. 

The question kept on popping about the 2 governments which one is the puppet? I explained the puppet is GNC which consists of LIBYAN DAWN, ISIS/DAESH, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, AL SHARIA, FEBRUARY 17, NAWASI (WHICH ARE AGAINST GAY’S), AL QAEDA, LIFG AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE ISLAMIC ARMED MOVEMENT BELONGING TO HASSI ALSO SOME SMALLER DEGENERATES WHO have nothing to lose other than the American paycheck. The one who interviewing me could not accept that answer and asked about HoR if it’s a puppet also? Cant be only GNC is a puppet and the other is not… I explained that the HoR serves the people who democratically elected them and if we want to label them as puppets yes they are puppets of the Libyan people.

Our issues are not who is a puppet and who is not our issues is to get rid of the scum lives who have invaded our country so that we can build Libya again better and stronger than before learning from our mistakes… One thing is for sure Safira Deborah, Ambassador Aron and the French ambassador are not happy with our cleaning tactics as the want the Muslim Brotherhood to take over in Libya and they will do everything in their power to achieve it… but they have not considered the morons which are the Libyan citizens and the honorable tribes. Yes these AMBASSADORS TOGETHER WITH CIA/MI6 they call US MORONS AND WE ARE NOT WORTH TO CONTROL OUR OWN COUNTRY.. SO here is something the Late Qaddafi said and these words are our anthem to win or die trying.







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  1. Victory dear Green Resistance who are fighting for Libya and for all humanity against the evil cabal!
    You will not hear anythiing from any mainstream media about GR because the same cabal dont want anyone to know that GR is still alive. They cannot admit that their (NATO/rat) mission is dead on arrival and they are flailing around in hell like Qaddafi predicted. They want us to think the GR is eradicated…..just like during the NATO war.

    That is why your blog and a couple of others on facebook are so important because its only through YOU that we know the GR is still alive and well and advancing, …..inch by inch, street by street……purifying Libya even by their blood.

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