Supercontinent slowly takes shape..”slowly” is the right word

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Roughly 1 billion years ago, there were no separate continents – just one monumental supercontinent known as Rodinia. After millions of years, this mono-land, which drifted around the globe, surrounded by a super ocean, began to break apart.

Today, the world comprises seven major continents and, to all intents and purposes, they seem to be here to stay. Forget it, scientists say: the Earth-moving forces that shape our continents are as active today as they were 4.5 billion years ago when our planet was in the throes of being formed. New research, in fact, reveals that the Earth is well on the way to forming yet another supercontinent.

“The speculated future supercontinent has been named Amasia, by Canadian scientist Professor Paul Hoffman,” says Curtin University geologist Zheng-Xiang Li. The shift towards one giant supercontinent has become apparent over the past hundred million years or so, Professor Li points out. “It…

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