Heather Callaghan: Turns Out, Organic Farming Can Save the World from Global Warming, Climate Change

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Organic farming can reverse the agriculture ecosystem from a carbon source to a carbon sink.

By Heather Callaghan, Activist Post, April 30, 2015


Nothing in this article is meant to argue any of the nuances surrounding climate change/global warming. None. Of. The nuances. In fact, a handful of Chinese researchers went with the current climate change premise – and discovered pleasant results that can put many fears aside.

If going on the basis that greenhouse gas emissions are devastating the Earth, and that 35% of them come from agriculture; then we’re actually creating more problems by allowing Big Biotech, GMOs and exponential pesticide/chemical fertilizer use to spread unchecked. Based on this premise, these methods create more carbon release. Interestingly, organic farming turns that carbon source into a “carbon sink,” which means it absorbs more carbon than it releases.

From Science China…

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