The Secret History of the Muslim Brotherhood


The History of the Muslim Brotherhood starts with the Entry of Napoleon to Egypt in 1798. It is in reality the history of Freemasonry in Egypt and the history of Jamal Al Din Al Afghani who was an eminent and a leading Freemason and a theosophist , his friend and pupil Muhammad Abduh ,Rashid Ritha who laid the foundation of the Brotherhood inspired Masonic order and their pupil and protege Hassan Al Banna lead the Freemason inspired Muslim Brotherhood which was created as a Freemasonic Front to delude the Egyptian Muslim Masses.

History of Freemasonry in Egypt

Napoleon in Egypt 1798

The first objective of Napoleon was the removal of the Ottoman Turks from Egypt,  and he carried out a number of successfull military Campaigns against the Turks.

The First Freemasonic Lodge, the Isis Lodge  in 1798,  was opened in Cairo by General Kleber, one of Napoleons generals

General Kleber…

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