The disaster that Judaism won’t survive

The Ugly Truth


Both internationally and in Israel itself the distinction between the state’s Jewish character and its democratic regime is growing more acute.

ed note–a fascinating read, for several reasons–

1. It highlights what we here at TUT have been saying for sometime–that there is panic within the Judaic community over the violent, racist antics amongst the more rabid members of the pack–i.e. Netanyahu & co–that all the various manifestations of these particular members are tearing the mask of what the real nature of Judaism is.

2. The words that the author used in describing how Judaism is ‘being shaped’–a ‘violent ethnic identity, a Spartan religion of a nation of masters, an atavistic, nationalist entity, which instead of conducting a dialogue with modernity is choosing to divest itself of liberal traits it had already internalized, including some that were always ingrained in it’–This is not how Judaism is ‘being shaped’, but rather what Judaism IS…

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One comment on “The disaster that Judaism won’t survive

  1. As an American living in Washington, making frequent trips to New York City, I am frequently confronted by individuals whose first introduction is the announcement, “I am a Jew.” Or “I am Jewish.” This is spoken like their name.

    To which I have come to respond, “My condolences to you. You must be so ashamed of Israel’s abhorrent human rights record against the Palestinians. I would be. Israel must be such a disappointment to you.

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