Saudi Aggression in Yemen has Officially Failed ~ Yemen Updates: 8 April 2015

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Saudi Aggression in Yemen has Officially Failed


Against the background of the ongoing armed conflict in Yemen and a massive bombing campaign that is being carried out by Saudi Arabia’s air force, one can notice signs that all parties involved might be soon in pursuit of a political settlement of the conflict. Two full weeks of air raids have shown that the Arab coalition is helpless to do anything about the Houthis without boots on the ground, yet the land operation is too big a gamble for the Arab countries to undertake. It turned out that only a couple of states, namely Egypt and Saudi Arabia were willing to provide troops for an assault on Yemen, but close combat skirmishes in mountainous terrain, followed by guerrilla warfare will lead to high casualty numbers among the invaders, eventually leading to a military defeat of the coalition or even a possible coup d’etat…

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